Susan Gilbert
April 4, 2019

How to Create a Winning Pinterest Marketing Strategy

Improve Your Pinterest Marketing Strategy

Since 2010, Pinterest has grown tremendously. It now has over 250 million users — 80 percent of whom are engaging on mobile. Many consider this growing platform to be a part of both their social media and SEO strategies. It’s become a great place to build your brand and attract new website subscribers in an age of constant changes in search algorithms.

According to the company, the traffic generated from their website is 33 percent more than Facebook. This includes click-through rates and purchases. And that surpasses other mobile giants like Snapchat and Twitter.

This social platform continues to grow and reach an ever-broader demographic. It is more important than ever for brands and businesses to include a Pinterest Marketing Strategy within their overall digital strategy. In order to be effective, your business needs to have an understanding of how the network works best. Here are a few ways your business can stand out and attract more subscribers with Pinterest.

1 – Visual Content Rules!

This could include quote memes, videos, helpful tips or an informative infographic.

Determine which category best fits our target market through their intuitive search tool and other target market research methods. Especially focus on what matters to your audience the most — the more specific and focused your pins are, the more likely they will be seen and re-pinned.

2 – Add a ‘Pin’ Button To Your Website

Once a pin is made, the potential for long-term sharing is great – higher than Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even YouTube. The key to success is to make your content easy to find and share for the most exposure. By adding a ‘Pin It‘ button to your website, your brand or business will begin to see more activity and traffic in addition to attracting more leads and sales. In effect, this free feature becomes an instant call-to-action. The key to success is to optimize your pins correctly – not only for search but also to ensure that your content is targeted for the right boards.

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3 – Establish at Least 5 Targeted Boards

A good rule of practice is to have in place at least five targeted boards with pins. These should include the following two steps in order to be found in search:

  1. Your mission statement – Pin content that reflects what your company is about. This can include humorous or inspirational quotes, tips, moving videos, etc. This shows the human side of a brand, and builds your following much faster than promotional pins.
  2. Pin at least once a day – Thousands of pins are being added each day. And you want your customers to stay interested and engaged in your content. Create a mix such as infographics, videos, and tall images like this one from Louise Myers:

4 – Install Rich Pins to Your Website

Increase your sales by setting up your website to post rich pins. These contain additional information such as real-time pricing, article pins for reading lists, map locations for travel, and more. You may need to hire a web developer if you are not tech savvy. Otherwise, the instructions provided by Pinterest are very straightforward.

5 – Third-Party Apps

In 2015, Pinterest began the Pinterest Developers Platform for third-party apps by top developers like Buffer and TailwindApp. Hootsuite now also allows Pinterest scheduling in its professional subscription, which provides detailed analysis of your pins and engagement.

6 – Analyze Your Progress

Track how your pins are performing right inside Pinterest’s powerful analytics tool. This is a great way to learn what your audience likes, and allows you to make adjustments accordingly. The best part is that this is all free when you have a business account set up. As a brand or business, this information is important for optimizing your content for your niche audience.

In Closing

If you want to make your visual marketing strategy is successful, it’s important to be both focused and active on Pinterest. Your brand or business can showcase what you have to offer as well as bringing more subscribers to your website. Be sure to re-pin what others are sharing daily for even more visibility, and allow yourself room in your budget for sponsored pins for your products or services.


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