Amplify Your Messaging With a Less is More Strategy

  By Lee Traupel I can’t believe the amount of content shared targeting small business that rhapsodizes about the endless rewards bigger brands are generating with social media marketing like Toms, SAP, Cisco, Intel, SalesForce, et al. Many of you do not have the marketing resources, staff and/or technical expertise to create and deploy this type of marketing strategy. Content Hype Meter The endless hype about the joys of using Facebook to generate immediate high value … [Read more...]

Focus on Topics, not Keywords


Topics, not Keywords Equals Success for Your Website If you are still using 2010 tactics that include heavy usage of keywords in your content, my guess is that your website doesn't rank like it used to. In order for your business to rank these days you can't use the  old SEO model for your content. In 2012 Google made a significant change in its algorithm, which they called the Penguin update. This was due largely in part to the influence of conversations on social media.  While most of us … [Read more...]

The State of Social Media: What B2B Marketers Need to Know (Fall 2014)


With Autumn before us, also comes the holiday season. Whether you're a small business, corporation, or somewhere in between, this means campaigns, content, and craziness for marketing departments alike. Luckily social media changes quarter to quarter too, and we deliver the big changes in our quarterly report. Check out what's new: The Death of Click-Bait Content If you have been paying attention to the evolution of content over the past year, you'll know that click-baiting is a big issue … [Read more...]

Why Content Marketers Have To Think Like Publishers

Digital publishing

By Greg Satell In 2010 Pepsi pulled its Super Bowl ads and invested $20 million into its Refresh project, which employed crowdsourcing to support good causes.  It was an astounding social media success, with more than 87 million votes cast. Unfortunately, as this HBR case study points out, it was an abysmal business failure and Pepsi eventually fell to third place in the soda category, behind Diet Coke.  For all of the hype and hoopla on social media, sales suffered dearly. Research by … [Read more...]

Why Community and Marketing Go Hand-In-Hand

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Have you ever been confused about whether you should be marketing or building a community? Wondered which is most beneficial for long term sales and business growth? Building your business through marketing to generate more sales and prospects is an essential element that needs to be firmly set in place. When it comes to attracting a community the focus then shifts to meeting the needs of your target market and customers. Without this your customer service will not thrive in an … [Read more...]

How to Tap into the Power of Brand Advocates


By Barry Feldman Fellow content creators, let’s swallow a big honking reality pill together. The things customers say about our brand runs circles around the prose we produce. According to Nielson research, 77% of consumers are more likely to buy a product when they hear about it from friends and family. Got advocates? Maybe you call them ambassadors, fans, or evangelists. Call them what you will, but understand when people support your brand it means money. More advocates, more … [Read more...]

What Is The Relationship Between Influence and Expertise?


In a world where people are overwhelmingly seeking out high impact content to help them make purchase decisions, should brands be aligning with experts to serve the role of influencer?” The Makings of An Expert What is an expert anyway? By definition it is someone having comprehensive or authoritative knowledge in a particular area. In theory that sounds nice, but let me ask you a question: How does that translate online? In today’s content rich digital economy there are literally … [Read more...]

The Importance of Turning Your Brand Into A Movement


By Greg Satell Digital technology has changed marketing to such an extent that most brands still struggle to adapt.  What once was a massive land war in which the biggest army had a distinct advantage, has become more like a guerrilla insurgency.  To win now, you have to own the villages. Pepsi was one of the first major brands to embrace the shift.  In 2010, the company eschewed its traditional Super Bowl TV spots and invested $20 million in Pepsi Refresh, a social platform that awarded … [Read more...]

Make Your Content Memorable. Here’s How

By Lee Traupel Great content marketing can and should incorporate personality! Who sells more Sports Illustrated issues: Peyton Manning or Kate Upton? No contest it’s Kate. Not to be chauvinistic ladies, just trying to make a point. Peyton has the gravitas but Kate “delivers” a level of brand cachet at least in her fifteen minutes of fame. Visual is now an integral part of any content marketing initiatives. Finding Content Nirvana for brands in need of Inspiration and … [Read more...]