Susan Gilbert
November 7, 2019

How to Drive More Website Traffic with Pinterest

How Pinterest Drives Traffic To Your Website

Pinterest has become one of the top social networks where people go to for lifestyle ideas, information, and products.  Did you know that this platform also serves as a powerful search engine that can provide valuable links to your website?

According to the company, online sales referrals top other social networks like Facebook and Twitter by 33 percent. And 66 percent of users decide to make a purchase after seeing a Pin.

Pinterest works best when you brand yourself as an expert in your niche. For example, if you sell gift baskets, you want your pins, boards, and brands to be at the top of the page whenever someone searches Pinterest for gift baskets.

In terms of SEO, the platform works much the same as Google search, also using targeted keywords and phrases.

Getting Started

Thankfully you do not need to spend hours a day nurturing your boards and pins – especially as you use the latest social media management software and tools. To encourage growth and visibility, here are a few simple steps:

  • Follow people. Actively seek out new people to follow in your target market. Weed out the spam or followers who are not relevant to your niche in order to attract the most re-pins.
  • Pin it. Hire a website developer to install the Pin-It bookmarklet on your website. This will increase followers to your profile and boards, and encourage pins from your pages and posts.
  • Use the right keywords. Adding specific keyword tags will help other Pinterest users find you quickly. Include relevant hashtags on your pin descriptions. This improves the chances of your content being found in their search bar.
  • Create targeted boards. A board name should be specific to the content shared. You should also be sure to add a specific, detailed description that helps users know what your brand is about. Most importantly, you have to be aware of the specific topics your users are searching for.

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How Pinterest Has Become a Top Traffic Generator

According to company research:

  • 60% of Pinterest users get their purchase ideas from the platform.
  • 72% say they are inspired to make a purchase they weren’t previously considering.
  • 90% of Pinterest users report that the website helps them make a purchase.

Clearly there is a growing number of people turning to this platform as a way to be inspired and find what they need or desire.

Visual marketing in every field has grown in popularity in recent years and is likely to continue to become a top focus of campaign strategies. Pinterest can be one of your main content platforms to share images, which is one of the easiest ways to generate traffic to your blog.

It is also a great source to build online relationships and a community of people who are excited about your brand. These people are more likely to recommend your brand to others if they view your content as helpful and useful.

When you share links and high-quality images or video, you encourage people to share your content and to visit your blog. It’s important to Pin content that links back to your website. While content is short-lived on Facebook or Twitter, Pinterest Pins appear fresh even when things were pinned a year ago. This means you constantly have a new stream of people searching your brand and re-pinning.

Take advantage of Pinterest for Business, which is free to signup for. Your pins and content will gain even more visibility with Rich Pins. These can be generated from articles, app downloads, travel information, recipes, helpful tips, purchases online, ect..

Stay Away From Self-Promotion

Pinterest’s terms of service don’t explicitly forbid self-promotion. But they clearly look down upon it!

Of course, you want your blog visitors to do more than just Pin your posts. You want them to follow you on Pinterest as well. In addition to the code snippets you can copy directly from Pinterest, there are a large variety of WordPress plugins both paid and free to do all the heavy lifting for you.

How Pinterest Helps SEO

Everything that is pinned from your website offers a link back, which is still important in your overall SEO strategy. Every time your pin is re-pinned, that’s another link. And because this is also a social network, your pins will also help contribute to social signals, and improve search engine visibility.

In Closing

Pinterest is not just a great site to store favorite images and ideas. Pinterest for business is a great traffic generator that can lead to quality visitors who want to make a purchase to your website. Keep a close eye on what people are pinning, and make an effort to do more of the same.

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