10 Types of Social Media Content People Share the Most

Creating content for social media has two main purposes. The first is to create content people will engage with to drive traffic to a website. The second purpose is to create content that grows your social media channels. No matter which goal you’re after, you’ll get the biggest impact for both just by making the content as sharable as possible. When people like your content enough to share it, it basically creates a small army of people that are doing your marketing for you. These people … [Read more...]

Why Small Businesses Need Mobile Apps

Small businesses should make efforts to be aware of developing trends that can affect their success. The use of mobile internet continues to grow due to the rapid spread of smartphones and mobile apps. All businesses have been affected by this changing digital trend, and small businesses should look for ways to benefit from it. By studying more closely how potential consumers might interact with a small business digitally, they can begin to more efficiently reach consumers. A business needs … [Read more...]

5 Psychology Hacks to Improve Your Social Media Posts

Unless you’ve been spending far more time on the dark side of the internet than me, I wouldn’t suggest that you try to hack any of the social media sites. And that’s not just because their protection is pretty robust and the consequences of getting caught are pretty severe. It’s because doing so would be like going through the effort of blowing up a wall, while you can just walk a few steps and open the door. Why take all that time to try to hack your way into computers when you can just hack … [Read more...]

Build a Better Business With These 5 Tools

5 Great Business Tools Do you have a new business idea or would you like to ramp up your existing brand? Building a strong company or solo venture can be an uphill climb, especially online. The right resources can help you improve this process and attract interested leads and influencers. Since 2015, the market has been improving -- DMR reports that 72 percent of small businesses had expected a ten percent revenue growth over the last year. There are several ways to make your business … [Read more...]

10 Content Curation Tools to Boost Your Productivity

I am in love with these tools! As an avid content curator, I am always looking for the latest and best thing in the industry to help me do it faster, easier and in a more organized way. We are now in a time that is based so heavily around curation that you can find dozens to get the job done. When it comes to productivity, these are the ten that I personally find the best. I would imagine those reading this have used a couple of them, as well. Create Your Own Reading List to Monitor Trends … [Read more...]

Adaptive Content: The Future of Content Marketing

When it comes to change, everything we know is going through a phase of evolution. Be it humans or an article over the internet. When one link changes, the whole route goes through the phase of evolution; which brings us to today. Think back in time to when the Internet was not a necessity to the extent it has reached today. You may recall that most people read the same content as you did. The reason behind that is there were relatively few professionals who were publishing all the content on … [Read more...]

5 Things Your Business Should Know About Human Marketing

Human marketing is without a doubt the future of modern business. In a previous post I talked about the importance of human marketing in business. In today's digital age, the average consumer is a lot more informed, tech-savvy and intelligent than ever before. Most consumers, and quite possibly your customers, absorb about five pieces of content during their decision-making process. As a company, it's imperative to acknowledge the human element and learn how to utilize it in your business. … [Read more...]

How To Turn SlideShare Into a Traffic Driving Machine

SlideShare is a free tool for converting PowerPoint presentations into Flash. How can this seemingly ordinary service help with driving traffic? Well, actually, it can help greatly in many ways. We all are looking for the means to increase traffic. It is the primary goal of the majority of sites. And it turns out that a simple presentation can bring lots of people to a website. Let’s take a look at how SlideShare can help you increase your traffic significantly. Why should you use … [Read more...]

Grow Your Reach With Influencer Marketing and SEO

Do you still produce content using older methods of SEO to rank higher on the search engines? Today this trend has changed, with influencer marketing and the rise of brand building being transformed through audiences. If your business needs to connect with more leaders in your industry then you will need to research the right keywords and phrases in order to find the best match. This enables us to tap into exactly what prospects are looking for and through what channels. A recent … [Read more...]

The Link Between Social, Customer Service and Sales

If I had to sum up the impact of social media on business with just one word, I'd call it a r-evolution; it describes perfectly the digital tsunami that affected marketing, sales and customer service. Consumers have become more and more inclined to 'tweet on brands doors' rather than pick up the phone and make a call, just because it's easier and faster. Like it or not, the customer has become demanding. More than ever. Smart brands have rapidly adapted to this new scenario, improving … [Read more...]