Susan Gilbert
October 18, 2016

12 Tools For Social Media Insights, Twitter Analytics and Marketing

Marketing Tools

The following is made up of 3 “Monday Tips” articles, each of which talks about 4 helpful tools around a specific area of your business. The subjects today are:

  • Social Media Insights
  • Twitter Analytics
  • Marketing

Social Media Insight Tools

1) Discover the right audience to connect with – Audiense

Find out exactly who your potential buyers are in order to build a relationship with them. Audiense provides information and data on demographics, social status, activity and much more. Easily generate charts and create targeted ads right from their dashboard.

2) Merge social strategy with data – Spredfast

Carefully plan your marketing campaigns without the guesswork. Spredfast allows you to streamline your content and effectively communicate with your audience. Find and curate the latest articles in your industry with real-time social data and competitor tracking.

3) Find the best customers – SocialEars

Understand the needs and desires of your target market before sharing content. SocialEars is a simple tool that your business can use to learn what is of interest to your community with social listening data. Find out the latest trends in your market, discover the best headlines to use, and improve your SEO ranking. Get the big picture on what works in your community and why.

4) Get insights on influencers and competitors – Social Crawlytics

Would you like to know more about the best content in your niche? There is a simple and free way to help you identify what your audience is attracted to. Social Crawlytics is great way to find out which content gets the most shares and gather data quickly. Monitor, schedule, and analyze your social media campaigns all from one dashboard.

Twitter Analytics Tools

1) Visualize top tweets – Visible Tweets

Easily find trending topics with an attractive visual. Visible Tweets is a simple tool that creates a moving text image that relates to your hashtags. Get latest tweets from the top users in your industry. Once you enter a hashtag an animation begins with the most recent content. Build your brand by submitting your company for a visual display.

2) Create a graph from Twitter – TweetStats

Gather more information on the performance of your tweets without downloading software. TweetStats helps you quickly find the latest data including how many tweets per hour and month as well as your timeline and response rate. Just enter your Twitter handle to get started with instant results.

3) Dig deeper into your activity – Tweetchup

Would you like to know more in-depth analytics on your Twitter account? Tweetchup allows you to gather important information such as specific keywords that are the most popular, and who a user interacts with the most. This is a great tool to use to build a stronger community and brand presence. Get started for free by logging in with your account.

(This tool no longer exists. We will be replacing it with another suggestion shortly)

4) Group management of your Twitter account – Klear

Find the right influencers in your industry on Twitter. Klear is a social intelligence tool that helps you to search for leaders in your niche as well as powerful monitoring and social profile features to help your business make better connections. You can get started for free on a limited account with professional services available.

Marketing Tools

1) Track and optimize with one app – Prosper202™

Gather precise digital marketing insights no matter how small or large your campaigns are. Prosper202™ helps you to track, optimize, and scale your marketing all from one dashboard. This powerful tool will help you improve your insights through the app’s self-hosted server.

2) Stand out from the competition and reach more leads – Hitwise

If you are looking for better consumer behavior insights then you will love this resource. Hitwise reveals the motivations for a purchase, who your target market is exactly, what they look like, and where they go online for their buying decisions. The software taps into a panel of 8.5 million people and tracks user behavior on 20 million websites using 500 million search terms. Their platform includes integration with Simmons consumer research and focused reports such as mobile usage and more.

3) Improve tracking and reduce fraud – Improvely

Optimize your online marketing with better tracking and testing. Improvely identifies the source of a website signup and sale in your online channels. Features include built-in click fraud monitoring, a personalized profile of your customers, custom branded reports for clients, and more. A free trial is available along with affordable packages for freelancers all the way up to large businesses.

4) Effective email marketing – Fresh Mail

If you want to take advantage of multiple types of email campaigns then this tool includes a large list of robust features to tap into. Fresh Mail provides top quality autoresponders, newsletters, one-time emails, transaction emails, and mobile emails. Use this resource to perform A/B testing, produce barcodes for promotions and even send text messages. Get started for free with pay as you go options.


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