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What Is The Driving Force Behind Great Customer Experience?

Great Customer Experience

What are the elements behind great customer experience? Daniel Newman spells them out for is in another article in our “Great Articles You may have missed” series….. The Driving Force Behind Great Customer Experience Although there are many great marketing tactics to help people get ahead, there is one that clearly leads the rest. Prioritizing

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Robin Singh

9 Reasons to Adopt a Knowledge Base for Your Website

Knowledge Base

Having a knowledge base for your website is becoming more and more popular, as it can provide users with many benefits. No matter what kind of a website you have and what products or services you offer, creating a knowledge base and integrating it with your website is a great step to take. It can

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10 Essential Web Design Usability Statistics [Infographic]

Wed design usability statistics

Web design usability is among the leading factors that determine the ranking of a website. It helps the website to effectively deliver its content, earn revenues and pursue its niche in the eCommerce industry. According to the latest trends, 38% of people will leave a website if it has unattractive layout and content. An intelligently

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Harnessing 404 Pages & Why You Should Have One

404 Page error

Website development is an intricate part of any business. A cohesive web presence is essential to any brand regardless of your industry. A website is 1 of 5 pieces of content every consumer will interact with during their purchase journey. Google particularly process over 2 trillion search queries annually and sometimes as many as 40,000 per

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How to Make Your Website Visitors Stay

Your website has just a few seconds to capture your visitors before they decide to move on to the competition. There are many reasons why a business may not able to capture leads — one of the biggest being a lack of appealing visual content. Adding great graphics to your design can help accomplish several

Shelly Kramer

The State of User Experience (UX)

In today’s digital era, it’s not a stretch to expect every business to understand the importance of user experience (UX)–especially as it relates to your company website. A well-designed and mobile friendly website is, quite simply, table stakes in today’s Internet-fueled world. When talking about your website, consider this: 96 percent of the time a

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A new era of B2B content marketing has begun with the advent of account-based marketing. This B2B marketing strategy empowers you with the best possible return on your investment, along with driving enhanced sustainability and profitability over time. Account-based marketing (ABM) is also popularly referred to as key account marketing, where a business identifies and

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Why Social Customer Service is a sliding door

Sliding door

Mixed feelings. These are the first words in many people’s mind when it comes to Social Customer Service; a bittersweet cocktail you’ve long awaited for which basically left you a bit disappointed. So, before you ask me the famous 3-letter question [WHY?] here’s my answer: customers know better social media than most companies do. They want to get

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The Rising Importance of a Personalised Experience

By Andrew Hutchinson One of the things that businesses need to accept in the new media landscape is that things have changed significantly. No surprises there, right? Everyone knows that media consumption habits have evolved, that the way in which brands reach people is adapting beyond traditional ‘broadcast and hope’ strategies. But what many are