Susan Gilbert
January 3, 2017

How To Add Spice To Your Website Sales Page

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In order to attract more interested subscribers, your business needs to go beyond your brand’s website and offer a compelling sales page for your products or services.

Visuals are the best way to capture your audience’s attention. These can be high quality graphics or a brief yet informative explainer video. A catchy headline and strong call to action can also go a long way to compelling your readers to take action.

A winning sales page should include the following:

  • Colorful images that generate curiosity
  • Storytelling content
  • A message that appeals to your audience’s needs and desires
  • Well-placed visuals


Check out this simple, yet effective sales page from BookBaby:


Clay Collins, CEO of LeadPages, states that only 61% of businesses actually test out their sales pages each month. A mere 22% experience satisfactory conversion rates.

If you need to generate more interest and sales for your products or services, here are a few strategies to follow:

Make it Meaningful

Don’t make the mistake of throwing in an image or text that is irrelevant to your sales message just to fill in space. It’s important that you make every element on your page count. The goal is to clearly show the value of what you’re offering and how this can benefit your community. Even if you have a shorter message, it’s actually the substance that really counts. Like this simple page from PostPlanner:


Humanize the Message

A good addition to your sales page is to add a human element that includes actual people, testimonials, product demonstrations, and more. This allows the potential customer to see a real face behind the presentation — someone they can recognize and relate to. Images work better when they do not use direct eye contact, which can be distracting. Here’s a good example from Judith Briles for Real Fast Hollywood:


Captions are a good addition, and can explain exactly what the image shows along with an added sales message. Use these sparingly, but to your advantage in order to further peak the reader’s curiosity.

Show Your Story

Videos are the best way for your visitors to get your message out, and they almost always lead to higher sales rates. Not only can you introduce your brand or showcase customer testimonials, but also provide a quick demonstration of what you have to offer. The best videos are short and to the point — try to keep these to around 3 to 4 minutes in length, like this message from Razor Social.


Where to Start

To formulate your content and decide on what images to include, take a look at other websites in your industry. Also look at marketing materials such as emails, to see how visuals are being used. Ask yourself whether their headlines, copy and visuals grab your attention right away. Do they compel you to sign up? Use these ideas for your own original spin that is unique to your brand.

Once you have an strong sales page in place, pay attention to the fonts and colors that are being used, and be sure that these line up with your current branding. A consistent and professional appearance without the hype will greatly enhance your response rates.

Remember to write your content with the customer in mind with simple, clear paragraphs that are broken up into bite sized pieces — this is especially important for mobile viewing.

Your Turn

Do you have any tips you’d like to share or any comments on the above? We’d love to engage!


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