10 Curation Tools and Utilities to Boost Your Content Marketing

content curation tools

Successful content curation requires two things. The first is understanding your audience and what they want to see. The second is finding and sharing relevant content. Ideally this content will come from multiple sources and will include text based content, images, videos, and interactive content. Curated content should also focus on information and entertainment and not promotion. Ideally, curating content supplements the personalized content you provide to your audience. However, if you are … [Read more...]

How to Maximize Your Conversions by Personalizing Your Blog Experience


Have you ever thought you could increase the number of blog subscribers, if only you could serve them with more personalized content? When it comes to getting the most out of social media accounts, it is vital that you consider the importance of personalizing your blog landing pages and the role they play in accomplishing your overall goal. In fact, there are several things that need to be considered. First and foremost, consider what it takes to drive social media traffic to your blog, … [Read more...]

It’s True: You Can Offer Online Customers a Personalized eCommerce Experience


As we get closer to the holiday season, many of us have perhaps started thinking more about shopping for our friends and families. And, if you are like a growing majority of internet users, you will probably make at least one online purchase this holiday season. According to recent statistics about global eCommerce via Statista, global e-retail sales amounted to $839.8 billion (U.S. dollars) in 2013. Statista also states that North America is currently the largest regional market for … [Read more...]

Generation Z: The Guiding Light of the Digital Age


In a recent article on Sprout Social; Gen Z vs Gen Y: Does the Hype Add Up, Aubre Andrus discusses some highlights from an influential Sparks & Honey study that distinguish the Z generation of their predecessors in Generation Y. According to the study, published in 2014, Generation Z (born after 1994) already accounts for over a quarter (25.9%) of the population, representing the largest contingent since the baby boomers. (Read also: Toward New Baby Boom With Generation Z). A generation … [Read more...]

Showcase Your Business by Publishing A Book


You’ve worked hard at establishing your business reputation and expertise through great content, and a strong social media presence. Now may be the time to consider publishing a book whether in print, digital format, or both. The benefits of publishing are numerous, including: ●      Increased visibility for more leads and sales ●      Spreading the word on your knowledge and expertise ●      Attracting influencers ●      Brand credibility Any business large and small can … [Read more...]

11 Steps To Building A Business Relationship


By Wade Harman An old blind man was sitting on a street corner begging for money. On a cardboard sign, next to his cup, he had written “Blind, Please Help”. No one was giving him any money. A young advertising writer walked by and saw the blind man, his sign, and the empty cup, and saw all of the people passing the beggar by, completely unmoved, let alone giving him any money. The advertising writer took a sharpie from his pocket and grabbed the cardboard sign and re-wrote the … [Read more...]

Why Social Customer Service is a sliding door

Sliding door

Mixed feelings. These are the first words in many people's mind when it comes to Social Customer Service; a bittersweet cocktail you've long awaited for which basically left you a bit disappointed. So, before you ask me the famous 3-letter question [WHY?] here's my answer: customers know better social media than most companies do. They want to get responses over social, but many companies are not ready yet (if not afraid). User experience is part of customer experience but... The first … [Read more...]

How To Adapt To The Shifting Consumer Shopping Journey


By Robert Caruso When social media marketing was in its infancy, brands and marketers needed to do little to make an impact, standout and see results. Though the marketing platforms were new, the data quickly showed that early adopters and average consumers alike were willing to be influenced and make purchase decisions through the new medium. As time has gone on and nearly all consumers have embraced social networks at some level, their behaviors as well as shopping journey have become much … [Read more...]

The Rising Importance of a Personalised Experience


By Andrew Hutchinson One of the things that businesses need to accept in the new media landscape is that things have changed significantly. No surprises there, right? Everyone knows that media consumption habits have evolved, that the way in which brands reach people is adapting beyond traditional ‘broadcast and hope’ strategies. But what many are missing is that the most significant change may actually be in how we fundamentally view the world and our place within it. The perception of … [Read more...]

Why Your Website Visitors Might Pass You By

Bad Navigation

When your visitors first arrive at your business’s landing page they may keep moving on. Not what you want!  The key is to draw them in right away and get them to stay by using an enticing offer and a clear message that meets their needs. User frustration is usually the cause for a person to move onto another website, and according to Kissmetrics, navigation issues is one of the top of that list: In order to retrain visitors your website should be experiencing a low bounce rate by … [Read more...]