Jan Gordon
November 12, 2019

Curatti is 6 Years Old! Thank You For Making That Possible

Thank you from Curatti

On November 8th, 6 years ago, Curatti launched with this article. We’re so proud to have brought you over 1300 articles since then, and to still be going strong.

We get way more inquiries to post than we can possibly respond to – apologies to those who never hear back from us!

In the last 6 years, we’ve had over 260 contributors, listed in alphabetical order, below. These include the thought leaders who allowed us to republish their content. It would have been more, but we’ve trimmed our output and become very, very fussy!

What remains as true now as it was on day one is our mission. We aim to help people navigate the B2B digital marketing landscape. And most of our articles are aimed at small and medium-sized businesses. What we publish from our contributors, is stuff we also want to know. So we learn as we grow.

Our Readers Are Our Lifeblood

Even more than our authors, our readers are our lifeblood. We thank you, whether you are regular readers, or you just stumble upon an occasional article.

Because we are nothing without you, it’s important that we ask you what you’d like to see on here.

Please tell us if there are some subjects you’d like to see us publish more on. What do you feel will help you to read?

Our Authors

Lucy Adams Jan Gordon Jennifer Olney
Masroor Ahmed Ryan Gould Anders Orsander
Ben Alfrey Victoria Greene Jaykishan Panchal
Asad Ali David Gutierrez Dipti Parmar
Junald Ali Liaqat Ali Hamiya Catherine Park
Mike Allton Jennifer Hanford Taral Patel
Natalie Andersen Wade Harman Lisa Pedelini
Jess Andriani Kaley Hart Rob Peters
Josh Anish Michael Hayes Julie Pearce
Megan Arevalo Morgen Henderson Mark Preston
Norman Arviddson Jenn Herman Albert Qian
Rebecca Armstrong-Benson Greg Hickman Nazareth Qarbozian
Sarah Arrow Randy Hilarski Junald Ali Qureshi
Anastasia Ashman Ana Hoffman Jason Parms
Scott Aughtmon Alicia Honeycutt Ana Pischl
Matt Banner Timothy “Tim” Hughes Rebekah Radice
Shane Barker Veronica Hunt Niraj Ranjan
Rachel Bartee Andrew Hutchinson Alexandra Raey
Hugh Beaulac Sam Hurley Mitt Ray
Adela Belin Dina Indelicato Heather Redding
Jens-Petter Berget Keri Jaehnig Bret Relander
Anthony Bergs Tom Jager Chris Richardson
Diana Beyer John Jantsch Rick Riddle
Shyam Bhardwaj Zac Johnson Nina Ritz
Joydeep Bhattacharya Mike Jones Anton Rius
Sudhir Bhushan Janja Jovanovic Cesar Romero
Rintu Biswas Sahil Kakkar Gideon Rosenblatt
Antonija Bozickovic Vaibhav Kakkar Anna Rud
Victor Blasco Nancy Kapoor Olivia Ryan
Helen Bradford Adel Karpenkova Pawan Sahu
Robert Brandl Birbahadur Singh Kathayat Ash Salleh
Michael Brenner Gloria Kopp Adeel Sami
Luisa Brenton Bryan Kramer Will Sarto
Danny Brown Shelly Kramer Greg Satell
Michael Brito Julia Kravchenko Nicholas Scalice
Liza Brown Milosz Krasinski Ron Sela
Laura Buckler Arjunan KS Joan Selby
Phil Buckley Jessica Lambert Ruchika Sharma
Andy Capaloff Kate Laren Varun Sharma
Cedrick Capati Aaron Lee Martin Shervington
Robert Caruso Brandon Lee Paul Shuteyev
Sophorn Chhay Jessica Leone Lisa Sicard
Greg Cooper John Lincoln Mandeep Singh
Linda Craig Geoff Livingston Robin Singh
Reginald Chan Andrew Lowen Josh Sleigh
David Coen Alexandra Malis Jacob Smart
Patrick Cole Alaina Meiser Ann Smarty
Leah Cooper James Malone Amanda Smith
Amy Cowen Piyush Mangukiya Ilene Smith
Kerry Creaswood Marko Maric Martin (Marty) Smith
Jacob Curtis Cendrine Marrouat Helvis Smotek
Joshua Daniels Shiju Mathew Michael Spicer
Michael Deane Kayla Matthews Sreeram Sreenivasan
Toby Dean Joe McLean Nicole Stelmar
Becky DeGrossa Rob Mening Raymond Stokes
Mark Delarica Bernard Meyer Nathan Sykes
Laura DiBiase Josip Mlinarić Cheryl Tan
Karen Dietz Thea Millard PJ Taei
Karen Dikson David Miller Aliona Tarankova
Nick Dimitriou Derek Miller Ivan Temelkov
Gaetano DiNardi Emma Miller Mark Thomasson
Irene Dobik Helen Miller Ofer Tirosh
Stewart Dunlop JP Misenas Mark Traphagen
Angela Dunn Barbara Mitchell Lee Traupel
Alice Elliott Myron Monets Deborah Tutnauer
Julie Ellis Donna Moores Mike Cosmin Unguru
Jonathan Emmen Robert Mora Brian Vickery
Karen Evans Tia Moreen Mia Voss
Paolo Fabrizio Helga Moreno Danish Wadhwa
Brian Fanzo Dorien Morin Simon Walker
Ashley Faulkes Raymond Morin Elysia Walton
Jamie FitzHenry Dante Munnis Irina Weber
Donald Fomby Nikol Murphy Lindsey Weiss
Diana Ford Matthew Murray Artem Welker
Dustin Ford Olga Mykhoparkina Christina White
Orla Forrest Avinash Nair Neil White
Patrick Foster Soumya Nair Daniel Wilson
Anna Fox Ian Naylor Evy Wilkins
Catherrine Garcia Daniel Ndukwu Aaron Wittersheim
Farid Gasim Kevin Nelson Meredith Wood
Maya Gaspar Michael Nelson Jennifer Xue
Andrew Gazdecki Daniel Newman Shubham Yadav
Kevin George Midori Nediger Reuben Yonatan
Michael Gerard Christopher Nichols Tony Zambito
Susan Gilbert Qhubekani Nyathi Brian Zeng
Al Gomez Kevin Ocasio David Zimmerman
Jericho Gonzales Anna Olinger Eleonora Zolotaryova
Bryan Goodwin

Thank You!

Thank you all! Stop by to say hello some time! And if you want to write again, you know how to contact us.

And if anyone reading this would like to contact us, please click here. Remember: we can’t read every email we receive, so make sure your subject stands out from the crowd!

A few other tips if you want to join the above list:

  • If your outreach email contains poor grammar and non-English usage, we can only presume your article will be worse. We’re strapped for time, and responding to such emails is a poor use of time
  • We’re obviously supporters of writers for whom English is a second language, so please be yourself when you contact us. Don’t adopt English sounding names.
  • We’ve seen all of the false flattery. Please be sincere.
  • Don’t promise original articles then propose subjects that have been written so often that we wouldn’t read them on somebody else’s blog!
  • Please read this article

We’re excited about what we’re working on for our 7th year.

Thank you from both of us for making it possible to have got this far!

Jan and Andy


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