Susan Gilbert
January 25, 2016

Excel with These Visual Marketing Strategies

As online marketing has evolved over the last few years, visual content has quickly risen to the top for attracting an audience and selling products. You can greatly improve your business’s bottom line through professional images, infographics, and video.

According to a recent article on Buffer, engagement increases with content that includes an eye-catching image or video:

Visual Marketing






With the right message for your target market that appeals to the needs and desires of your community your business can greatly improve your visibility online. Social Media Examiner reports that last year 71 percent of marketers included visuals in their social media strategy. They reveal that Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are top networks to engage in.

In order to be effective your business needs to produce original, out-of-the-box visual content that represents your brand well, and speaks to your audience, who include both mobile and computer users.

Forbes refers to this as the “non text web,” with video being a dominant force in content strategy. Their study shows that 80 percent of business executives watch online video to gather information.








Your business, whether large or small, does not need a large budget or team in order to publish great visual content. Tools and resources such as PicMonkey, iMovie, Canva, Flipagram, ect. make it easier than ever to create winning brand stories, messages, and informational content.

Here are several strategies you can use in order to attract a larger audience through images and video:

  • Include a preview or an image with a tweet – Right from the start you want to draw your viewer’s attention to your post or tweet. For example, your posts will stand out more on your Facebook Page when an image is included rather than just a link:










The same principle applies to Twitter and Google Plus, like this tweet from @MarshaCollier, which garnered 34 retweets and 7 likes:










  • Taylor content according to your platform – If you are creating images or video your business will need to keep in mind the correct sizes for where you are publishing online. Your blog may have specific dimensions that look great on mobile while each social network has its own size requirements. Here is a great chart from Louise Myers on how determine the best fit for social media:

Infographic courtesy

















  • Put your audience in the driver’s seat – Sharing fan images on your blog or social networks is another great way to drive engagement and build trust in your community. Not only does this showcase what your business has to offer, but it also provides a fun way for your audience to communicate with your company on a personal level. Starbucks features their customers and stores on Instagram with the latest products along with themes:







  • There is more than just sharing content – Posting or tweeting a great piece of visual content is just the beginning to attracting a larger audience. Use your main social platforms for cross-promotion and pay attention to your daily interactions. Your brand’s identity should be consistent on all of these as well. There are management tools such as, Hootsuite, Buffer, and Sprout Social that can help you manage your time well with alerts to replies, retweets, direct messages, ect.


Make a commitment to set apart each day for adding visual content to your marketing mix with the use of online resources, freelance professionals, or coordination with your team. Have fun with the process as it is your brand’s personality that will win favor with your fans and followers and build a great community on your website and on social media.

As images and video continue to rise in popularity be sure to stay on top of the latest trends, especially when it comes to audience reactions. Pay attention to what your competitors are successfully doing in your niche, and as you publish your own content you will be able to make adjustments based on your own community’s response.

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