The Importance Of A Strong Brand Image In Content Marketing

Brand image can be roughly explained as your brand’s personality. It helps you attract loyal followers of the same personality or cult. Great examples are Wolverine Boots, which attracts people with a strong, rugged personality, and Etsy, which attracts people with artistic leanings. As with everything else in marketing, brand image can’t be built in a day. You have to channel a lot of time, efforts and advertising dollars to establish it. Once you establish your brand image, it would be a … [Read more...]

How To Create a Buzz For Your Product Announcement

Your loyal audience loves to be in on the latest product or service your business has to offer. What better way to do that than with a pre-release announcement and/or a digital sample? Capture the readers' attention with eye-catching visuals that compel them to want to know more. Then share these on your website and on social media to generate a buzz. This goes beyond just a catchy phrase. Give them something that can actually benefit them, and place your company above the rest in your … [Read more...]

Video Marketing – How It’s Influencing Your Business

Video is no longer and up-and-coming marketing tactic. It's here, and 2016 has been declared the year of video, as more and more businesses are using its power to create more influence for their brands. And, if done right, to connect with their customers and form a different kind of bond that other strategies cannot achieve. It's a tool of the present that all companies with high ambitions use and should fully understand. The power of video starts with your business’s presentation. If you use … [Read more...]

Is Influencer Marketing Really So Easy?

Influencer Marketing is one of the most popular subjects of the last couple of years. Somehow though, it has morphed away from its original meaning. This article by Bryan Kramer is one of several that explains what it actually is. The article goes into the selection and courting processes, then how to maintain and utilize the relationship. And there’s the story of how Bevel went about it’s influencer marketing. A recommended read. In Laymen’s Terms, What is Influencer Marketing? To … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Skyrocket Your Instagram Following

If you are not using Instagram as part of your marketing strategy, then I can assure you that you're missing out and leaving opportunities on the table. Instagram offers an unprecedented amount of untapped potential for any business. Even for someone like me who still operates a startup in hope of finding its true calling. Follow along and I'll share with you 5 ways how you can skyrocket your Instagram following in less than a week. … [Read more...]

How To Overcome The Biggest Content Marketing Challenges

Foreword At Curatti, we have always strived to bring our readers great articles from top bloggers and thought leaders, as well as excellent crowd-sourced, guest blog posts. We've decided to formalize the re-published articles into an ongoing series called Great Articles You May Have Missed. Where better to start than with a great friend of Curatti as well as a respected leader... The Biggest Content Marketing Challenges Content marketing is popular because it is an effective tool to … [Read more...]

Take Your Facebook Ads To a New Level

Facebook ads are not only a great way to grow your business Page -- they also can help improve your website traffic and conversion rates. According to a Socialbakers report, 92 percent of marketers are now advertising on this powerhouse social network. The retargeting feature, launched at the beginning of last year, can give your marketing dollars a boost as you focus directly on your existing audience inside your niche. After you install code on your website, your visitors will begin to … [Read more...]

14 tricks you can try if you want to get more blog readers

You put all your heart and soul into writing posts on your blog, and yet it seems you get hardly any readers. This doesn't seem fair. Especially when other blogs seems to produce (in your opinion) inferior posts and they seem to have thousands of readers. What is it that they're doing right and you're doing wrong? First of all, are you sure they have thousands of readers? And even if they have, there are some simple tricks you could start doing to edge your blog up to their lofty … [Read more...]

Understand The Intent and Goals Of Buyers: Transform Marketing

People and professionals in organizations can have different intentions while working towards the accomplishment of organizational, as well as, individual goals.  Understanding the difference between intent-driven and goal-driven behaviors allows for deeper levels of understanding buyers (customers).  Doing so will lead you to more effective online engagement, content design, and sales conversations. The relationship between intent and goals is a very important one.  Understanding this … [Read more...]

7 Components That Will Improve Your Mobile Centricity

Our day-to-day lives have become mobile-centric. Everything that we do as consumers revolves around mobile technology. From checking email, social media interaction, paying bills, shopping and absorbing rich media, our world seems to be complimented by smartphones. It's imperative for companies to comprehend and harness the importance of mobile-centricity. … [Read more...]