4 Ways to Maximize Your SlideShare Presentation


As we've discussed many times on Curatti, the rise of visual content plays an important part in any company's content marketing strategy. Whether its opting for an informative infographic, snazzy cover photo, or meme to project a company value, what a company places visually on its social channels can be interest generating or drive people away. What happens however, when just an image isn't enough? How about a presentation? Presentations are one of the most underrated ways to project … [Read more...]

GENERATION C: The Reign of the Connected Consumers


A new monthly column I am very excited to present you this new monthly column on Generation C on Curatti.com. Each month, you will find here a summary of the different sections of my new book, "Generation C and the influence of consumers in social media". Foreword by Neal Schaffer (now my mentor and friend), this new reference guide is the result of over four years of research and reading, personal and professional experiences, interviews and discussions with entrepreneurs and experts on the … [Read more...]

Turn Stale Content Into Fresh Ideas For Your Business


Are you creating a lot of content for your business blog, but still not getting the results you need? Maybe it’s not so much the quantity that matters, but rather the quality. We need to 'water the flowers' and keep our marketing current with fresh ideas. Search engines showcase the articles that attract an audience as well as engages them. While publishing regular content is important, your business should also be considering its target audience and write articles that are both fresh and … [Read more...]

Are You a Collector a Curator or a Social Connoisseur?


By Bryan Kramer It used to be that you were a wine or art collector to be considered a connoisseur. These curators of their personal taste and beauty would search for pieces that fit a collection they would be proud to show off to their friends. Picking what went into their collection wasn’t easy, because it had to fit a certain rule set to showcase the very best. The very act of curating was an art form unto itself. True discerning curators never just share their physical objects; They … [Read more...]

How to Create an Effective Hashtag Strategy for Instagram

instagram hashtag

This is the eighth post in a 12 month series on the use of Instagram for businesses. If you're using Instagram for business, then you really should be incorporating hashtags into your posts. The simple act of adding the right hashtags can drastically increase the reach of your posts, boost engagement, and allow you to reach new audiences. And when your customers use your hashtags on their posts, you can see how they are connecting with your products - and even find quality user generated … [Read more...]

Content Marketing: Start Conversations Don’t Join Them


By Greg Satell When asked about what makes a great ad, advertising legend Leo Burnett advised, “Make it simple. Make it memorable. Make it inviting to look at. Make it fun to read.”  He wanted his work to cut through, because as he also said, “If you don’t get noticed, you don’t have anything.” And no one was better at getting noticed than Leo Burnett. He created legendary icons such as Tony The Tiger, the Jolly Green Giant and the Marlboro Man that transformed mediocre brands into … [Read more...]

The New Ecommerce: Current Best Practices

Tomorrow's Ecomerce graphic

From Tomorrow's Ecommerce: Designing Tomorrow's Ecom Website Today Haiku Deck The Haiku Deck above is about the New Ecommerce. We've written (or are writing) three blog posts to support trends we see in the new ecommerce including: I: Current Ecommerce Best Practices (you are reading this :). II: Rise of the Social & Mobile Web (social shopping). III: Crowdfunding & DIY (the Zazzle effect soon). Current Ecommerce Best Practices Ecommerce best practices are alive … [Read more...]

Why Your Content Lives or Dies in 10 Seconds

By Lee Traupel Content marketing is non-interruptive marketing that engages and informs a visitor. It's gonna work or fall flat in about ten seconds like a great Sam Cooke song - you're humming along or tuning it out. You have ten seconds to get the attention of your visitor. The usability maestro Jakob Nielsen’s Darwinian logic is spot on for content marketers. Headlines drive the visitor into the text; or not! Be compelling. Know your visitor – what do they want to read and how … [Read more...]

Why Your Brand Is Not What You’re Selling

By Michael Brenner   Brand has always been about trust. Brand has always been about choice. And most executives in most boardrooms will agree that a strong brand can provide a competitive advantage. Today, marketing is evolving. Overly promotional tactics can actually hurt your brand image. Digital, social and mobile consumers are looking to interact with brands on their terms - when and where and how they want. And yet many businesses continue to define their brand based on … [Read more...]

Activate Your Brand With Participatory Storytelling


By Michael Brito Advocacy happens when customers or employees talk favorably about a brand or defend it without being asked to do so. They love the brand, what it stands for and how it makes them feel. They are all influential too. It doesn't matter what their Klout scores is or how many followers they have or whether or not they have a "verified" Twitter account. Their words and opinions are trusted. They aid and influence their peers down the purchase funnel through organic conversations … [Read more...]