Burkhard Berger
October 29, 2020

10 Artificial Intelligence Tools That Are Integral to the B2B Sales World

Artificial Intelligence Tools For Your B2B Sales

AI is integrating ever deeper into even small companies. So much so that there are new Artificial Intelligence Tools coming to market seemingly daily. You can use it to streamline your B2B sales processes in real-time.

Although big corporations first embraced the concept of AI, it’s becoming a trend used by many small businesses to prospect, get leads, understand user behaviors and customer needs, and of course, grow revenue.

Research by Marketing Interactive shows that by the end of 2020, 30% of all B2B companies will leverage Artificial Intelligence systems to augment one or many sales processes that can result in more conversions.

Gartner also conducted a study and found that Artificial Intelligence can boost lead conversion rates and opportunity closure rates.

If you’re looking for ways to harness the power of AI in B2B sales, this article will guide you. The challenge is figuring out which tools to use and knowing what each AI tool can help you accomplish.

To help you with that, I’ve handpicked 10 of the top Artificial Intelligence tools that you can employ to get dramatic results from your sales campaigns.

1. Signum.ai Leads Finder: Get Quality Leads

Signum.ai Leads Finder is an AI tool designed to automate capturing leads and helping B2B companies to easily identify hyper-targeted leads that are ready to buy.

Using Artificial Intelligence mechanisms, Signum.ai Leads Finder can identify qualified sales prospects that are more likely to become valuable customers in the funnel.

This tool works in 3 simple steps:

  • Enter your ideal customer profile. Sit back and let the tool analyze it and help you to add more data points.
  • Leads Finder collects and matches leads based on your buyer profile. The intelligent tool scours over a billion businesses to find your ideal buyers.
  • You receive fresh leads each month or at your preferred time in your spreadsheet or via your Signum.ai dashboard.

Businesses can use the Leads Finder tool to build a list of accurate contact data, which the sales department and sales team can use to make decisions, streamline and automate their prospecting efforts, and get significant results the CEO will love to see.


  • Clean user interface
  • Saves time
  • Easy to use sales tools
  • Learning resources


  • Lead scoring can be improved
  • It’s not cheap for small businesses

2. Tact.ai: A New Way To Sell Better

Tact.ai is a human-friendly CRM company. It’s an AI tool that provides digital assistance for sales processes. It’s redefined how salespeople at leading Fortune 500 companies such as Cisco Systems and GE work.

Tact.ai helps businesses to make dramatic shifts from PC browser-based apps to mobile, conversational, and voice AI-powered experiences. It offers one of the best online learning resources to help businesses get ahead in sales.

The Tact Sales Assistant functions as your salesperson to find, collate, and use customer data scattered across your specific ERP platforms, email, calendar, legacy databases, Zendesk, and LinkedIn.


  • Easily collaborate with your team
  • Plan your daily tasks better
  • Guided selling insights; all in one place


  • Requires a learning curve
  • The user interface can be improved

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3. Bigtincan: Sell Smarter with Sales Enablement AI Tool

Bigtincan is an AI-powered sales enablement and learning management platform. This sales tool assists sales and service teams to improve win rates and drive customer satisfaction.

With Bigtincan’s AI tool, your team will learn faster, sell smarter, and be more productive, while engaging with the customers and driving user satisfaction.

A good way to engage with customers and improve sales is by using persuasive videos to explain what’s included in your product or service. This is not a new trend, but it’s powerful.

And please keep in mind, when it comes to video you don’t have to go super fancy with it. A simple, honest selfie-video can sometimes be even more effective than an expensive, professionally produced video.

A favorite example of mine is what FatJoe is doing on their Blogger Outreach page — simple, straight forward, not expensive but highly honest and bonding:

If you’re looking to drive memorable user experiences, empower sales reps. to be more inclusive when engaging with prospects and customers, Bigtincan might just be what you’re looking for.

