Enhance Your Business Profile on LinkedIn


Would you like to attract more prospects and better connections for your business? I can hear your "YES!" Then it might be time to upgrade your LinkedIn profile with highlights of your professional experience and expertise using LinkedIn Projects. Showcasing your profile on social media may seem easier to achieve on places like Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus, but this is not difficult to do on LinkedIn, especially with their latest design and functionality upgrades. Whether your … [Read more...]

How to Drive More Traffic With Instagram

drive traffic from instagram

This is the eleventh post in a 12 month series on the use of Instagram for businesses. It’s no secret that I tout the value of Instagram for marketing purposes. I honestly believe that there are many reasons to take advantage of the platform. But one of the biggest reasons is quite simply that Instagram drives higher quality leads than other social media sites. And you can drive more traffic with Instagram with a couple easy steps. You see, so many people always complain that Instagram isn’t … [Read more...]

Content Marketing Initiatives You Need For A Prosperous 2015

content marketing initiatives

Looking out of the window, it was the rainy season here in Asia at this time. Reality struck... I realized that it was already the first of November (at the time of writing this post). And this means that I only have less than two months before I say good bye to 2014. It was time to plan my content marketing strategy for the coming year. If you are wondering, yes I'm already late. However, it is better late then never, right? I'm a huge fan of content marketing and I know the power that … [Read more...]

Why Behavioral Targeting is Smart Marketing


Do you frequently ask yourself: How can my business cut through the online clutter and connect with customers? A well-established principle in psychology, the cocktail party effect, helps us to answer this question. Imagine you are at a noisy gathering. Drinks are being served and music is playing in the background. Loud circles of conversations are happening all around you, making it hard to hear or concentrate on anything. The situation is not unlike the social media environment today, … [Read more...]

The Power of Social Media Inclusion

ALS challenge

Curatti Social Media Recap 2014: #6 We’re in the final quarter of 2014, which means there are less than 90 days until the New Year and the celebration of a new year on its way. 2014 has been yet another banner year for social media, digital marketing, and the era of curation as the companies surrounding the trend make waves. In a 10 article series, we are counting down the events of the year and looking at how each of these events presents a key and critical takeaway for what matters in … [Read more...]

Use Slideshare to Give Your Business More Visibility


Do you have a great presentation to offer online? How about an article your business has published? If you aren't already, it's time to utilize Slideshare as an additional venue and more visibility for that content. Slideshare is an online tool that allows you to create powerful slides to share with your online and social media followers, and the best part is it’s free. Once you create an account it is easy to upload videos, presentations, or PDFs, which can all be shared on your … [Read more...]

Must-Have Social Media Tools Every Small Business Needs

social media tools

As a busy small business owner, keeping up with social media can feel like a never-ending battle. From content creation to the curation of relevant articles, maintaining a consistent presence takes more time than you have in your day. So, how can you remain interactive while still running your business? That’s where the right tools come in!  While there’s a plethora of tools available, I have found a handful to be invaluable. If you’re eager to add a few hours to your day while … [Read more...]

Relationships Matter but Good Content Trumps All


By Michael Brito Before you cast judgment, please read on. As I write this, I am reminded of an online conversation that happened over six years ago. It was way back when Jeremiah Owyang was an analyst at Forrester. He wrote a blog post that asked a very simple question. Are you a purist or a corporatist? To recap, a purist is someone who believes that people will always prevail and that all companies can do is watch, listen and respond. Their employees can participate, but only as … [Read more...]

How to Incorporate Customer Storytelling in Your Business

ALS challenge

The way business marketing has been executed has changed over the past few years, particularly with the rise of social media. What used to be a one way conversation became a two-way conversation with the Internet, when customers realized the power of developing their own websites and providing their own reviews. When social media became even more popular, the conversation became a conference since many could get together in one place and share all of their opinions at once. While the … [Read more...]

Communities are the Future – Are you In?


By Bryan Kramer As humans, we’re used to joining communities in the physical world. We coach our kid’s sports teams. We go to conferences and have co-workers. We belong to book clubs and non-profit groups seeking to learn something new or make our world a better place. Even our own families are small communities. Most of us have online communities too. We have Facebook accounts, Twitter accounts, and watch YouTube. We surf popular sites on the Internet, have our favorite news sources and … [Read more...]