Social Platforms Move at Warp Speed – How to Get Heard


By Lee Traupel No business can grow in today’s always on Digital Eco System unless you are a social platform competent brand. Marshall McCluhan was prescient beyond his years when he published: “Understanding Media: The Extension of Man.”  Platform and message are symbiotic. Your brand story has to be optimized for each platform, with visuals and content in context to increase the likelihood of your updates getting heard. But, know going in, these platforms are changing constantly … [Read more...]

The Surprising Marketing Lesson From a Very Old Bakery

The Surprising Lesson From a Bakery We recently had some friends visiting San Francisco from Washington, DC, so we went up to spend time with them. We saw a lot of things I haven’t seen, even though I’d lived 30-40 minutes from San Francisco for most of my life. One of the places we saw was the Boudin Bakery on Fisherman’s Wharf. While we were there I learned some interesting things about the bakery that I didn’t know. And in the process, I learned some important lessons that … [Read more...]

Case study: Record Breaking Swedish Commercial Series


My native country Sweden has the longest running TV commercial series in the world. The first episode aired in 2001 The record was broken in 2007. The series is still going. There are several marketing lessons to be learned from this. The commercial is for one of the big supermarket chains in Sweden. It features a fictional supermarket and its staff. Each episode highlights the special offers currently available. Why is this series so successful that over 500 episodes have been … [Read more...]

Sales Pitches Don’t Sell


Sales pitches don’t sell, but authenticity, leadership and service do. How you create that shift within your business and your mind will determine the results you experience in the coming years. The internet and the world of social selling have changed the face of what “selling” looks like, most likely forever. Selling might well be the second oldest profession in history and a good sales pitch was the path to sales. But did sales pitches ever really sell? Everyone likes to buy but no one … [Read more...]

Are You Ready to Create a Storefront on Facebook?


Get ready online store owners…online shoppers may soon be looking for your store – on Facebook. Although Facebook storefronts are not entirely new, Facebook is currently working on improving and enhancing the shopping experience for users on its platform. According to a recent article on SocialTimes, Facebook is testing mini e-commerce shops on select pages, with many featuring buy buttons that enable transactions to be completed without leaving those pages. By taking this giant leap … [Read more...]

The Impact of Mobile on Human Relationships


By Bryan Kramer Everyone’s been there. A wistful older person, often in the presence of those in a much younger age bracket, begins to rant on the unfortunate prevalence of technology in today’s world. The story that begins with “back in my day” usually ends with this person lamenting the fact that technology has destroyed what little human connection we have with one another. It’s not a new argument. There are lots of people who have suggested that the mobile impact on human relationships … [Read more...]

Three Myths Around Social Media Marketing


All of the blog posts I write are dedicated to the power of what social media CAN do for your business. And if you’ve been reading this blog for more than a couple posts, you know I love social media and the impact it can have on a business. But, despite all that, there are three things that social media will NOT do for your business. Whether it’s talking to a business owner or reading a post somewhere, inevitably, some people think that social media will be their instant cure-all to fix all … [Read more...]

Are You Ready to Handle Social Customer Service Rants?


We're currently having a very hot summer in Italy. Many people are complaining about it but, even if temperature became cooler, I'm sure that some of them would simply switch to another topic. Like it or not, some people just like complaining. However, when it comes to social customer service, you have to deal effectively also with difficult customers... How to detect serial complainers You may easily tell 'serial complainers' from dissatisfied customers because the former tend to … [Read more...]