Here’s How to Organize Your Content for Instagram


The reality is that Instagram is supposed to be “instant”. We’re supposed to share spontaneous and exciting moments of our lives to Instagram as they happen. But, let’s face it, if you’re reading this, you’re using Instagram for marketing and for your business. So, while those “instant” moments are great, and we’d like to incorporate as many as possible, chances are most of your posts are planned, staged, edited, and scheduled for strategic purposes. But if you’re doing this, you probably … [Read more...]

Generation C – The Emergence of Micro-Generations


The demographic evolution of generations in the digital age In his book The ABC of XYZ: Understanding The Global Generations, Australian author Mark McCrindle shared the sociological research of Strauss and Howe to explain the major changes expected in the coming decades, with the arrival of Alpha and Z generations. According to the theory of Strauss and Howe, the complete cycle of generations of a company is divided into four segments for a period of 16 to 20 years, overlapping over a … [Read more...]

Here’s The Quickest Way to Build Trust and Loyalty


By Bryan Kramer When it comes to calculating brand value, trust is often a dynamic that is considered mostly an afterthought. Trust is an intangible sum difficult to quantify in business balance sheets. And yet, it’s quite possibly one of the most important things to a company’s overall net worth. Why, you ask? Because trust is one of the main driving factors behind customer commitment and loyalty. In fact, a recent study conducted by bestselling authors David Maister, Charles Green and … [Read more...]

Mobile Sales Just Got Better for Businesses

shopify sales

Is your business active on Instagram and Pinterest? If yes, Great! If not, get started. There is no better time than now to build up your network and take advantage of the latest mobile updates from these two platforms. Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and LinkedIn in particular should all be included in your business marketing strategy to bring in more leads and sales. Adding Instagram and Pinterest to this mix will greatly improve your visibility and conversions as … [Read more...]

What’s Really Going On With Google+?


By Mike Allton Perhaps you've seen the news, perhaps you haven't, but once again, Google has made some decisions and course-corrections with Google+ that have caused a bit of a ruckus. Naysayers are naysaying again, and fanboys are getting as desperate as the Cubs to spin a win out of things. So what's really going on? First, some fact-checking and news-reporting so we're all on the same page. Let Google+ Be Google+ Last month's announcement was quite impactful. Google … [Read more...]

Attract An Audience With Content People Actually Want


By Michael Brenner "How To Make Content Real Good" That was the original title of the presentation I gave recently to a group of communications and marketing professionals. It was kind of a joke. Funny, am I right? I just couldn’t do it. My English degree and my somewhat latent OCD just wouldn’t let me. (My kids broke me of both I think.) And so I presented How To Make Content People Actually Want. The real worry about presenting something like this is that I had met so many people in … [Read more...]

How to Turn Fans Into Powerful Brand Advocates

Robert Caruso

By Robert Caruso   In today’s digital world, both established and startup brands must have an active and effective content and social presence that connects with the audience they are trying to reach. Regardless of your target prospects, focusing on and attracting brand promoters and sharers would be a wise endeavor. Though somewhat similar, there are powerful differences between “promoters” and “sharers” and it is important to understand them. Let’s start of with the … [Read more...]

The shift towards Social Customer Self-Service

Self Service

"Good morning sir/madam, how can I help you?" This simple phrase may sound a bit old-fashioned in the future, much like sending postcards is in 2015. Still some people do that but, nowadays, very few. Similarly, an increasing portion of customer care is shifting from phone/email towards self-service channels which means that customers do not necessarily need to interact with other people in order to get what they want; they just click and help themselves. Like it or not this is a global … [Read more...]

How Q and A Can Drive More Traffic and Leads for Your Business


As you establish yourself as an expert in your niche,  you'll want to attract more visitors to your website who can be converted into sales. A good plan of action is to go where other like-minded professionals are and showcase your knowledge. There are few networks that currently offer this such as LinkedIn, Google Plus, and Facebook, which offer targeted groups where you can provide helpful content and advice. Another powerful tool that has been emerging is called, Quora. Founded in 2009, … [Read more...]