5 Steps & 5 Tools For Making a Great Editorial Calendar

In the past eight years I have worked as an editor for several huge websites. Those don't include my own, where I have been 100% responsible for all upkeep and content published. I can say, with a great deal of experience backing it up, that having a solid editorial calendar is the most important tool you will ever invest your time into. Why Do I Need an Editorial Calendar? An editorial calendar is going to be the rock in the rushing waters of continuous content creation and publication. It … [Read more...]

Why Influencer Marketing Is Indispensable

The vast majority of marketing these days pertains to influence. The way brands and marketers engage with a target audience heavily relies on influence. Consumers make purchasing decisions based on influence from a brand. Now more than ever, influencer marketing plays a huge role in the digital marketing mix. Something that every company should be putting a strong emphasis on to help gain traction on their sales and marketing endeavors. … [Read more...]

4 Tips to Craft a Winning Unique Value Proposition

In this very competitive world, one of the only things that can set your company apart from others in its category is your value proposition. Also known as a unique selling proposition (USP), this concise statement tells potential customers what value / benefits they can expect from a product or service. Companies also often include it in their mission statements. A USP is not a slogan or tagline. Its effectiveness depends on your understanding of what makes customers tick and how your … [Read more...]

How To Use LinkedIn InMail Effectively

Is your business inundated with unsolicited messages on LinkedIn? You're not alone, and most likely you've passed over these InMails. This gives us pause to think about how we should be sending out our own communication to our network. In fact, the more like a sales pitch our message appears, the less chances of it being opened and responded to. This can be a negative for your reputation as well as your business's bottom line. The number of connections related to your industry is the first … [Read more...]

The Proven Impact of Color On Consumer Behavior

Color is one of the most important elements of a corporate identity. Choice of color affects all promotional efforts of a company. In this regard, it is best is to adhere to a scientific approach rather than rely on your own preferences. Inflexibility when choosing a color gamut can spoil the design, nullify all the previous efforts, and cause negative association in the minds of potential customers. Of course, there is room for individuality. I mean there is no single and universal color … [Read more...]

Validate Your Ideas Before Taking the Leap

One of the most exciting and frightening things in the business world  is implementing new ideas. You can crunch numbers, consult experts and run simulations forever, but you can never be sure if new ideas are going to work in your business until you try them. So then, what if your latest brainstorm turns out to be a bad idea? What if you put everything behind it, and it fails? That’s always a possibility. But the thing to do with any new idea is to start small, and limit the risk. There are … [Read more...]

8 Signs That Indicate Your Business Is Failing

The business marketplace has never been so competitive and saturated. During the last decade alone we have experienced the biggest shift in history. In a recent article for Curatti, I talked about the emotional era. I was quite blown away at the immense amount of inquiries received from different individuals. Many validated my perspective on the emotional era which felt extremely relieving. Being able to operate and sustain a business is far more difficult now than ever before. Many companies … [Read more...]

Content Marketing in E-commerce: 7 Case Studies

How do you determine which content marketing practices are best for your E-commerce business? Well, you can begin by looking at other successful brands to see what they are doing now, and what they’ve learned along the way. There’s no single content marketing plan that works for every business, but the following case studies should highlight at least a few things to emulate. Envelopes.com Using Email to Solve The Issue of Shopping Cart Abandonment in E-commerce People abandon their … [Read more...]

How Professional Editing Brings You More Readers

The goal of writing your business book is most likely to build influence; as well as, educate your brand audience. After formulating a solid outline and completed manuscript the next step is fine tuning through copy editing. In order to protect your reputation and produce the best work possible it is well worth the investment to hire a professional.  An impartial review can help bring your work to the next level and improve your book sales. Having a good editor in place should be seen as … [Read more...]

7 Conversion Optimization Tips For Smart Marketers

You have poured in thousands of dollars in designing that perfect website. You are spreading the word about your business each and every channel and through every medium possible. You are getting a lot of traffic on your website also. But majority of them check your site and move on. Do you know why? Probably, your strategy to attract people to your site is good. What you need to change is your conversion rate optimization strategies so that your site visitors are turned into buyers with a … [Read more...]