Susan Gilbert
August 8, 2016

Build More Exposure For Your Business With Facebook Live

Are you ready to go beyond text-based posts and pre-recorded video?

Want to take advantage of a growing live stream trend?

Since the launch of Meerkat and Periscope in 2015, live streaming has quickly caught on with audiences.  The ability to share events as they occur, attracts interested prospects quickly. Facebook took note and officially launched Facebook Live to the public in April 2016.

According to Facebook, this newer feature is now “available to all Pages and profiles on Facebook for iOS, Android, and Facebook Mentions.”

The ability to broadcast to your connections helps build a new audience. And it is a great way to connect more deeply with your existing community. This can only be positive for your brand or business.

One early adopter is author and marketing expert, Kim Garst, who hosts her own show, “Facebook LIVE with Kim:”



Why Live Feeds are So Important

In an article on Cision®, quoted Michael Stelzner, CEO of Social Media Examiner, that half of all marketers are interested in learning more about using live video. “Cision’s first Facebook Live video had 20 (yes, 20!) times more reach than our regular posts” Dziuban writes. “Because of Facebook’s new algorithm, Facebook Live videos get more reach.”

What makes a real-time broadcast special, is the the personal connection between a brand and its audience. People want to know that your business understands them, and what better way to do that than face to face?

This is a prime opportunity to ask and answer questions. Find out what’s on the minds of your community, and gain instant feedback on what your are presenting.

Anyone who follows your business on Facebook is notified the moment you go live. As they tune in, you can get creative with filters and messages to keep their interest. If people can’t make it to the broadcast, they can always come back later to view your videos. Keep in mind, however, that live videos will factor in higher in the News Feed than those that are pre-recorded.

The Time To Adopt Facebook Live is Now!

Because this technology is so new it can be a great time to start planning your live video strategy. Here are several points to consider when choosing Facebook Live for your business marketing:

  • Video is on the rise — Video usage and engagement has obviously increased over the last couple of years. Facebook has taken this into account in its algorithm updates. Now that live broadcasts are on the scene, you should expect to appear more prominently in the News Feed.
  • Entertaining broadcasts win over viewers – According to GlobalWebIndex, 53 percent of mobile users watched this type of live video. In contrast, only 26 percent were interested specifically in brands or companies. To win over your audience, the key is the keep your brand (and your videos) fresh, fun, and informative.


  • Videos can be seen around the world – If you are appealing to a large, international audience, you will be glad to know that Facebook also just released a Live Map feature. This presents the latest feeds that are going on and includes live videos from individuals, journalists, brands, etc.
  • Increase Page engagement and blog subscribers – As Fans congregate to your live videos, your business has the opportunity to improve your reach on Facebook and beyond with a strong call-to-action message at the end of your broadcast. With each video, you will want to measure the reactions and engagement to learn how effective your strategy is and what changes need to be made.
  • Inform your community about your product or services – Valuable information presented in an appealing format can better help your audience understand what your business is about and how you can best meet their needs. Everyone wants something for free — this is a great opportunity to provide quick tips, product advice, etc., and generate more interest that can later on lead to sales.

Wrap Up

As Facebook Live continues to reach more users, businesses will must attention to whether their community is joining the video party. While other services on Google and Twitter continue to maintain a steady pace, Facebook Live just might be worth more of your time. This is especially true as Facebook continues to place more weight on both videos and live videos in their News Feed.

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