Andy Capaloff
April 23, 2020

COVID-19 Ain’t Going Anywhere Soon. So, What’ya Gonna Do About It?

This guy is working from home. Can You Think Of Ways To Help Him Focus On His Work?

It’s time to settle in and get comfortable, folks! This is going to be a very long ride!

The CDC and Dr. Fauci have confirmed our worst fears that this is coming back for a second act. Economists warn that some companies will learn to exist in a leaner fashion. This means that unemployment will be higher than we’ve become accustomed to. And yes, many more people will work from home even after the economy gets to wherever it’s going.

So where does that leave us?

On the downside, it means that there will be less money available in an economy that is set to contract.

On the up-side:

There will be an army of entrepreneurs looking for new opportunities.

They and small businesses that will continue with their current offerings will need to form new collaborations.

Where Are The New Opportunities?

I’m sure others will see opportunities elsewhere, but I’m looking at the new work-from-home community.

It will be a large market.

They will have MANY new needs.

It’s one thing to work at home every so often. It’s a new challenge to do what so many are currently doing on an ‘as needed’ basis. But temporary is about to become permanent for some, and on a rolling basis for others.

What Will They Need?

Look up “work from home” on job boards. You will find that some prospective employers expect new hires to provide their own equipment. They also include requirements such as software and security.

And let’s not forget the mental aspect of a permanent or long-term switch to working from home.

How are people to keep up their concentration levels for the long haul?

And as I’ve discussed before, what about the people who have no space to set up a dedicated workspace? Do we sell them blinkers? They’re already on the market! Complete with white noise! What else might they need?


Of course, there are many more areas of opportunity. Wanna talk about them? Maybe write a guest post? Please either comment below, send an email with an eye-catching title to, or connect and message me via LinkedIn. We can take our conversation from there.


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