The Importance of Human Marketing In Business

As a consumer, you certainly appreciate the human touch. Naturally every human being appreciates the sense of acknowledgement. It also shows a level of appreciation. In the earlier days of marketing, consumers were dominated by a brand's equity. Your options were limited due to the confinements that major brands would place upon you. Those days are over but many legacy brands continue to do business in the old fashioned way. A few of those that went out of business include Blockbuster Video, … [Read more...]

7 Clever Ways to Write a Killer First Paragraph

Starting off on the wrong foot can really turn off an audience. But a killer first paragraph can similarly make all the difference in keeping their attention up to the last word of your article. Boring methods like starting with a definition or sounding uncertain about your points, just don’t cut it anymore. Here’s how you can attract positive attention from your target audience and get more views: 1. Intrigue Them With a Question Do you agree that an intriguing tone hooks people’s … [Read more...]

Pinterest – The Great Traffic Generator

Millions of women already love pinning.  And - Did you know that men are the fastest growing demographic on Pinterest? Are you tapping into this opportunity to reach both male and female consumers? If not, you should be. According to an article on Marketing Land, Pinterest reported in 2015 that it had 100 million monthly active users. This number is growing, as eMarketer predicts that nearly 30 percent of social media users will be on the social network giant by 2019: As a marketer, … [Read more...]

How Can Your Business Effectively Use Snapchat?

With so many social media platforms now playing an integral role in digital marketing, it can seem overwhelming as you try to figure out which ones will be best suited for your brand. And while not every business may be a perfect fit for Snapchat, this smartphone-based social media app has long surpassed the title of “up-and-comer” to become one of the most popular (and important) social media platforms for marketers and non-marketers alike. Here’s a closer look at why you shouldn’t ignore … [Read more...]

To Gain Customers Trust, Get To Know Their Personality

Trust is a key world in the world of business and marketing. It lies in the foundation of any successful business relationship. Earning customer trust is one of the central goals of many companies and individual entrepreneurs. Of course, as much trust is central to establishing a successful business, knowing your customers is equally important. Marketing evolves around the needs of customers (and potential customers), so it is very important for business owners to have a correct assessment of … [Read more...]

Why DIY SEO Typically Does Not Work

In some ways, I feel like the term SEO is heavily overused these days. After spending the last 10+ years working in the Search industry, it has become quite evident that SEO is used and abused. SEO pertains to an optimization method in the form of text, images, and video. The end goal is to acquire top rankings in the SERPs and generate more qualified inbound traffic. … [Read more...]

How To Create An Innovative Campaign For Your B2B Blog

Many people still think that a B2B business is not the place to create an innovative campaign. That the conversation and negotiation between two companies must always be formal, serious, and tedious. And this is because important decisions are being made and they usually mean large amount of money and risk taking. But the problem starts with a misconception of what innovation or creativity is. You still can have a laugh and remain smart and in charge of a profitable business -  there is no … [Read more...]

Are You Using LinkedIn Yet for Lead Generation?

In light of the recent news announcement of the Microsoft acquisition of LinkedIn you might be wondering -- is it a good time to ramp up your social sales strategy there? The brand and mission will remain the same: "LinkedIn will retain its distinct brand, culture and independence. We’ve been changing the way the world’s professionals have connected to opportunity for 13 years, and this is an opportunity for us to truly change the way the world works on a massive scale." ~ Jeff Weiner, … [Read more...]

Generate More Sales With Facebook Custom Audience

Would you like better insights into your potential customers on Facebook? Do you already have a healthy list of subscribers to tap into? Then you will love using the Custom Audience feature -- a free tool that helps your business zero in on the right target market through the connections you already have. Salesforce Canada Blog has put together a step-by-step formula in their infographic -- this will help you get started and know how to effectively use the Custom Audience … [Read more...]

Storytelling Quotes from Great Writers [Infographic]

A very rare move by us - A Saturday post. Just a brief editorial lead but no curation at all. For some light, non-businessy reading, we'd like to present this lovely infographic by, of a great storytelling quote from each of 15 famous writers! Enjoy! Storytelling Quotes from Great Writers A special thank you to Lucy Adams for bringing this infographic to our attention. Here are a few of her words on the inspiration for this infographic: In the modern information … [Read more...]