Susan Gilbert
September 5, 2018

Customize Your Ads With Facebook Retargeting

Facebook Custom Audiences and Retargeting

Do you need to attract more customers and sales from your Facebook ads? Then it may be time to revisit their free retargeting feature. It has been in place since 2015 and achieved good results.

Your business can use this method to focus directly on your target market. It places your product or service front and center with more visibility.

Here’s a detailed example of how this can work, from ReTargeter:

As you can see from the above illustration, when a visitor leaves your website they will be reminded through targeted ads to come back. This is true whether they are on Facebook or just browsing the Internet.

For example, if you searched for a product you want to purchase on Amazon, you might be able to find friends who have mentioned it on Facebook in the ads column.

Facebook wants businesses to advertise in order to be noticed – especially with the latest changes to Pages. There are three basic kinds of marketing to pay attention to as a result:

1 – Mass Marketing

This has been the standard shotgun approach that is based only on the numbers that will reach the most people. It is a broad spectrum that is not as effective as narrowing down your target market.

2 – Niche Marketing

While mass marketing is somewhat successful, niche marketing is more effective. This allows you, the business owner, to focus on a select group of people interested in what you have to offer. For example, if you are selling pet products, you may want to narrow your results down to small dog owners or senior dogs.

3 – Hyper-Targeted Niche Marketing

This allows you to drill down even further, to a specific niche that includes demographics.  For example, Millennials who are small business owners.

After drilling down in this manner, retargeting becomes a particularly effective strategy. After all, your prospect has shown that they are interested in your product or service by clicking on the first ad.  The goal is for them see that same item being placed in front of them everywhere they are online. Here’s an example of this in action, from ROARlocal:

How Facebook Retargeting Works

This works very similarly to Google AdWords’s targeting features, which place your ads in front of your audience in search.

Facebook’s Custom Audiences feature allows for you to place of a snippet of code on your website to start driving more traffic from your ads.

Your business can customize ads from three different sources:

  • Customer List – Emails, phone numbers, and the IDs of your audience on Facebook
  • Website Traffic – A list of your website visitors
  • App Activity – A-list users from a business app

The Custom Audience feature captures people who have visited your site and reminds them about your business once they see your targeted ad on Facebook. These can also translate into Lookalike Audiences — potential customers similar to your website leads who share the same interests.

If your business has been not able to retain visitors, this can help bring them back.

The key to success in capturing your website visitors with retargeting them on Facebook is to create eye-catching ads that include specific information about your audience that captures their attention as it appeals to their needs and desires.

As you measure, track, and fine-tune what your audience is after, you will be able to reach them more effectively. You can then encourage them to return to your website, where they can make a purchase or enroll in your services.

In Closing

To be successful, keep your content short and include a professional quality image or video. Also, create headlines that your audience can’t resist that is clear and to the point so that they know exactly what product or service you are promoting.

There is a general rule of thumb for your ads. Have at least 500 to 1,000 impressions with a couple of different versions to find out which format is working best. Facebook allows for custom sizes through its grid tool and a preview of your ad before it goes out.

This is one of the best ways to turn your lost website leads back into paying customers and to gain more traction online in the midst of algorithm and security changes on social media.

Your Turn

Have you used Facebook Custom Audience and retargeting? Do you have any additional tips you feel your fellow readers would benefit from knowing? Please share them in the comments section, below. Thanks!


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