Rock Your Website – Moving Up!


Want Your Website to Convert Traffic? Clean navigation for website conversion and visitor appeal, along with good frameworks like Wordpress, will provide you with a rockn' website that directs your visitors to take the actions that will convert them into prospects and customers. An effective website is one that is clear, focused, and makes a good first impression rather than being outlandish or too spammy. Your business may have hired a professional web developer to build an online presence … [Read more...]

Beware: Online Marketing Experts Aren’t Always Right

Barry Feldman

By Barry Feldman True or false: You should do what online marketing experts say.  Tralse? Fue? Help me. I’m looking for some middle ground. See, online marketing is: (A) Hard (B) Ever-changing (C) Continuously experimental (D) Different for everybody (E) All of the above You bet your life the answer’s (E). Marketing changes at the speed of screen flicker So we scour blogs and any other content we can get our retinas on, hoping to stay tuned into what’s up in digital. I … [Read more...]

The New Social Marketing: A Sensory Experience


By Bryan Kramer Humans are social creatures; this is something we all know and understand. But last year, at the Pivot conference in New York, I had the pleasure of interviewing Scott Hebner (VP of Social Business at IBM) and friend Kare Anderson (author, speaker, columnist and coach) on a main stage appearance about how human behavior fits into the context of social marketing. Given that humans consume socially, where is social marketing headed as it matures? What emerged was exciting. … [Read more...]

Omni-Channel Marketing: Revolutionizing the Buyer’s Journey


  With the rapid growth of digital consumption and what seems like daily proliferation of social media channels, marketers are faced with more choices than ever when considering how they want to reach the consumer. With each choice comes a certain amount of risk as marketers choosing to put a heavy investment in one channel may miss the untapped potential of another. This leaves a smaller margin for error as highly informed consumers have become acutely aware of how to seek out … [Read more...]

Curatti 2014 Social Media Recap: #10 – Facebook, The Media Company

stock social media

We're in the final quarter of 2014, which means there are less than 90 days until the New Year and the celebration of a new year on its way. 2014 has been yet another banner year for social media, digital marketing, and the era of curation as the companies surrounding the trend make waves. For the next 10 weeks, we'll be counting down the events of the year and looking at how each of these events presents a key and critical takeaway for what matters in marketing, and more. Today we start with … [Read more...]

Why Contests on Twitter Are Great For Business


Twitter is one of the top social networks that brands and businesses engage on for more opportunities, leads, and sales. Did you know that there are currently over 270 million active users around the world, and eMarketer reports a growth of sales by 124% from 2013 to 2014? Bottom line is - if you aren't sure where to place some marketing efforts, Twitter is the place to engage; and, contests are a great way to get a piece (or large helping) of prosperity pie. Twitter contests are effective … [Read more...]

4 WordPress Plugins You Will Want on Your Podcast Site.

PLugins for podcasting sites

When you are looking at setting up a podcast for your business, there are plugins you will want to use for your WordPress site. Out of all of the different plugins that are in the WordPress Plugin repository there are 4 plugins that you will want to use. So what is a WordPress Plugin? In the Content Management System (CMS) of WordPress, you can expand the functionality of your site you can add many helpful options and extra's to your CMS just by downloading and installing these “Plug ins” We … [Read more...]

Make Your Marketing Human-Centered. Here’s How


By Tony Zambito One of the most pressing questions facing organizations today is this one: How do we connect with the outside world of customers and buyers today? It is not an easy question to answer. Recently, we have had several studies, including those by Forrester and the Content Marketing Institute, which suggests companies have been struggling to connect with their customers and buyers. Finding many organizations and marketers believe their content marketing and B2B marketing efforts … [Read more...]

Service is The Bridge to Meaning and Purpose in Business


By Gideon Rosenblatt To be of service is to become bigger than the way we normally see ourselves. Our attention shifts. We set aside our preoccupation with ourselves and turn our focus outwards, towards others. Being of service through a business is really no different. We expand our sense of the firm beyond the narrow interests of our shareholders and employees, and turn our gaze outwards to the many people with a stake in the impact our work has in the world. What Does It Mean to … [Read more...]

Time Is Money


...and that remains true when it comes to social media marketing. Is your business finding that the day is slipping away with too much time being spent on social media interactions and postings? Well you’re not alone! With technology readily available to us it is easy to fall into this time trap. We have just 24 hours a day to be the productive, and when you add other things like meetings, sales calls, customer service, ect. that creates a tight schedule. Your business needs to get focused … [Read more...]