Susan Gilbert
September 26, 2016

How To Create a Buzz For Your Product Announcement

Your loyal audience loves to be in on the latest product or service your business has to offer. What better way to do that than with a pre-release announcement and/or a digital sample?

Capture the readers’ attention with eye-catching visuals that compel them to want to know more. Then share these on your website and on social media to generate a buzz.

This goes beyond just a catchy phrase. Give them something that can actually benefit them, and place your company above the rest in your industry.

There are many different products on the market – both free and paid – to help you create stunning graphics . You don’t need a design degree in order to create a professional image that can be marketed to your prospects.

But before you start creating your first announcement, let’s go over how to get your message out there and shared.

The first place to begin is your existing email subscriber list. These are people who are already interested in what your business has to offer. A new announcement may push them over into becoming a customer.

According to email marketing software company Vertical Response, there are four essential elements to reaching your community in a meaningful way:

Clearly define what you are announcing — go beyond the sales message and let them know right away what this is about

Show them the benefits — give them a reason why they should care about your announcement and what it can do for them specifically

Provide the product or service offerings — create a list of the latest features and functions that are different from the competition and what your prospects may have purchased before

Make the purchase easy — don’t make your readers jump through a bunch of marketing sales hoops to get your offer. Instead, make a purchase action quick and simple

Here’s a great example from Bloop Animation:


The second area to focus on would be sharing your message to your preferred social media networks.

Social media places your business in front of thousands of fans and followers. When executed correctly, it can help make your new product or service become viral even before it’s officially released.

Take for example Tesla, when they recently announced their new line of electronic vehicles:

tesla-product-announcementInstagram is another favorite for fans and followers to flock to. This was demonstrated in comedian and author, B.J. Novak‘s announcement campaign for his new book, “One More Thing: Stories and Other Stories,” as shown on Mashable:


How To Approach Your Product Announcement

Entertainment reporter, Ashley Lee, describes in her article on Entrepreneur how to best approach your community when making a new product announcement for your business.

Lee points to Chris Barrett, founder of PRServe, who suggests being prepared before you send out a message. After doing your research, you will want to ensure your product or service is something that your audience will want to know more about. “You get one shot to make a first impression with the media and your clients, so make sure you are prepared on every angle,” Barrett said.

Other methods of sharing on social media include:

• Storytelling and personalized videos

• Targeted Facebook ads with catchy images or videos

• Frequent updates and announcements your community can follow

• Useful free tips and ideas

As your business prepares to make a new release it’s important to fully test out your ideas or the functionality of your product before you present it to the public — and especially to the press.

In order to reach your final goal, make regular postings. And if you work with a team, keep them in the loop in the latest developments. With daily goals and attention, you will have a more successful and confident launch.

Once the announcement is live, test your feedback and metrics. You may see a spike in sales or a lot of questions to answer from your community. Use this as an opportunity to build better relationships with your prospects and customers and to learn how to more effectively present your product or service.


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