Paolo Fabrizio
April 2, 2019

New Competencies That Every Customer Service Manager Needs

What Every Customer Service Manager Must Learn

“…And then we’ll have also a Q&A session with the audience..” That’s an excerpt from the typical conversation that I have over the phone when I get invited to a conference as speaker or panelist.

Last week, I participated in two customer service conferences, so had the chance to listen to and answer many questions. Most of them, however, were focused on one main topic: new competencies and skills. Which skills, in particular, have become essential for a customer service manager to have in order to deliver effective support thru digital channels? Read on to learn more about this.

Conversations with Customers are Business Seeds

If you are a good customer service manager, you are able to prioritize, manage your team and be a great listener. However, in order to keep on doing the same great job also thru digital channels, you need to adopt a new business model. Smarter companies are already doing it, having switched from a traditional customer service perspective towards a customer success approach.

Customer service vs customer success


Are You Skilled Enough To Embrace Change?

If you are a customer service manager, you need to be equipped to deal with new business scenarios. So, get to know how to achieve your new goals in terms of:

  • New skills to have (e.g., knowledge of digital tools/platforms)
  • New competencies to develop (what / how are you able to do something)

Now, in this article let me focus on competencies.

To help you visualize this concept enjoy this table that I’ve recently shown during a meeting with a client. You’ll find 5 major competencies that have become paramount for a (digital) customer service manager.

The new traits of a Customer Service Manager
1. Excellent Negotiator – liaising with other departments in a collaborative and assertive way. S/he is recognized as a leader and develops internal communication as well to get maximum collaboration from his/her team.
2 Coach – in addition to managing the team, he/she motivates them to always improve. The manager spurs them to provide constant feedback and suggest improvements to processes and procedures.
3. Ambitious & Entrepreneurial– He/she wants to make customer service the competitive differentiator. S/he is willing to invest in technology (digital omnichannel platforms) and people (training).
4. Strategic Vision – moving from reactive towards proactive customer service requires a big change. Take care of and harness every digital conversation with customers. Therefore the customer service manager needs to develop cross-department communication with Marketing and Sales to help them develop and boost cross-selling activities.
5. Promoter – he/she is constantly looking to spread and develop a customer service culture throughout the entire organization.

By Paolo

Over to you

Like it or not, today’s customer has become digital and impatient. So if you want to deliver consistent and excellent customer experiences turn your customer service into a business pillar and co-operate with Marketing and Sales with a common business goal: retain and attract customers harnessing every digital conversation with customers.

Are you equipped to take on this challenge?


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