Andy Capaloff
April 16, 2020

COVID-19: By The Time We Get Back To ‘Normal’, Normal Will Have Changed

Normal has changed

In case you haven’t yet allowed yourself to believe the unfortunate truth, here it is. COVID-19 will be around far longer than we’d prefer to think. It will come back. Some people will get it a second time next year. The world as we knew it, is gone. Indeed, by the time we get back to normal, normal will have changed!

The term ‘new normal’ has been trending for a while. But somehow, it’s too lighthearted to get the true gravity across of just what this means.

In short, anything that requires mass gatherings will be impacted until such crowds are safe. Think sporting events, concerts, conferences – even mass transit! When will you feel safe in such close proximity to so many people?

One thing that is quite clear is that people can’t be kept on lockdown for months or a year or more. Ways must and will be found to get people back onto the streets and back to work. The world will look even more like a movie than it does now. But it will be real life.

Last week, I hoped to spark conversation around the future of work topics. Click on the following link if you want to read it.

The Post-COVID-19 World Will Be Full Of Innovation!

New Business Opportunities

Going forward, I really want to consider and talk about the opportunities that will be presented.

A very quick recap from the above-mentioned article:

  • More people will work from home even when this has cleared up than ever did before
  • Space solutions will be needed for those without a dedicated workspace
  • People will need help learning how to work and train more effectively from the home
  • The area of workbench solutions will explode!
  • Greater attention will need to be paid to device security

Collaboration: What Are Your Strengths and Weaknesses?

Honest self-evaluation:

I’m great at coming up with questions and ideas, and finding the synergy between even seemingly disparate concepts. I can write. I can handle daily operations. But I suck with business development and would never call myself a salesman.

What are your strengths and weaknesses? What type of person do you need to work with, in order to find and push ahead with new opportunities?

Podcast, Anyone?

I’d love to have some offline exchanges.

I’d be happy to host people with great ideas in a podcast series.

Maybe, we could record and publish Zoom brainstorming sessions to further expand the discussion?

I’m honestly open to any way we can get conversations moving.

And I’m definitely open to promising collaborations.

Old Thoughts About Square One

Some years ago, I mused about Square One. I can’t find what I wrote, but here’s a partial recreation:

Square one poem


So here we are. The moment we lived in is gone, never to be recreated.

What are we going to do about it?


If you want to talk, you can leave a comment below, connect via LinkedIn (click on the icon below my headshot) or email me ( If you choose the latter, please know that I get way too many emails and don’t even notice those that don’t stand out from the crowd. So please make your title interesting!

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Andy Capaloff

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