Save time and money with our Social Media Management services.

Think of it as social media automation, but with super smart humans.

Social media requires more than random updates about your latest sale, your “amazing” product, or a shameless plug about your latest PR win. Done right, social media marketing is about building long-lasting, lucrative and loyal relationships – and is easily a full-time job! And for good reason: 4 out of 5 consumers think social media has increased accountability for businesses.


Our team of experienced social media managers will not only build a customized strategy for you – better yet – they’ll use our team of community managers, content coordinators, and copywriters to execute all of it for you. That way, you can spend time where time counts … growing your business.

How it Works

Discovery & KPI Planning

You will be paired up with a devoted account manager who will run point with you and your team, as well as mange our internal team of social media assistants. Together, they’ll run research on your brand, your competitors, and help you formulate a strategy for social, including your key performance indicators (KPIs).

Media & Publishing Planning

After our team has a clear vision of where you’ve been with your social media marketing, we’ll work with you to decide where you want to go. Our team will help you plan just the right mix of promotional and eye-catching entertainment content to spark conversations and feedback from your social media fans.

Ongoing Management

Once you approve your publishing and media schedules, we’ll manage your social presence day-to-day. Yes, even on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. Social media is “on” all the time, and so are we (minus a few hours of sleep)! Your account manager will check in with you weekly to ensure the real world is completely aligned with the social sphere.


To ensure our online efforts are meeting your real-world expectations, your account manager will deliver monthly reports on all your social media analytics, as well as show you how we met – or exceeded – your predetermined KPIs. We’ll continuously work to understand successes and gaps and make iterations to your social strategy as we move forward.



Working with the Curatti team has been an absolute pleasure. We were coming to the table with aggressive deadlines and no experience — your nightmare client. Curatti managed to be thoughtful and patient when we wanted advice, but was responsive and reacted with a sense of urgency once decisions were made. Their style is enthusiastic and invested; we felt we had a business partner and not a contractor. Overall, we keep going back because the advice and strategy feel like we are working at the enterprise level, yet the personalized and reliable attention is everything you hope of a boutique.

Tanya Ponton

Founder, 5 Hundred Words

What impresses me most about Curatti isn’t their wealth of knowledge and razor-sharp skill set as a marketing & social media strategists (which is impressive), but their proficiency to think critically and problem-solve for unique client challenges. That is what makes Curatti an invaluable partner.

Erik Mathisen

Account Executive, The Solutions Group, Inc.

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