Susan Gilbert
September 6, 2017

How to Use Twitter Advanced Search to Find New Leads

Twitter Advanced Search

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published as “Find New Prospects For Your Business With Twitter” in April 2016. It now includes the latest Twitter updates and reference to new research on Twitter Advanced Search…

Utilize The Power of Twitter Advanced Search

As your business attracts new leads from your website, email campaigns, Facebook and Instagram ads and LinkedIn, you will also want to leverage Twitter. It remains one of the largest social networks out there, and a great place to grow your relationships online.

According to marketing expert Holger Schulze on LinkedIn, Twitter is second in line when it comes to being effective on social media for lead generation:

One of the benefits of engaging your brand on Twitter is that it is a low-cost way to attract new leads while being very effective at the same time. But it’s important to know what steps to take in order to build the right following with real results.

Begin your sales funnel with these simple steps and attract more leads:

Know Your Target Market

Take advantage of Twitter Advanced Search in order to get to the latest trends and conversations happening in your community. Advanced search enables you to:

  • Track what customers are saying about your business
  • Discover the most used hashtags for a particular topic
  • Determine what people are looking for in a product or service…

According to Social Quant, using this free feature will help you sift through the over 500 million tweets being sent out each day, and hone in on what’s important to your niche. They point out that using this type of search can also provide blog topic ideas, new potential leads, what’s being retweeted the most, and so much more.

Build on relationships

In order to be perceived as a reliable and trusted source, your business needs to establish authentic communication with influencers and followers. These individuals and companies should be active and engaged on Twitter with a large number of followers. Your current customers are your best referral source. That said, you will want to keep them informed and show that you have an interest in their needs.

Twitter makes this process easy. Start by searching for people in your email contacts right from the ‘Find Friends’ link. Or use Advanced Search to track conversations, hashtags, users and more.

Shopify reveals that 72% of users are more like to make a purchase from a brand that they follow on Twitter. And 30% will recommend your business to others.

Go beyond your network

Start reaching out to leaders in your industry and join their lists, which will allow you to track their latest tweets. Create a meaningful conversation through complimentary retweets and helpful feedback. After establishing your presence and attracting more influencers, create your own professional lists for your areas of expertise. Here’s an example from @TedCoine, a leading entrepreneur and speaker:

Inform your audience

Many times, followers track a business on Twitter in order to learn more about them. To peak the interest of your followers:

  • Sharing frequent updates
  • Include less advertising
  • Utilize a more personal approach

Such practices will make your followers want to go to your website to find out more.

This is a good opportunity to offer something of value, such as:

  • Testimonials
  • Company background
  • New products announcements
  • Notice of an important charity event, etc.

Here’s a great example from American Airlines, a big brand that is active and engaged with its community:

Be quick to respond

Your customers are using Twitter and other social media channels to get answers to their problems and/or to ask questions. You can help retain your current client base as well as grow your bottom line by quickly answering their tweets and replies. If people know that you care and can be trusted, they will be more likely to make a purchase from you and recommend your brand. Amazon interacts throughout each day with its customers:

Attracting new prospects from your Twitter community is about relationship building. You should avoid direct sales messages. A personalized approach to customer service encourages a response through thoughtful communication and content sharing. Take advantage of tracking tools to further enhance your engagement and to find new followers who would have an interest in your brand.


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