About Curatti

funnelThe Editors of Chaos – From Conversation to Conversion

“A wealth of information creates a poverty of attention” Herbert Simon

This quote was the impetus for creating Curatti…….what we lack today is insights, we need new questions that will shape the way we perceive things

Curatti’s mission is to provide relevant content aimed at the B2B small to medium size businesses to keep them informed on trends, people to watch, new strategies, case studies and much more. We will provide insights and reviews on topics focused on customer acquisition, syndicating your content and messages in ways that speak to your buyers where they are and how they want it delivered based on their needs.

Reading Curatti you will save time and money, helping you focus on the areas that are right for you and your business.  Your results will improve and you will hone in on the most effective manner to help your business succeed faster.

There is too much noise and businesses must differentiate themselves in order to be seen and recognized. There are too many moving parts and changes everyday, Curatti wants to be your trusted source to provide quality information and help you to utilize it by training you how to connect the dots – from conversation to conversion and what you need to do in between. 


About the Team

JANPICJan Gordon – The Founder of Curatti

Hi!  I’m Jan Gordon.  Thank you for visiting Curatti.

A little about myself?  I’m the daughter of an acclaimed developer and got the entrepreneurial spirit at the dinner table of my family home in Los Angeles, which was routinely shared by a potpourri of creative guests. I now live with my husband Andy (whose last name is not Gordon!) in New Jersey with a spectacular view of the New York City skyline, which acts as the ultimate muse.

On the one hand, family and friends are more important to me than anything else and beauty in it’s many forms makes my soul come alive.  On the other, I am a serial entrepreneur who has finally and happily found my life’s work and it all sprang from the uncertainty of selling my last business and feeling more than a little overwhelmed by the new world being presented by social media and digital content.  There was just too much of it and too little time.  I signed up for Twitter in 2008 not really knowing where that would lead, and realized a year or so later that I had become a curator, thriving in a world of ambiguity and disruption.

Neither the necessary understanding of my client base nor my comfort with change are anything new for me, having previously been an Associate Publisher of 3 start-up magazines, working in Cable TV during its infancy, and business development in the earliest days of Internet when few were on board and many felt it would never catch on.

The evolution of Curatti was somehow inevitable and almost accidental.  My tweets were based around my own needs and interests and suddenly people started following and retweeting me so I realized that others shared the overwhelm I had been feeling and I started finding a voice with which to engage many others.  Along the way, I have met some truly brilliant and beautiful people who inspire me daily, many of whom I now consider my friends.

It has been a long and winding road but finally, the launch is here, and I’m very excited to be able to grow further and invite others to share the rudder with me at Curatti as we navigate the digital world together.