Susan Gilbert
August 1, 2016

What Augmented Reality Means for Brands

Lately, a very addictive augmented reality mobile game has taken over our social media world — Pokémon Go.

While this platform has surged to the top of the charts, we as business owners should pay attention to this new and growing trend.

There are several different forms of this latest technology — and of course mobile apps have placed it on the forefront of our minds.

In a video game environment such as Pokémon Go, users can experience digital interactions in a real-world environment. The difference is that they can do so without the use of extra accessories such as headsets.

What does this mean for your business branding?

Depending on your target market, chances are there’s a good portion of your audience who are drawn to this type of social interaction.

Take a look at this chart on Bloomberg, which shows a significant leap in AR sales:


Currently, big brands have jumped into this growing enterprise – including Starbucks and Nestle. In 2015, Juniper Research reported that augmented reality “will drive annual app revenues of $2.4 billion in 2019, up from $247 million in 2014.”

Sensor Tower reveals that Pokémon Go in particular, is climbing above major social networks like Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter:


There are several ways your business can take advantage of this viral technology without needing to be expert:

Go where your community is engaging

With careful research and knowledge of the actions by your target market, you can discover whether an AR platform is the right strategy to build your brand. Many businesses are crossing over into social media to promote their company through Pokémon Go. Here is an example of this on YouTube:

Youtube-pokemon-Augmented reality

Other brands are taking advantage of the #pokestop hashtag to direct their fans and followers to their venue. Determine what creative ways you can take advantage of this trend, to draw more customers into your business. This is especially true if it is a brick and mortar location.

Augmented Reality: Strike While the Iron is Hot

A new and emerging trend takes the right timing and strategy for your marketing campaigns. Come in too late and you will have missed your opportunity to be relevant.

One thing we can be sure of as brands, is that technology is pushing us into new territory that we need to be ready to adapt to.

Don’t Just Throw in a Hashtag or Two

When your business truly understands the needs and desires of your community, you can create a message that speaks directly to their needs and desires. A generic tweet or post won’t attract much attention, but something like a special offer will. Sadly, this business only received one ‘like’ with this generic post on Facebook:


The key to reaching your community is to present a visually appealing message, whether this be a photo or video that they can relate to personally:


Attract a New Audience

As your business has established its brand online, you will want to continue this growth by expanding into new and advantageous platforms.

What have technologies such as  Facebook or Twitter live streaming, or augmented reality, got in common? Each will help your business reignite your loyal following as well as attract new fans.

It’s important to provide email updates, rewards, incentives and influencer connections, to spread the word.

Make Your Message Clear

Pokémon Go and Snapchat are popular because they are easy to get started on and don’t require any complicated instructions. The less steps your audience has to follow, the more likely that they will respond to your content.

More than ever, we cannot afford to be skeptical or afraid of new platforms. Instead, we should seriously evaluate emerging technology and explore the unique ways it can serve our leads and customers. By spotting upcoming trends and being ready to adapt, we will be able to build a brand that is fresh.


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