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October 31, 2023

9 Business-ready AI Tools For Speedier, Superior Email Copywriting

AI email copywriting tools

Generative AI has changed the way we look at plagiarism. Because AI can bang out technically ‘unique’ content, it is harder than ever to tell the pukka from the fake. It is a legitimate concern, one that involves ethical considerations.

As Des Brown, GM at TouchBase Pro, says, “Making sure your ideas are original and not merely bad copies of existing content is critical. You also diminish trust by simply copying work that an AI engine generates.”

The implication is clear: don’t rely exclusively on AI for content creation. Two reasons: it is ethically questionable. And, because gen AI is far from perfect, human monitoring is all-important.

With that in mind, let’s look at the nine AI tools that can transform your email copywriting.

1. Unlayer

If you want your subscribers to read your email, you must start with a blink-stopping heading in the email body. Give the viewer a compelling reason to keep scrolling.

Unlayer’s AI-enabled Smart Headings feature can help you come up with send-ready headlines for your email. Enter the relevant keyword, and the AI tool will crank out a list of actionable suggestions.

Source: Unlayer


81% of marketers say that email newsletters occupy a major portion of their sends. This is not surprising given the value of newsletters in keeping subscribers updated and engaged.

To that end, has made it possible to create customized newsletters for subscribers. Choose your preferred newsletter template, and send highly personalized newsletters to your subscribers with minimal effort.

Depending on which of your articles/blog posts generate the most interest, will come up with a reader-optimized selection of the best content in your newsletter.


3. Omnisend

Any marketer worth their salt knows that the subject line can either make or break your email campaign. This is the first thing the subscriber sees. This is what determines if they are going to open your email. Everything hangs on the subject line.

What if you could test your subject lines before sending out your emails? That’s what Omnisend’s free subject line tester enables you to do. Just enter the subject line you wish to get tested, and the tool will generate a score, along with multiple, AI-powered suggestions for maximum improvement.

Source: Omnisend

4. Zeta Global

Launched in 2019, Zoe (Zeta Opportunity Engine) is said to be the pinnacle of Zeta’s generative AI capabilities. From generating highly individualized content to producing generative personas based on data provided by your brand, Zoe is a trusted ally in your email marketing efforts.

Here’s an example of Zeta’s generative personas. Instead of manually creating your target demographics, Zeta takes your data and generates unique personas for you.

Source: Zeta Global

The Zeta Marketing Platform (ZMP) also provides near-accurate predictions on the basis of which you can create your future marketing campaigns.

5. Mailmodo

If Omnisend tests original subject lines and predicts their performance, Mailmodo’s AI tool generates multiple subject lines and pre-headers that are optimized to tone, intent, campaign type, and personalization.

Mailmodo’s sophisticated use of generative AI allows you to create open-worthy subject lines and pre-headers that can be previewed and live-tested.

We tested the tool for a Labor Day campaign. Having picked the tone, intent, and campaign type, here’s what Mailmodo’s free AI tool came up with.

Source: Mailmodo

The tool generated a total of eight subject lines. But the more important thing to note is the comprehensiveness of it all. You can also tell the tool to add emojis to the subject lines.

6. Jasper

Jasper is one of the leading AI tools for copywriting. Now it’s not limited to email copywriting. The tool can generate copy for all kinds of marketing content, from blog posts and articles to ads and listings.

Notably, Jasper can create content in over 25 languages. It also has 50+ templates for content creation.

Jasper has its own built-in AI-powered email generator. It can crank out unmissable subject lines, powerful content for the email body, and enticing CTAs. One of the distinguishing features of Jasper’s AI tool is that it can create tone-specific, brand-optimized content.

In addition, Jasper creates copy that is tailored for maximum engagement and conversions.

Source: Jasper

7. Phrasee

In their own words, “Phrasee’s AI is trained on nearly a decade of experiments to accurately predict what will engage your audiences,” on the basis of which the tool generates campaign-consistent subject lines, body copy, and CTAs.

Creating customized emails for your subscribers has never been easier, and more sophisticated. Phrasee’s AI solution analyzes emotional/sentimental cues in order to know how exactly your subscribers interact with your brand.

Using that data, it generates content that best matches the engagement points of your subscribers, enabling you to connect with your customers at a more practical level.

Source: Phrasee

8. Optimove

In May 2023, Optimove added the ChatGPT-integrated AI Copy Assistant to their platform with a view to helping email marketers create relevant, personalized, and quality content.

According to their official statement, the Copy Assistant “fine-tunes” your content, and makes it more “concise and relevant”. The tool also proofreads and edits the email copy, highlighting potential grammatical and spelling errors.

Aside from these, you can also use the Assistant to generate subject lines and CTAs. The tool aids you in A/B/n-testing your content by generating multiple versions of the same copy. Depending on your needs, the Assistant can also translate your content.

9. Active Campaign

In May this year, Active Campaign, one of the leading marketing automation software solutions in the world, launched the AI Content Generator. A holistic generative AI tool, the Content Generator helps marketers create contextual content for all their email campaigns.

Upon receiving a prompt, the AI tool will crank out three options for you to choose from, ensuring you get the best results. You can provide feedback on tone, intent, and structure so that the output is progressively more audience-ready.

Source: Active Campaign

You can also use multiple outputs to A/B/n-test the content for your campaigns.

Source: Active Campaign

Notably, the Content Generator supports multiple channels, enabling you to create brand-consistent content for each channel.

Wrapping Up

Generative AI has had its fair share of controversies. And they can all be traced to the question of trust.

Now, given how AI has saturated our professional lives, blackballing it in the name of regaining trust is not an option anymore. The only sustainable way forward is to maintain the man-machine handshake, a rock-solid partnership for marketers passionate about inventing the future.

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