Wade Harman
September 4, 2016

The Pinterest Secret That Will Improve Your Social


Images impact your brain a lot easier than text does.

If you’ve been in the social media industry for any amount of time you already know this.

That is why it is so easy to build traffic over on the Pinterest platform.

Take Twitter for example, even 140 characters take the brain a little longer to process, which is why Twitter doesn’t do as well as Pinterest when it comes to reshares.

Here’s some psychological secrets to the Pinterest platform that will make you understand why it’s so powerful.

Consume, Create, & Curate

This is what the fine folks over at Pinterest want their users to do constantly.

On Pinterest you’re not under the gun to create original pins all the time. That makes the job of pinning a lot easier on you, therefore you will curate content a whole lot faster.

Psychologically speaking Pinterest is less of a cognitive load on your brain. The more you consume, create, curate and reshare content, the better off your marketing is over on this platform.

Pinterest has mastered the art of minimizing it’s cognitive load on your brain. Simply put, that means that they have reduced the mental effort required to do what they want you to do.

Repin something.

Making something simple is what great social media marketing is all about. You don’t have to make something grand and complex every time you come out of the gate with your marketing on Pinterest. In fact, complex systems make the brain work harder and therefore cause your target audience to give up quicker.

Having said that, understand that simple is better.

It works over on Pinterest as well. They have already proved that.

You can gain a lot of exposure by pinning other people’s content. Curation is creation over there. Don’t make Pinterest harder than it has to be by creating brand new pins every time you visit.

It’s just not necessary.

Curation is 90% of the game on this platform, although I’m finding it fun to create images over on DesignFeed.io lately. (They have made it really simple).

In all of this process of collecting and categorizing pins by curation, Pinterest has made what you share extremely valuable and qualified for your followers who will return that favor of repinning. In turn, you have included the interested parties in your curation concepts.

simple on social media

That’s The Secret

We are all motivated to find things that we want to share, things that interest you and your business, so we curate other people’s content.

The secret to Pinterest is the fact that you can capture someone else’s desires with someone else’s content. In return, you have captured a targeted follower who will be there the next time you go to pin something on your board.

The find you by way of curation on your part, but they’ll stay because they enjoy how easy and simple your pins are becoming to them.

One major tip that I would give to your Pinterest marketing is to grab your phone and load the Pinterest app on there (Apple) (Android). Make it a point to go to Pinterest 3 times a day and repin some content from someone else each time you visit the app.

You will start to find that other users will be magnetized by your curation and your follower count will rise steadily.

The secret is curation.

Curation is simple.


Wade HarmanWade Harman

Head Honcho at Cornerstone Marketing
My main social media marketing strategy with my blog is to build on a larger fan base by connecting individually with each person. This creates a more targeted clientele base and eventually leads to more sales. Building a site that has integrity is what I’m all about in my social media marketing strategies. This is also known widely as relationship marketing, of which I practice every day with my social strategy.

This article was originally titled “The Pinterest Secret That Will Impact Your Social” and was published on wadeharman.com and is republished here with permission.

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