Generate More Interest in Your Business with These Social Selling Tips

Social Selling Strategies Are you getting all the sales you want from social media? Do you wish your followers showed more interest in your products or services? Social selling is not an exact formula for sales, but instead an end result from strong interactions with your business or brand’s community. As word-of-mouth becomes the new norm online, it’s important to know how to reach your prospects and customers in a way that will get their attention and meet their needs.  That’s the … [Read more...]

Social Media Etiquette: A Visual Guide


With the advent of technology, social media has become the order of the day. Businesses turn to social media for increased exposure while decreasing their bottom line. And when used effectively, it can allow for greater customer service and improved brand awareness. Unfortunately, it can also lead to mishaps and devastating mistakes with the push of a button. While there are a few social media etiquette rules we can all agree upon, such as don’t overshare personal info (yep, that … [Read more...]

Inbound’s Inverse: A Customer’s Perspective

Where are you

Inbound's Inverse I am your potential customer. You sell something I need, although I don’t yet know exactly what that is. A service, perhaps? Unfortunately, I’ve never heard of you. I can certainly tell you that if you find me and email me cold, I’ll delete it. I really don’t like speculative emails. Who can tell the difference between them and spam? Actually, I don’t want any sort of sales pitches. What I do want, is to find you the way I find the best external hard drive, or decide on … [Read more...]

Bridge the Relationship Gap with Social Customer Service


Communication is not easy by nature and you may think that social networks make things complicated.  As for customer service, it is difficult to be effective when we try to convey our message, since communication is not math and that's for sure. Nevertheless it's not a mission impossible and the good news is that, if you succeed, you'll have a distinct advantage over your competitors. So let me give you some tips when dealing online with customers. I speak, you (mis)understand. Even though … [Read more...]

Unlock the Power of LinkedIn

Use the power of linkedIN to reach farther with your content than you ever imagined.

LinkedIn is one of those social networking sites that never fails to offer up little surprises. Whether it is their discoverability that has been improved, to new ways to engage people outside of my immediate group of connections. LinkedIn is one of those hidden gems that keeps proving you do not want to ignore the social network for the business suits. For a while now I have seen a few different options in LinkedIn. There is the Share an Update, Share an Image and Share a post. Now I have … [Read more...]

Generation C: The Rise Of Independent Entrepreneurship


From one generation to the next, we live with the certainty that we will be more successful than previous ones. It's the lever and the engine of progress, the primary source of motivation for generations to excel and innovate. For each of us, it is the dream that nourishes the hope of a better life. However, for Generation X (1962 - 1979), that dream was shattered. Forgotten and left behind in some ways by boomers and older generations, they were perhaps the hardest effected by the economic … [Read more...]

How to Map Out a Winning Content Marketing Strategy for Your Business


Your business should not only stand out from the rest online, but also that you become a thought leader in your industry. By writing new content each week we are creating new opportunities – and, that requires articles which are original and engaging. What’s the first step for creating highly visible information that will make people want to come back for more? At the core of a business blog is an original idea that reflects the mission statement of your brand. In order to be successful, … [Read more...]

The Top 10 Trends Driving The Future Of Marketing


Marketers are constantly looking into the future, trying to predict the next big trend, be it for their brands or their clients. Naturally, marketers are preoccupied with questions like: What is the next big campaign? How can we turn our client into the “next big thing”? What is the next hot trend going to be in retail? Etc.  Everyone wants to the answers. Knowing this, what do some of the top minds in marketing predict for their own futures? A recent article by Jeff Beer on Fast Company … [Read more...]

For an Effective Content Strategy, Context is Key

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By Anton Rius Online content marketing is no longer an option for your small business, it’s a necessity. Your prospective customers are spending their time looking for answers. They’re asking for recommendations through search and social media. If you’re business isn’t there when they’re looking, you are missing opportunities without even knowing it. Unfortunately, the world of online marketing can easily become a rabbit-hole of misinformation and conflicting ideas. There are a lot … [Read more...]

Voyeur, Sharer or Engager: Which Best Desrcibes You?


By Bryan Kramer Remember the Kodak moment? How far from sharing have we come, when a cleverly branded and epic moment was captured on traditional film and shared on prints or slide projectors? We hold onto these as memories and visit with them now and again for the nostalgia and connection. I believe we have these opportunities every day in our companies and our lives to create shareable moments. Sharing is a word that emotes so many meanings. It seems like nowadays, people have taken the … [Read more...]