It enhances branding and encourages team-wide adoption. This means no one is left behind. Everyone is ready to see the company achieve feats beyond the manual efforts they might be putting in.

Although leading brands like AT&T, ThermoFisher, ANZ Bank, and Merck use Bigtincan, mid-size, and small business enterprises can also rely on this tool to enhance sales promotions & productivity at every customer interaction.


  • Easy and seamless form creation
  • Easy to upload information to thousands of employees or team members
  • Replace wasteful paper handouts
  • Share information and control permissions in real-time


  • The reporting dashboard isn’t user-friendly
  • The interface for forms is too simple. More features can be added.

4. Highspot: Improve Sales Team Performance

Highspot is a powerful AI sales enablement tool for organizing sales content, driving sales enablement impact, and improving sales performance at every touchpoint.

As a business, your team needs to get into the buyer conversions that are already happening on social media networks, blogs, discussion boards, and other portals.

Through AI-powered search, guided selling, analytics, in-context training, and 50+ technology integrations, the Highspot cloud-based software is designed to deliver enterprise-ready sales enablement in a modern design.

In turn, this simplifies the sales processes and helps sales reps and marketers love the work. More importantly, Highspot gives you the insight to help you with site audit, competitive analysis, and more.


  • Easy to upload and access content
  • Know exactly when customers open and engage with your content
  • Gives insights on both prospect/client in one place
  • Create content links
  • Easily visualize the documents you sent


  • Uploading and tagging documents are a bit daunting
  • The search feature has basic filters
  • The interface is a little cluttered

5. Seismic: Deliver Personalized, Interactive Buyer Experiences

Seismic is a sales enablement global leader, equipping global sales teams with resources, knowledge, tools, messaging, and personalization they need to drive customer satisfaction and make more money.

It is primarily designed to empower sales and marketing to deliver useful, personalized, and interactive customer experiences.

Seismic uses AI systems via content intelligence and analytics to help marketers prove and improve their marketing impacts online. Smart businesses are keying in already.

A good example is Smith Thompson, a Dallas Home Security firm that employs the power of Seismic to identify touchpoints in the customer journey to find customers who are interested in home automation. In turn, the sales team creates personalized content to engage with them accordingly.

In the process, they’re able to identify what drives customer engagement, what needs to be adjusted, and how these can help grow sales.

More than 600 global companies, including American Express, PayPal, Quest Diagnostics, and more use Seismic to get ahead quickly.


  • Curating content is easy
  • Saves time using the shared slide model
  • It’s cloud-based and also accessible via mobile
  • Upload large files quickly
  • Easily customize content using the live-docs functionality


  • It requires a steep learning curve
  • The user interface could be more customizable
  • Not compatible with Chrome

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6. Reply.io: Eliminate Routine Work, Close More Deals

Reply.io is a powerful AI tool for B2B businesses that want to supercharge the sales team. Drive engagement by automating email search, personalizing emails and calls, and LinkedIn outreach.

Knowing how to message a recruiter on LinkedIn is important if you want to get attention from a busy CEO or team.

If you hate routine work, Reply.io can help to eliminate it and make it easier for your sales team to focus on closing deals — which matters most.

Reply.io is a great alternative to SocialPilot, one of the leading Linkedin Scheduling tools. With the former, your sales team can combine sales, follow-ups, and other prospecting tasks into a coherent sequence.


  • Easy to set up, easy to customize, and use
  • It’s affordable compared to other AI tools
  • Easy to use sales features: from lead discovery to campaign evaluation
  • Automates boring lead outreach tasks
  • Capture leads’ contact information from LinkedIn


  • Chat only customer support (no emails or phone calls)
  • Email formatting options are limited
  • CRM reports aren’t easy to understand

7. Owler: Track The Companies That Matter

With Owler, it’s pretty easy to track the companies that matter to your business. Yes, those hard-to-find company data can be uncovered with this tool. You also get strategic news alerts.

