Moss Clement
August 27, 2020

6 Marketing Strategies That Will Skyrocket Your Service Business

Marketing Strategies To Help You Beat The Odds

With more companies providing various business services, which marketing strategies can you apply to beat the competition? Did you know? Over 50% of small businesses fail within the first year of operation, while 95% will not go beyond five years. That is according to statistics by Oberlo.

Therefore, since several businesses fail within a short space of time, what can you do to survive? What marketing growth hacks should you be applying to help you grow your small business faster? This article will show you the top six top growth hacking marketing strategies that will improve your service business revenue and survive uncertain times.

Top Growth Hack Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Small Business Faster

1. Create Comparison Posts

Purposely running businesses down can be unethical. But using contrasting creativity to highlight features that make your services better is a fantastic business practice. That is where creating a comparison blog content fits in. 

It indicates your brand is better than your competitors by outlining your unique sales proposition (USP). The USP is your marketing strength because it makes your product or service more valuable to consumers.

Moreover, it offers consumers a platform to examine or compare similar services with yours, and then point out their strengths and weaknesses. Put differently, a comparison content studies the features of your competitors’ products or services and stress out missing functionalities. 

Such marketing approaches give your target market a reason to switch products or services. Thus, it implies the creation of blog content materials that indicates the superiority of your offerings. This type of blog posts are everywhere, and you may have seen them as well. 

For example, in this article, Manvi Agarwal outlined the top nine social media management tools. But you will notice that she compared each of those tools with SocialPilot to show consumers why they should go for their software.

Comparing different social media management tools as a viable marketing strategy

Source graphic via SocialPilot

The blog content contrasts eight other tools with SocialPilot. It gives you a guide on how to create a comparison content for the service you offer.

How to Write Comparison Blog Posts

If you know your customer’s pressing issues, you already have a framework for your material. So start by highlighting how your products or services will help them solve their problems. After that, outline features of your offer where your competition is missing out. See the screenshot above.

If, for example, you’re the owner of an email service provider, you can produce content, such as “the best alternative to your email software.” You will then compare the relevant email marketing tools with your software, such as:

  • Mailerlite vs. Your Email Tool
  • MailChimp vs. Your Email Software
  • Your Email Tool vs. Optinmonster

Also, when writing your posts, use power words to make the content forceful. You can use them to emphasize a point or highlight outstanding features. The idea is to create compelling content that will convince the reader to try your product.

This type of content will persuade your buyer persona to switch services. Therefore, choose your top competitors’ products or services and contrast them with yours.

2. Create In-Product Tips

In-product tips are company documents that describe how users can make the most of your services. It is a step-by-step guide or manual that provides details (technical or otherwise) on how to use your software services with improved user experience (UX).

Without a proper guide on how to use your services, potential clients will bounce—resulting in customer churn. Given this, provide additional help in the form of in-product tips or a step-by-step guide to enhance user experience. This marketing strategy will enable existing customers to get more value from your offerings. 

It also helps new and eventual customers to understand your services better while gaining value and improving UX. For example, when consumers sign up to use your services, they do so because they have pressing needs to address using the services you offer.

However, you are aware that left alone, many who opted in will face challenges in maximizing your product or service. They have no idea of how to benefit from the software. But in-product tips or step-by-step guides will make life easy for them by streamlining the procedure. Improved user experience helps you retain existing users, attract new consumers, and boost your income.

3. Reference Your Products or Services in Blog Posts

Content writing is a viable digital marketing asset that enables you to build brand awareness and captivate potential clients. It is one of the most sustainable content marketing strategies that let you growth hack your small business quickly. Why? It grows your blog readership by bringing in new fans and retaining existing ones.

That way, blogs help you build a blogging community of loyal readers. As more people interact with your blog content, they learn about what you’re selling and the benefits of using your services. So, referencing your products or services in blog posts is key to growing your small business. But your blog posts writing must be appealing to the reader to get results. How?

