Robin Singh
May 24, 2017

9 Reasons to Adopt a Knowledge Base for Your Website

Knowledge Base

Having a knowledge base for your website is becoming more and more popular, as it can provide users with many benefits. No matter what kind of a website you have and what products or services you offer, creating a knowledge base and integrating it with your website is a great step to take. It can help you expand your customer base and significantly improve your business.

So take a look at the top reasons why you should use a knowledge base.

1. Excellent Customer Support

Providing high-quality customer support is crucial for every business organization. Having a knowledge base on your website will greatly help you achieve that. Your customers will be just a click away from finding the answers to their questions, without having to seek help from your agents. That will result in their improved satisfaction with your website. Put yourself in their shoes. If you can easily get answers, don’t you feel better about a site? That’s why doing this can take your business to a whole new level.

2. Useful Information Resource for Your Customers

When you enrich your website with manuals, FAQs, tutorials and how-to articles, your customers will see your website as an excellent source of information. If the content within your knowledge base is useful and provides actual help, you will become their go-to resource whenever they need specific solutions. You will also improve your reputation, as you will show that you are an expert in your niche. Ultimately, you will strengthen your brand and generate more revenue.

3. Enhanced User Experience

You certainly know how user experience can impact your website, so you need to always work on improving it. A knowledge base tool can be of immense help, as your website visitors can find the solutions to their problems anytime, anywhere. They can access your content from any device and solve their issues on the go. Hence, their user experience will be considerably improved and they will keep returning to your website.

4. Improved SEO Ranking

When you provide helpful content in your knowledge base and frequently update it with relevant information, you will significantly improve your SEO ranking. Google loves high-quality content. Along with great user experience, it will see your website as a relevant and useful source of information. That is exactly what will help you get your website higher in SERPs and attract more customers.

5. Increased Website Traffic

When Google finds your website valuable according to the content within your knowledge base and improves your SEO ranking, you will greatly increase your website traffic. That is why you need to make sure that your knowledge base articles provide real value to your users and give them unique information that couldn’t be found somewhere else. A well crafted and maintained knowledge base will expand your overall audience base.

6. Competitive Edge

Staying ahead of your competition can help you become an industry leader. The fact that not everyone offers the benefits of a knowledge base to their customers is something you should definitely use to your advantage. Create a knowledge base, integrate it on your website and take a step forward. Since it leads to customer satisfaction and loyalty, you can build great authority in your field and leave your competition behind.

7. Fewer Support Tickets

Your customer service agents will have fewer support tickets to deal with if you provide every single relevant piece of information regarding your products or services in your knowledge base. This means that every website visitor will be able to find exactly what they are looking for so they won’t need to raise any ticket.

Also, your call center will have fewer calls to deal with as people will find everything they need right there on your website. Therefore, having a knowledge base is also very cost-effective and time-saving. And most importantly, it leads to satisfied customers.

8. Improved Conversion Rat

Improved Conversion Rate

Your conversions will peak once you start filling your knowledge base with high-quality content and updating it on a regular basis. More and more people will be coming to your website. And you can more easily convert them by offering valuable help through your knowledge base. It is the simplest and fastest way of attracting new customers – especially since most users prefer an online self-service instead of calling and talking to someone.

9. Reduced Bounce Rate

Bounce rates are a headache for many website owners, and managing to reduce them means your website is actually effective. When people see that you are offering a knowledge base, you can be sure that they won’t bounce back to search engine results and go to your competitors. They will check what information you can provide them with and if they find what they need, they will return repeatedly.


These are few of the most important reasons why you should adopt a knowledge base for your website and you can certainly see that they can provide you with some excellent benefits. Therefore, start building your knowledge base right away.

Have you had any experiences, positive or negative, with knowledge bases? Please share in the comments, below.

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