This is a fundamental resource for savvy executives, marketers, and sales professionals who want to make well-informed sales decisions.

Use Owler to get insights on the prospects uplevel social listening. Sales reps can quickly access businesses both public and private. This makes it a lot rewarding to find new prospects, research the relevant companies, and get updated data about them.

No matter the platform; whether you’re selling on Etsy or Udemy, you need to understand how buyers behave and what they want. Their ‘wants’ may change but their inherent behaviors will unlikely change. Use the Owler tool to know what you’re doing.


  • Easy to use with great features
  • Ideal market research tool for large companies (1,000+ employees)
  • Get updated news on funding rounds of startups
  • Easy to personalize information


  • Annual revenue reports can be more precise
  • Lots of annoying notifications
  • Customer support isn’t reliable

8. Chorus.ai: Make Every Interaction Count

Storytelling is a powerful way to engage customers at every level. It’s not enough to drive leads to your sales funnel, you also need to nurture and earn their trust.

Chorus.ai is an AI-Powered sales tool that brings the power of your story to every conversation. As you already know, prospects and customers want to feel like they’re involved in what you’re doing. So don’t shut them off.

Make every interaction count

As a conversation intelligence platform for high-growth sales teams, Chorus.ai is beneficial when you’re looking to record, transcribe, and analyze business conversations in real-time to train sales reps. on the right approach to becoming top performers.

With Chorus.ai, new hires can learn faster, leaders are equipped to become better coaches, sales reps. can meet quota, and every team can collaborate to make the customer happy.


  • Intuitive and easy to use interface
  • Easily watch Zoom calls at 2X speed
  • View how much talk time you did vs others
  • Get relevant notifications to listen/learn from others
  • Creating playlists is easy and fun


  • It logs 0:00 seconds calls. This makes the search data messy
  • The setup process requires a steep learning curve

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9. INK: Optimize Your B2B Content for Search

Content marketing and SEO are essential components of driving B2B leads and sales.

That’s why you need to create high-quality and optimized content. Your content needs to appeal to search users and search engines. But, how can you do that?

INK is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Content Optimization Platform for content producers. With this AI-Powered tool, you can feel confident that your content is optimized for what your target audience is searching for.

One of the amazing features of INK is the AI-enabled text editor. As you write on the editor, INK’s AI researches and analyzes your competition, and offers tailored suggestions to improve organic traffic and acquire more leads.

You also get a Relevancy Score (ranging from 0% to 100%), which tends to change as you address each suggestion for improvement.


  • Easy-to-use content editor
  • Get suggestions for improving content performance
  • Works with WordPress
  • Saves time when creating content for search
  • It’s currently free to use


  • Lacks advanced features such as Keyword Difficulty, List of Top Competitors, etc.
  • Relevancy Score can be improved

10. Affinity Atlas: Increase Sales Velocity

Affinity Atlas is an AI-Powered tool for sales teams to prospect smarter, accelerating deals, and prioritizing outreach. 

There’s no guesswork here, you need a system that allows you to find influencers’ accounts faster, mapping accounts more strategically, pushing stalled deals over the line, and increasing sales velocity.

Essentially, you can increase your B2B sales velocity by connecting and converting people you already know.

Here’s why it’s important: Based on this survey, 84% of executive buyers begin their purchasing process with a referral. More so, prospects from warm introductions are more targeted and convert 4X more.


  • Easy to use interface
  • Easy reporting of data
  • Integrates with other CRM tools
  • Outlook integration


  • A basic visual view of each listing on the list
  • The reporting dashboard can be richer


A diminishing number of businesses view AI as the new buzz but they’re wrong.

You need to take advantage of its power to improve your marketing strategies, personalize your content, make your story sticky, generate leads, and multiply your ROI.

AI tools and Automation solutions might seem like shortcuts to understanding customers and growing sales — but you need to master how to use them. It’s going to take some time, but it’ll be well worth it in the end.


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