Susan Gilbert
June 7, 2017

How to Be Successful in Social Selling

social selling

Are your revenue goals falling behind?

Is your business not experiencing a high return from your social media efforts?

In the past, sales were generated from cold-calling, advertising and marketing online with services like Google Adwords. Today, that has all changed with the rise of mobile marketing and social networks. The result has been the advent and evolution of the social selling approach.

In order to stay ahead of the competition, it’s important to have a full understanding of exactly what this looks like for your business and how to best reach your target market.

In a recent report by Sales for Life, it was revealed that social sellers experienced a much higher return over companies that do not focus on this method.

The Rise of Social Selling

Both large and small businesses are now shifting their sales efforts and adopting the new rules for social sales. As traditional marketing methods continue to decline, these strategies are becoming more vital to long term growth.

Several key elements are at play when it comes to establishing a social selling marketing plan:

  • Target market research that is focused on a specific niche
  • Building trust through valuable and helpful content
  • Meaningful conversations on social media
  • Direct messaging with customers

In order for your brand to be successful, you now need to be able to connect with your audience in an authentic way.  The goal is that your company will be the first one people think of when a problem arises.

There are many different ways you can nurture your online relationships. These include social groups, Twitter chats, mobile marketing and SMS text messaging.

Not only do these activities build trust, they also establish your business as a go-to resource in your industry. In fact, Hubspot reveals that 74 percent of buyers conduct research on a company before they decide to make a purchase. And of course, social media is a highly effective tool for attracting new prospects.

There are several ways to increase sales through social media without actually ‘selling’ to people. Use these tips to make your business unique and stand out from the rest.

Facebook is still a top social network

Outside of your branded Facebook Page, start engaging with others through your personal profile. This is still more highly visible in the News Feed. One of the best ways to accomplish this is through niche groups where personalized and helpful content can be shared with members. Live video has also grown in popularity. It provides a free and simple way for your audience to learn more about what your business has not offer. After attracting a fan base, you can naturally lead them to your Page and website.  From there, your business can offer incentives, freebies, advice and special offers for customers or subscribers.

Quickly attract an audience on Twitter

Despite the recent updates on this social network, there are still several opportunities available for your brand to connect with influencers and prospects on Twitter. And you can do so much faster than on other platforms. By creating hashtags for specials/giveaways and chats, you can grow your following fast while tapping into the latest trends that your target market is talking about. It is important stay in communication with your followers and respond to your audience when they have a question or are sharing your tweets. Don’t forget to share images and video here as well, which are well received.

Expand your network through LinkedIn

LinkedIn, now owned by Microsoft, has made quite a few changes in the last couple of years. These including an upgrade to the look of its platform and the opportunity to post articles. While company pages have not been as effective here, the professional groups are still a great resource to tap into. Not only can this help your business discover the main pain points of your prospects, but this provides more exposure as you are able to provide helpful content and answers to their questions.

Connect with others through Google Collections

Google Plus is not as widely popular as it once was. But it is still a vital social network that you can use to reach people who share similar interests. Collections are a great way to attract an interested audience — especially with quote memes and professional images. Like Facebook, you can also participate in communities. People share the same type of content, videos, and images. Video is especially important to share here, as these are directly connected to your business YouTube channel.

Interact with mobile users

One of the best ways to become relevant and create a great network, is to get on board with active and growing mobile marketing platforms like Instagram, Snapchat and SMS text messaging technology. Most buyers are now seeking a more personalized experience through their smart devices. So this is a good opportunity to show the human side of your brand and even share your customer experiences.

Social media and mobile have both created more opportunities for sales professionals to connect with and engage in a meaningful way with prospects without having to directly sell a product or service to them. The key is to focus on the needs of your target market. You then appeal to that market through content, special offers, high-quality images, video and direct text messages personalized for their specific needs and goals.

Any Comments?

What are your favorite means of social selling? Are there any tips you’d like to share? Please leave your comments below.


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