Structure your content well so as to improve readability. Use relevant visuals and apply blogging best practices. Create blogs on content topics that drive web traffic and are relevant to what you’re selling. When you’re writing content related to your offers, it becomes easy to integrate your products or services and show users how it can help them.

That way, you’re using strategic marketing tactics to promote your services through blogging. So for optimal results, Your blog post should address the:

  • What
  • Why
  • Benefits and 
  • How-to

Moreover, highlight your unique selling proposition (USP) to convince more users. Please don’t neglect the post title; make it compelling enough to incite users to click. Also, the introduction should hook the reader and keep him or her on the page. 

Then craft an explanatory and persuasive content body that convinces readers to take action. Use call-to-action where necessary, particularly in the conclusion area. Finally, produce firm conclusion paragraphs that urges the reader to look into what you’re selling with a call-to-action.

4. Show Live-Action — That Customers are Paying Your Services

Real live-action lets visitors to your website, landing page, or product or service page to know that people are paying for what you’re selling. It allows consumers to see first-hand that others are involved with your offers. And when they notice others taking action, they become excited and want to join the trend. 

Notably, that is human psychology. People will always want to be part of something, particularly when they see others taking part in it. It is one of the top FOMO marketing strategies that trigger the urge to belong and the fear of missing out on something of value.

Consequently, showing live-action on your website will get more people to pay for your services and grow your revenue. Real-time action is so effective because it stimulates buyer interests and encourages them to make purchases. Take a look at the live-action example I curated from the Optinmonster website. 

Live-action is one of the best digital marketing strategies that will grow your business faster

Source image via Optinmonster

The team is using real live-action to amass sales and grow its online business. You can do the same by adding real-time action on your website. It has a positive influence on consumer purchasing decisions. As a result, integrating it on your site will boost sales.

5. Use Shopify Review Apps to Skyrocket Your Service Business

Using Shopify review apps in your marketing mix is a fantastic growth hacking strategy that can take you small business to the next height. This growth hacking marketing strategy converts new leads, increases product adoption, and sales. Why?

Because the application software allows you to collect visual customer reviews that swipe users’ attention. Not surprisingly, 80% of consumers state that they read business online reviews before making purchases. In other words, positive online reviews impact buyer behavior. 

That is why over 90% of shoppers remark that positive reviews make them more likely to do business with a brand. 

Positive online reviews impact consumer buying behavior.

Source graphic via BrightLocal

Photo reviews help you establish brand credibility and trust with your target market. When online shoppers see reviews with accompanying photos of real people who are happy with your services, it stirs their desire to pay for your products or services. Thus, use your preferred Shopify review app to display satisfied customers’ photo reviews to drive more traffic and make more sales.

6. Offer Discount to Early Subscribers

Another marketing strategy that will skyrocket your small service business is to provide discount offers to early users. Why does this marketing hack work so efficiently? Because it inflames the feeling of urgency in customers. It is a time-sensitive growth hacking best practice you should apply to grow your business faster.

Brilliant marketers are utilizing this marketing technique to increase their return on investments (ROIs) dramatically. If you offer discounts to the first few buyers, the human thought processes or behaviorism goes to work. This is scarcity marketing, which is proven to work. 

The idea of this growth hacking tactic is logical and straightforward. If people want to benefit from your discount, they will sign up for the service NOW! So you can opt to give the first 50, 100, or 200 customers who pay for your service steep discounts against the regular price.

So, what do you think would happen if you provide such a reduction? It will result in an intensifying need not to miss out on the offer, and it will increase sales. Why is that so? Because consumers know that the proposed reduction in pricing is only for a few customers—those who make early payments. They make quick purchasing decisions without much consideration.

Wrapping Up

The services you offer must be of high-quality to help retain existing customers and bring in new buyers. That includes creating a stable user interface (UI) that will enhance user experience. Put differently, your offering’s value must outweigh the cost so that more people will be willing to try it out.

As a result, the more consumers you get to use it, the more sales and revenue you will make. Do you have other useful marketing strategies that will benefit our readers? Please, share your thoughts in the comments below!

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