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(This is a work in progress that is being put together bit-by-bit. Please check back for more at a later date.)

Please don’t email us with recommended tools. We would have to try them out before adding them to this list, and we don’t have the time to do that.

We Use

Here are the resources and tools we couldn’t function without

WP Engine

WP Engine

We’ve used WP Engine as our hosting company for over 4 years now, after trying 3 others. They are hands-down the best in the business.

They aren’t the cheapest, although they work out cheaper than our previous host due to lack of overages.

They are the safest, the fastest, and have the best customer service. And so far, we haven’t had a minute of downtime, even when they perform upgrades.



You know (and either love or hate) GoDaddy. But one thing is for sure about them. They have the best domain selection and great customer service. OK. That’s two things!

Unlike some competitors we’ve used, they’re really well organized. They also offer hosting plans, but we’ve never used them for that. (See WP Engine, above)




We use WP Smush and Hummingbird, but they have other products. WP Smush is surely the best image optimizer. It not only makes images take far less space, it also allows you to load them in different ways: asynchronously and ‘lazy’.

Hummingbird allows you to fine-tune your site, and also helps you to do some things with the click of a button.

Between these two, you’ll surely get your site to load quicker.



For a while, we used Canvas – the Wishpond Landing Page builder. It’s both powerful and easy to use. Full Disclosure: We only stopped using it because we were no longer building pages.

Wishpond also offers email drip campaigns, A/B Testing, and more. So we seriously underutilized it.



Social Warfare

We tried a few social sharing apps and settled on Social Warfare, from Warfare Plugins.

The paid version is highly customizable, their customer service is excellent, and overall, there’s no comparison to the other social sharing plugins we’ve used.




If you like our featured images, you’ll love Stencil.

I’m lousy with image creators – honestly, I’m lousy with anything visually creative. But this is so easy, even I can use it!




We Vouch For

If only we had time! These tools (more will be added) are verifiably useful


Mailgen is a very easy-to-use email marketing tool. Their various pricing tiers limit the number of email addresses, but everything else is unlimited.

You can run A/B split testing on your campaigns. The reporting will help you determine what works best.

You can also text most countries in the world using this!









Disclaimer: Some of the above are affiliate links. But we don’t ever recommend anything that we don’t vouch for.