Susan Gilbert
September 12, 2016

Drive More Conversions With Website Retargeting

Your website should be a lead generating magnet in addition to your online marketing efforts.

One way to achieve this is through retargeting. Wikipedia defines this as “targeted to consumers based on their previous Internet actions.” After installing a snippet of code on your website, targeted ads featuring your company will appear as your audience conducts a search.

There are two problems that can be solved with this method:

  1. Decreased bounce rate — lower the number of visitors leaving immediately after viewing your landing page
  2. Reduce the exit rate — learn what page your visitors were on before they decided to leave

The main goal of your business website is to keep your potential customers’ interest while encouraging them to make a purchase. With the right strategy, you can place your brand at the forefront of their minds.

It’s important to understand why visitors decide to move onto the competition without making a purchase. To help answer that question I’ve provided 5 tips on how to retarget your leads and turn them into customers.

#1 Let Them Know What They are Missing

Attention spans are short when it comes to searching for products and services. The moment a visitor arrives to your website, they might exclude your company your company from their considerations, if your message doesn’t grab them right away. Retargeting helps to remind them of what they might have missed and how your business can solve their problems.

#2 Make Your Message More Appealing

A single sales page may not be enough to capture your visitors’ attention. By directing them to a different page with a unique and different approach, you can greatly increase your conversions. For example, if your message is geared only towards one segment in your market, find out whether you can add other demographics to this and reach more people in your target market.

#3 Be Competitive

Many businesses lose customers due to them charging more than their competition. Use methods such as a trial offer or a limited time discount to stay competitive. A valuable discount could be the one variable that could push your sales over the top.

#4 Provide a Bonus Offer

Add something extra in addition to your sales message after a visitor subscribes. This could be along the lines of:

  • An informative eBook
  • An educational series
  • A bonus product


Give your leads something to look forward to that can be a benefit to them. This can improve your chances of a repeat sale later.

#5 Provide More Options

Before turning away your potential customers with just one product offer, give them an alternative that will better suit their needs. Even if it is a lesser value, you are still adding a new customer who may be interested in purchasing higher end products or services later on.

A great retargeting strategy involves honing in on a niche market and creating an attractive message. The most important aspect, however, is executing your campaign at the right time. As you segment your audience and create your methods ahead of time, you can become successful in increasing your website conversions.

Your business can also use these methods for promoting your blog content. This has proven to be very effective for Larry Kim of Moz, according to an article on Hubspot:


The results of their remarketing campaign increased repeat visitors from 20 percent up to 33 percent, with a double increase in leads from their web form.

As your business focuses on customizing your ads according to your audience’s preference, you will start to experience better conversion rates from your website.

Bannersnack provides several good examples of effective remarketing. One of their top choices features the email marketing software company, GetResponse, as well as other brands such as Surveymonkey, Insightly and Bitdefender. Not only do their messages promote their brands, but they also provide irresistible incentives for their visitors:


It’s fairly simple to set your website up with a remarketing tag through your Google Adwords account. You can follow their step-by-step instructions right here. After completing the process, you will be able to track your results and make adjustments to your criteria for the best results.

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