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Susan Gilbert

What Augmented Reality Means for Brands

Lately, a very addictive augmented reality mobile game has taken over our social media world — Pokémon Go. While this platform has surged to the top of the charts, we as business owners should pay attention to this new and growing trend. There are several different forms of this latest technology — and of course

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Elaina Meiser

Why Small Businesses Need Mobile Apps

Small businesses should make efforts to be aware of developing trends that can affect their success. The use of mobile internet continues to grow due to the rapid spread of smartphones and mobile apps. All businesses have been affected by this changing digital trend, and small businesses should look for ways to benefit from it.

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Patrick Cole

How To Boost Your Business With Mobile Messaging

Social media platforms, as tools for communicating news and announcements, are great places to broadcast content to a wide audience. However, the content you place on your social media pages, your blog and your website is passive. You have to rely on your audience visiting your social media pages and website, and consuming that content.

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Susan Gilbert

Reach a Mobile Audience for More Sales with Instagram Advertising

Social media is constantly changing especially with growing platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, and more. With more users searching and purchasing from their mobile devices businesses need to expand their advertising efforts in order to generate more leads and sales. Instagram, which has over 400 million active users and growing, has recently announced

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Raymond Morin

Generation C: The Future of the Digital Family

One of the most remarkable transformations of our contemporary society can be seen in the way we inform and entertain ourselves through the web and social media. In the last twenty years, digital learning has made a deep impression on new generations, which they’ve harnessed with egocasting and infotainment. In a way, these trends meet

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Susan Gilbert

Make Sure Your Business Website is Responsive

Do you need more traffic, more visitors online? You might be missing out on a large segment of search and purchases, that is mobile if your website isn’t easily viewed on multiple devices and sizes. It’s important for your business website to be truly responsive on all devices in order to be successful. In a

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Greg Hickman

8 Surefire Tips To Help You Plan Your Mobile Strategy

We sent Greg Hickman of Mobile Mixed your questions regarding Mobile.  These are his answers.   Why is mobile more important now than ever for B2B? It really doesn’t matter if you’re B2B or B2C, mobile has impacted the way we as consumers communicate and do business. We all use our mobile devices for many

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Greg Hickman

3 Steps To Getting Started Using Mobile Marketing

Let me ask you a question… As a business owner, do you want to build a business while adding value to your customers? If you answered yes, you need to consider, not only the different ways people choose to learn but the best ways to reach your largest possible audience. Well, you may have noticed,

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