Paolo Fabrizio
August 8, 2023

Get Your Digital Timing Aligned With Your Customers

Get Your Digital Timing Aligned With Your Customers

If you practice a team sport, you know that your actions are intertwined with others. It happens just the same in business because every company is made of people working with other people. What is vital today is the ability to decide whether to take action or have a conversation. In a nutshell, getting aligned with your customers’ pace and digital expectations. So what exactly does it mean? How can you achieve such a goal?

Let’s Talk About ‘Timing’

I fully embrace the definition that Collins provides, which is as follows:

Timing is the skill of judging the right moment in a situation or activity at which to do something.

Therefore, to apply this concept to customer relationships, we need to focus on:

  • Conversations – the timing of any interactions you have with the customer, regardless of whether it takes place in person or remotely
  • Remote channels – what response timing are you able to provide on each support channel (phone, email, and in particular, Digital Customer Service channels)
  • Self-service – the best timing for the customer to find the information and/or perform an action autonomously on your website or other dedicated page or platform.

TIP: whenever it comes to customer experience, always do your best to keep things simple for them!

Understanding What, When, and Where

I’m sure you want to stay aligned with your customer’s needs, but the truth is that many companies are still struggling. The main reason? Digital channels keep changing at hyper-speed. So do customers’ behaviors and expectations. In fact, the demand for personalization of service and experience is linked to the ‘right’ timing for the digital customer. All of us are them.

Source SWR3

💡 The good news is that smart organizations have made time management one of their key priorities in any department.

Over To You

To which extent are you aligned with your customers’ timing? If you feel that the answer is yesCustomer Service, Custome Conversations, how do you make sure that you really are?

Feel free to share your experience in the comments, I’d love to read them.

Have great conversations.

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