How Small Companies Can Out-Innovate Big Enterprises

When it comes to business, speed is a weapon that separates certain organizations from the competition. But its speed can also be harmful if not handled correctly. In the age of digital innovation and transformation, small companies have burst out of the gate to disrupt traditional business molds. Today’s Fortune 500 list is a mere shadow of what it was in 1995. In fact, fewer than 50 percent of those who were on the list in 1995 still remain today. That’s a big change in just 20 years, and the … [Read more...]

How To Adapt Your Blog To Make It More Reader Focused

How many blogs and posts have you read recently are reader focused enough to reflect the readers' point of view? Blogging can be quite egotistical. It's very easy to blurb on about yourself and forget who your readers are. And there are many bloggers who write purely for themselves as part of their therapy for whatever predicament they find themselves in. However, if the main reason why you blog is to get things off your chest, then do this with your readers in mind. After all, they are … [Read more...]

How To Leverage User Insights for Better Content Creation

Your customers are telling you more than you can ever begin to imagine. Listening to what users are saying and hearing them are two different things. This is an eternal balancing act in life and business, akin to the following scene from Jim Carrey’s Bruce Almighty. In essence, you might be aware of what your customers or users are saying, but you might not be using their reactions, voices, opinions, and sentiments for churning better content … [Read more...]

4 Ways Interactive Content Attracts An Audience

The lifeblood of the Internet and social media is driven by human interaction. Without it we would have a stale, flat information portal. Any successful marketing plan involves provoking your audience to take action. Facebook and other major social networks continuously adapt their algorithms because of this -- pushing us toward a more humanized approach. Building relationships with your leads and customers takes establishing trust through valuable content and interactions with your … [Read more...]

8 Do’s and Don’ts of Cold Email Subject Lines

69% of email recipients report email as Spam based solely on the subject line. The impact of a bad email subject line is far worse than you would think and often, it is indeed hard to identify which subject line will be perceived as bad by the reader. It depends on many factors, including something as frivolous as the reader’s mood. Having said that, there are some general do’s and don’ts which work most of the time and are generally accepted as effective while sending cold emails. The … [Read more...]

This Digital Divide Is Leaving Many Companies Behind

What digital divide? Amongst the world’s most innovative nations, the United States is globally known for its cutting-edge digital capabilities. Yet according to a McKinsey report from earlier this year, the U.S. economy is realizing only 18% of its digital potential. The productivity gains digital technologies should be enabling are not being seen in the economy due to a new digital divide in the US. The Birth Of “Have-Mores”  Almost all individuals, companies and sectors in the U.S. today … [Read more...]

10 Modern SEO Ranking Factors Businesses Should Abide By

SEO is a multi-faceted channel. One that has evolved significantly from its so-called "silo" days. Companies must now evaluate, strategize and implement in accordance for optimal search visibility in the marketplace. In the U.S. alone, Google dominates 85% of the search market share. The #1 activity on a desktop, tablet or mobile device of U.S. internet users begins with a search for a product or service using … [Read more...]

10 Reasons Why Adaptive Content Is the Future of Marketing

Since adaptive content comes in too many forms and can be distributed across any channel, the concept may seem a bit complex to understand. Nevertheless, it’s really simple in its essence. It doesn’t matter what form of content you have in mind; you can make it adaptive by making it more personal. Clarification: What Is Adaptive Content? Adaptive is the keyword here. This type of content is planned and designed around the needs, goals, questions, and mood of the target audience. The goals of … [Read more...]

Convert Your Social Media Connections Into Sales

Is your business generating enough sales from your social media efforts? Would you like to turn your website subscribers into loyal customers? According to Statista, by 2018 there will be approximately 2.67 billion people who use social media worldwide. When it comes to building your business through social media, your blog is your greatest asset. With additional emerging trends such as mobile usage and live video, you can get a lot more leverage than even just five years ago, when … [Read more...]

How to Create a Successful Expert Roundup Article

Expert roundup articles have been around for ages but they have been increasingly popular lately. In a Huffington Post opinion piece written by James Parsons titled "Will Expert Roundup Posts Ever Lose Their SEO Value?", he points out the pros and cons of this style of content. To me, it read like it was trying way too hard to make a point. For instance, he says that there are a lot of expert roundups out there now. Why is that a bad thing? Is the implication that you can have too much … [Read more...]