Andy Capaloff
March 17, 2020

The Challenges Of Working and Learning From Home [Interactive Q&A]

Overcoming Distractions When Working and Learning From Home

Now that Covid-19 has finally forced companies to embrace work-from-home, a large group of first-timers will be encountering new challenges. How do you maintain concentration on your work away from the office setting? There are plenty of articles on this subject. Here’s one from Business Insider.

There’s another challenge though. Learning from home. I Have taken many classes while sat at my office desk. So I know that any learning outside of a classroom setting is not fully effective.

That is because:

  • Your colleagues see you. If they have questions for you, they will ask!
  • Your phone might ring
  • You’ll receive emails that need immediate responses
  • It’s difficult to not do some of the work that you know is piling up

In the classroom setting, you simply don’t do all of those things. You concentrate more, learn more, and get more from the class.

Interactive Q&A?

This article is intended as an Interactive Question and Answer starter. I don’t have all of the questions or answers. Please join in here. I’ve asked some questions at the end of the article. I hope others answer. And you will have questions of your own. Please feel free to ask. You never know, someone might be able to help!

Learning From Home

Learning from home is a challenge. It’s a step beyond working from home or learning from your office desk.

  • What if you don’t have a home office setup?
  • What if your loved ones at home don’t possess the discipline to treat you as if you are ‘at work’?

Unlike working from home, you are not expected to produce any results while in a class. But if you have a home-based business or are your own boss, the temptation is always there to attend to some work activities when you should be fully attentive to the class. Avoiding those temptations takes a level of discipline that you need to learn. Few people automatically possess this discipline.

Older readers of this article will remember the time when we weren’t always ‘on’. But we also know how much easier it is to adopt bad habits than good ones. The digital generation will have no such memories. They may never have possessed the discipline that some things can wait. And if they do, they’re amongst the lucky few for whom this is inherent.

We Need Your Input

Please tell us the practical methods you’ve settled on, that help you to work from home and/or learn from home.

  1. What are the challenges you’ve encountered and need help in overcoming?
  2. What practical means have you found that help you to overcome some of the challenges?
  3. How do you diminish the distractions of home?
  4. How do you diminish the distractions from home if you’re naturally ADD?
  5. If your business is based around social media, how do you avoid the temptations to goof off, that social media presents?
  6. Do you want to add your own question?

Please join in this discussion, folks. We’re all in this together and all of us have both questions and answers.


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Andy Capaloff

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