How To Build Trust And Identity On Social Media


By Danny Brown Depending who you listen to or read in the social media space, the best reason to use social media for your brand varies. It can be for listening; resolving issues; lead generation; focus groups; recruitment; and much, much more. All good reasons. All good value. And yet…. While these are all solid enough reasons to be on social media from a brand’s point-of-view, they mean nothing unless you have an audience. Not just an audience, but also one that actually trusts and … [Read more...]

How Publication Consultants Can Bring Your Business More Visibility

Successful Publishing

One of the best ways for a business to establish credibility and attract more leads in through publishing your own paperback book or electronic eBook. Venturing out on your own can be a daunting, and time-consuming task. That is where hiring a publication consultant or “book shepherd” is very helpful. According to author and coach, Kimanzi Constable, in an article on, you need to “have a clear plan for your book. As an entrepreneur, a book should definitely be a part of your … [Read more...]

This Content Marketing Principle Is Proven To Succeed


The Unbelievable Surprise on My Hook I never expected it to happen, but it did. It was a warm day in Alabama and I was fishing with my dad at a lake. We both had a line in the water and we were waiting for a bite. When all of a sudden it happened. My bobber started bobbing!  I grabbed the pole and pulled hard. Then I started reeling in the line. When I got it in we found out that I had a pretty good size trout on the line. For a 10-year-old, that was good in and of itself. I was … [Read more...]

How to Ignite Trust with Social Customer Service


This week I've written a lot. I mean, as a blogger, I write everyday. But in the last few days, I did some extra as a contributor, and that makes me always happy. In fact whenever we're asked to take part in someone else's project - provided we find it interesting - we feel very proud because somebody has put trust in us. Trust is like adrenaline and sometimes, we just need the right dose. When it comes to social customer service that's slightly different though, since an excess of … [Read more...]

The Connection Between Emotions & Goals In B2B Buying


By Tony Zambito For most of the past few decades, leading up to the advent of the Internet and digital technologies in the 21st century, there has been an accepted paradigm regarding B2B buying decisions.   This paradigm consisted of an unquestioned notion that B2B buying decisions were disciplined, rigorous, process-based, and rational.   In essence, a prevailing belief B2B buying decisions were exclusively very rational and based on comparative options. This is truly not the case – … [Read more...]

Selling with Integrity – Learn to Love Avatars


Selling with Integrity requires knowing your audience intimately. Taking the time to meet your avatar inside their own minds allows you to be a problem solver for them - a trusted adviser - a go-to solution provider. You offer the most awesome product/service in your sphere! Congratulations! Pat yourself on the back! Be happy! I trust that you have become so intimate with your customers that it’s almost as if you were inside their brains looking out! You know what they think … [Read more...]

Bring Your Business Marketing to the Next Level with Influencers

Influence = Audience Reach x Brand

In order to be successful online business owners need to have the right connections in place.  These strategic relationships can directly impact your bottom line and influence with your target market. High profile influencers are different from your loyal followers in that they do not have a vested interest in your products or services, but rather in building relationships that can become mutually beneficial. The right connections can spread the word on your brand’s message, and … [Read more...]

7 Actionable Tips for Creating Remarkable Content

Every blogger wants to create content that truly resonates with their audience. I'm talking about really hitting home with advice, guidance, insights, and commentary that each and every reader can put into practice right away. That's the goal, but it is much easier said than done. In fact, much of the content that is published these days on blogs is just the opposite of remarkable. It's the same old stuff churned out in the same old zombie-like fashion. But, I'm here to show you how to … [Read more...]

The Secrets to a Powerful Blog Post


As a blogger, finding the right words can make all the difference. And today, with more than 152 million blogs on the Internet, that difference can determine your success. While every blog post won’t be a home run, you will get better with each word you write. When asked her secret to writing award-winning content, PD James, an English crime writer replied, “Don’t just plan to write—write. It is only by writing, not dreaming about it, that we develop our own style.” So how can you … [Read more...]

What is the Secret Sauce for Influencer Marketing?


By Brett Relander Even before digital marketing swept the world, the opinions of customers have served as powerful marketing tools. If there is one change that the implementation of social media platforms has instituted, it is the expanded reach of the customer’s voice. Today more than ever before, the success of marketing campaigns often relies on a concept known as influencer marketing. According to Forbes, influencer marketing can be defined as a type of marketing that works toward … [Read more...]