Why You Should Use Forward Links

For•ward•link•ing - v. the act of inserting links to newer posts into older posts. Ok, full disclosure time... that's not a real word. I made it up. But, bear with me... it's worth learning about just the same! Conceptually, it's quite simple, and based on the ideas of Backlinking and Deep Linking. Backlinks are when one website links [back] to another website. They're usually provided for the purpose of citation or reference, and are highly sought after for SEO reasons. Deep Links … [Read more...]

How Digital Competency Defines Marketing Success

Digital competency sounds like marketing speak. It is not. Today, as never before, barriers to entry for small biz brads are defined by your ability or lack thereof to shape technology to fit your business rules. Over 37% of small business owners plan to spend more on digital the next 12 months.   Technical competency is a brand definer and is baked in to all marketing processes. Your customers, regardless of markets, are embracing mobile and abandoning conventional TV, … [Read more...]

Emotional Intelligence: How Successful Companies Create It

For decades, a lot of emphasis has been placed on understanding an employee’s intelligence quotient (IQ)-referring to that set of cognitive abilities that allows us to acquire knowledge and to solve problems. But in business (as in life) if you only focus on this part of an individual, you are missing one of the major parts of one’s success equation. Truth be told, if you want your business to succeed, you need more than just smart employees. You need people that have a high level of … [Read more...]

Attract More Followers For Your Business with Live Streaming

If your business has hosted an online webinar or podcast then you will know that it can be a challenge to attract an audience even after sharing your event ahead of time on social media. Live streaming helps bring your broadcast together instantly with more interested viewers than ever. Traditionally live video interviews and events had worked well with Google Hangouts when this feature was connected Google Plus. As the slow application became a separate entity like Facebook Messenger … [Read more...]

Turn your website into a Social Customer Service hub

When we have issues we tend to look for solutions outside of our company, but often that's not a good move. In fact, most of the times either problems and solutions lie within the company. However we just don't realize it since we are distracted by sense of urgency. When it comes to customer service, the best way to prevent/mitigate issues is to adopt a continuous improvement approach aimed at finding inner solutions and building customer engagement in order to get their constant feedback. … [Read more...]

5 Essential Social Media Marketing Tools

Many professions are defined – at least in some small way – by the tools connected to the trade. Carpenters, for instance, bring to mind hammers, nails, and power tools. Stethoscopes characterize doctors almost too often, and there is a deep connection between police officers and their guns, badges, and handcuffs. But what about social media marketers? Which tools represent us? That’s the question this article attempts to answer. But more than that, in the sections below, I will present … [Read more...]

How To Make B2B Content Marketing Effective

B2B brands in all industries are utilizing online marketing as part of their online lead and demand generation strategies. A recent Content Marketing Institute study found that over the last three years a staggering 86% to 93% of business to business brands are currently deploying content marketing. Unfortunately, their results vary greatly. Only about one-third said “their use of content marketing is effective”, while a disappointing 44% were neutral on the question of effectiveness, which … [Read more...]

5 Metrics to Measure Influencer Marketing

In the past, it was often difficult to accurately measure marketing methods to determine which methods were driving the highest levels of traffic. Today, we have access to a wide array of online marketing methods, including social media and influencer marketing. In fact, a study conducted by SocialChorus found that an influencer marketer campaigns can drive up to 16 times the engagement of owned or paid media. Compared to traditional forms of marketing, social media offers the ability to … [Read more...]

How to Make Pinterest Work for Your Business Marketing

Since 2010 Pinterest has continually and quickly risen to one of the top social networks with more than 70 million active users worldwide. Not only are images and videos a big hit, but content from blogs as well. According to an article on Business Insider, men are becoming increasingly interested in participating on Pinterest with a 73 percent growth in 2014. And in the United States alone the number of both male and female users is climbing dramatically as shown in this graph from … [Read more...]

Bulletproof Content Marketing

Within the space of one week I had two friends independently greet me, almost identically. It went a little like this: “Sorry, you enjoy a wine, but I can’t, I’m in keto right now…” In what? ‘Keto’ hasn’t made it to the Oxford dictionary. But it will... Speaking the language What had I missed? What is in keto? Their new found knowledge peppered our conversations with new terms like bio-hacking; bio-hack and Bulletproof CoffeeTM. The terms rolled off their ketosis swollen tongues like … [Read more...]

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