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December 29, 2016
Curatti Thank You, 2016

Since our launch 3 years ago, Curatti has evolved into a crowd-sourced blog. Was this intended? Probably not! But it’s quite a journey, and one that we lightly guide , but ultimately go along with.

In any given week, we will get several inquiries by potential new guest bloggers. There are also no shortage of requests for us to curate around great Infographics – something we’ve also been happy to bring to our readers.

Ultimately, the way we have evolved, we owe a debt of gratitude to each and every one of our contributors and supporters. Let’s not forget all of the great writers who gave us permission to republish their articles. The list of those names reads like a who’s who of established thought leaders, and will be published at the end of this retrospective series.

For now, we will present you with curated highlights from one article by each contributor who has posted 2 or more articles this year. There are so many, we must break this into 3 parts.

You’ll find an excerpt from each, and links so that you can read the rest of the article, if you desire. Some very interesting and helpful stuff here!

Below, we thank the friends of Curatti who allow us to republish their great content.

First, in alphabetical order, the last 5 contributors are:

Nicholas Scalice

Ron Sela

Ann Smarty

Cheryl Tan

Ivan Temelkov

If you wish, you may click on any name to go directly to their content. Or click here to skip to the Friends of Curatti’

Nicholas Scalice

How To Use Snapchat For Business and Fun [Infographic]


The new mobile messaging platforms offer device users a vast array of options for communicating with friends, family members and coworkers. Among the most popular of these apps is Snapchat. In this article, we are going to take a look at the functionality of Snapchat, and talk about the many ways that it can be used. From personal users, to businesses, this platform has much to offer for connecting with those you care about.

Snapchat is a free app that people can use for mobile messaging. With this app, you can share images and videos. However, Snapchat has one difference that clearly sets it apart from many of the other apps that perform similar functions. With Snapchat, the message disappears after a short period of time.

To learn more about how SnapChat and download an exclusive infographic, click here.

Ron Sela

What No One Tells You About Account Based Marketing


A new era of B2B content marketing has begun with the advent of account-based marketing. This B2B marketing strategy empowers you with the best possible return on your investment, along with driving enhanced sustainability and profitability over time.

Account-based marketing (ABM) is also popularly referred to as key account marketing, where a business identifies and communicates with particular high-yield customers and companies on a targeted basis.

This B2B strategy tends to be more targeted in its approach, as it attempts to sell more products to individual clients or companies –– optimizing the value derived from each customer or company.

To work, account-based marketing needs to develop seamless coordination between the sales and marketing functions of an organization.

Companies benefit tremendously from this style of marketing because:

  • It reduces wastage of resources.
  • It helps to align sales more quickly.
  • It enables easy goal and measurement tracking.
  • It offers a clear return on investment and business results.
  • It is optimized and personal.

To make ABM work for you, click here.

Ann Smarty

10 Content Curation Tools to Boost Your Productivity


I am in love with these tools! As an avid content curator, I am always looking for the latest and best thing in the industry to help me do it faster, easier and in a more organized way. We are now in a time that is based so heavily around curation that you can find dozens to get the job done.

When it comes to productivity, these are the ten that I personally find the best. I would imagine those reading this have used a couple of them, as well.

To check out these 10 content tools, click here.

Cheryl Tan

How To Get More Clients Through Video Marketing, Pt. 1


Consider this…

According to a study published by Cisco, 80% of online consumer traffic will come from video by 2019.

According to comScore, 64% of web visitors are more likely to buy a product online after watching a video.

Bottom line: If you want potential customers to sit up and take notice of you and your business, take a closer look at video.

To find out more about video marketing, click here.

Ivan Temelkov

The Emotional Era: Content, Storytelling & Persuasion


We are living through the best years of human history. A world where technology continues to evolve and digital as a whole is an essential part of our lives. An era heavily driven by digital technology, content, and social influence. Content particularly though, plays a dominant role within the digital marketing mix. Something that consumers are paying strong attention to especially on their mobile devices.

Content and storytelling definitely aren’t new endeavors by any means. Th storytelling aspect dates back to the 1700s. In the early days a verbal conversation could have been classified as content. One individual sharing information with another. Content being shared and communicated between two parties in a very casual way. The principles have not changed though. As a matter of fact they are stronger than ever before. However much content in the modern digital world has amplified, it retains the core of its origins. It is also becoming extremely common and more widely used as means of prospecting or even in sales endeavors.

The emotional targeting era is on the uprise. Content marketing will be taking on a much more prominent position in digital marketing. There are a lot of obvious reasons why content marketing and storytelling will be the new wave of future digital marketing endeavors. For the most part, each consumer possesses two type of mentalities when it comes to product or service purchasing.

  • Psychological
  • Emotional

Think about it for a second. What crossed your mind when buying a product or service? You consider the needs for which you are purchasing the product or service. Also, there is an emotional ingredient in each that determines the way you feel towards something.

Does it provide happiness, satisfaction, or sense of fulfillment? Will this product or service satisfy your need?

Companies and marketers equally need to be putting forth stronger attention to detail on the emotional and psychological aspects of digital marketing. Content marketing particularly is an avenue that can assist with emotional consumer targeting.

To read the full article on the effect of emotions on content marketing, click here.

Friends of Curatti

We also extend a big Curatti Thank You to all of our friends who gave us permission to re-post their wonderful content:

Mike Allton

Scott Aughtmon

Matt Banner

Michael Brenner

Robert Caruso

Michael Gerard

Wade Harman

Jenn Herman

Timothy (Tim) Hughes

John Jantsch

Bryan Kramer

Shelly Kramer

Daniel Newman

Brett Relander

Tony Zambito

And a special thank you also to Sam Hurley (No pieces this year but it was great working with you!)

Other Thanks

We published quite a few great Infographics this year – all but one curated by their creators. You can find them all here.

And of course, thank you to everyone who posted just once!

Who else is there to thank? You, the readers! We’re nothing without you 🙂


To read the previous installments of this retrospective/thank you series, click here for part one or here for part two.


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