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November 1, 2017

How to Attract More Leads & Prospects with LinkedIn

Attract More Leads with LinkedIn

Is your LinkedIn profile not attracting new opportunities for your business? Since being purchased by Microsoft in 2016, the robust social platform has been experiencing quite a few changes. Not only have profile designs been upgraded but the company has added new video features, messaging and enhancements to their publishing program.

It’s not too late to take advantage of all that LinkedIn has to offer in order for your brand or business stand out.

According to Hootsuite, 94 percent of B2B marketers use this platform to distribute their content to over 467 million members. And 57 percent of companies have a company page in place.

The possibilities are endless for attracting new connections, including sponsored content to ready buyers. Not only can your business interact with your niche in groups, but also reach them through targeted messages.

Take a moment to check out your LinkedIn profile to determine whether it may be due for an upgrade, such as highlights of your professional experience and expertise.

It is important to tap into the features offered on LinkedIn for you to stand out and be effective. One way to really bring your professional image into focus is to show your business’s professional header, along with a clear and catchy description like this example from author and speaker, Rebekah Radice:

Notice here that the profile immediately describes the type of business along with a consistently branded header. This is the first point of reference for your prospects and should be both professional and clear. Save the longer description for your summary, which should highlight all of your accomplishments and what you can offer. Like this one, from author and consultant, Dan Schawbel:

Other important elements to include are:

  • Media interviews and expert articles
  • Your latest content and posts
  • Industry endorsements
  • Professional recommendations
  • Current and past projects including your accomplishments
  • Specific groups you are active in

There are several additional ways your business can improve your profile on LinkedIn:

1. Take a look at your settings

After making an overall assessment of the current state of your profile, don’t be afraid to edit and make changes that will create a more focused and thorough description of your brand. Remove unnecessary information and groups that don’t relate to your business or are no longer active in. It is well worth taking a look at your Privacy Settings as well, to make sure your profile is being found.

2. Improve your summary

This is one of the most important elements on a user’s profile on LinkedIn. As previously mentioned, your summary should be clear, concise and with an outline of the products and services you have to offer. Be sure to include relevant keywords for your industry while removing any that no longer apply.

3. Include strong visuals

What is the personality of your brand that is also projected on your other online properties? A great way to show this is to include a background image that your audience easily recognizes, such as the above example from Rebekah Radice. You can also include videos, links to current projects, and slide-shows. Let others know what you can offer them that stands out from the competition with reference to your branded company page as well.

4. Make important corrections

A typo or misspelled word can stick out like a sore thumb on your LinkedIn profile. And that will make your business appear unprofessional. It is well worth the time to do a thorough check-through and make the necessary proofreading corrections and additions.

5. Update your profile photo

Your head shot is your calling card and should be of high quality and fairly recent. The aim is to make a great impression. You will want to use something that is either on your website and other social accounts, or done with a professional photographer. I have found that the profiles that get the most attention are the ones with images that are in full-color with good lighting.

With these five steps you can create a professional LinkedIn profile that stands out from the rest, and attracts more leads and sales. You’ll also be able to connect with more influencers to engage with and forge new relationships. These new relationships can open the door for opportunities such as guest blogging and collaboration of projects.

Over To You

Do you have any tips to add regarding LinkedIn Lead Generation? Do you perhaps concentrate more on other platforms for your Lead Gen? We’d love to hear from you in the comments section.


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