Paolo Fabrizio
July 5, 2023

3 Reasons To Keep Things Simple For Your Customers

Keep It Simple

With such a plethora of omnichannel platforms and artificial intelligence solutions, Digital Customer Service has become a sophisticated thing from a company’s standpoint. In fact, managers need to carefully pick investments in technology, being aware of the hyper-fast ever-changing pace of it. So what about your customers, then? Here are actionable tips to help you keep things simple for them.

Put On Customer’s Lens

Looking at consumers, things have become apparently easier but it’s just a false impression. In fact, on the one hand, they can choose from a vast array of support channels, both traditional (phone, email) and digital ones (messaging, social media, live chat, video chat). At the same time, such a wealth of options becomes confusing for them, ending up in counterproductive – just like the phenomenon that Barry Schwartz has well illustrated in his smart book ‘The Paradox of Choice.’

To give you a clear example, most customers tend to mix up messaging apps and live chat channels, even though they are different. By doing so, they have wrong expectations ending up in disappointing experiences. You can deep dive into this topic which also negatively affects customer service teams in this oldie but goldie article.

3 Benefits For Them – And For You

💡 The first plus is if you keep things simple for your customers. It becomes way easier for your support team to maintain customers’ attention; hence to lower the average duration of each conversation. That means saving time and effort for both you and your customers.

💡 Accordingly, customers will appreciate more the inner value of the service you are delivering, telling the difference between your 5-star support to the experiences they’ve had with your competitors. 

💡 Last but not least, you’ll benefit from a positive increase in all your customer experience-related KPIs (e.g. Customer Satisfaction Score, Net Promoter Score, Customer Effort Score). That happens especially over Digital Customer Service channels, whenever companies are able to meet customers’ highest expectations in terms of fast and effective responses to their queries.  

Over To You

When it comes to customer experience, the mantra is always the same: ‘Keep things simple!’. So what are you doing to achieve such a strategic goal for your business? What challenges and hurdles are you currently facing in your customer service role/organization?

Feel free to share your experiences in the comments.

Have great conversations.

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