Susan Gilbert
July 12, 2017

Get More Exposure for Your Business with Online Groups

Online Groups

Would you like to see more interactions on your blog and on social media?

Have the latest algorithm changes online affected your business’s reach and sales?

You can attract more loyal and targeted fans and followers by joining and interacting with professional niche groups on social media.

LinkedIn in particular has skyrocketed in website referral growth according to Business Insider. And most of this is due to the redesign for their mobile app:

Online Groups can up your conversions

If your business needs more conversions, take advantage of the growing number of groups in your social networks. This is the best way to connect with like-minded people who have the potential of becoming your client(s). Not to mention the fact that this can help increase traffic to your website.

The best approach towards online groups is to proceed with knowing the rules for each ahead of time. You should never try selling to the members directly. These hubs are meant to be used to engage in meaningful conversations. They also provide helpful information that can benefit the members. Over time your business will start to expand your network as your connections grow.

When joining a targeted group on social media for your business begin with these steps first:

Is the group a good fit for your target market?

With so many different types of groups out there, it’s important to be focused on a narrow niche. You should first take a look at the types of members and the content being posted. Then find out whether this will be a good fit for your market. In the future, these people are potential customers, and you will want to increase your chances of them being interested in what you have to offer.

Are there frequent comments and updates?

A large number of members does not necessarily mean that the group is active, and in fact may have even died out for lack of interest. Find out whether this will be worth your while and the types of posts and interactions being shared. While most communities are monitored, there are those that are made public and therefore are more vulnerable to spam posts.

Determine what to share

While some groups allow for articles to be posted, others may prefer videos or graphics that do not contain links. Before your business starts posting, take a look at the type of content being shared. Always check out the rules from the moderator to avoid any unfortunate events that could cause you to be banned or removed.

Begin with helpful comments

After joining a new group, observe the action and leave thoughtful feedback on posts. Your business will benefit by learning about what the members want to see from others. This process also enables you to become a better participant and win more favor from the members, which opens the doors for more shares and comments on your posts later on.

Plan for creating your own group

Eventually you will want to launch a specific branded group and invite members from your other groups and your social networks there. When that time comes, make a firm commitment to actively moderate and participate each day. Use graphics and headlines that are consistent with your online presence and recognizable by your community.


Social groups are a smart way to learn more about your target market. They’re also great in helping you to gain new connections without having to pay for advertising. As you build influence and attract new followers, these people will become more interested in subscribing to your blog and following you on social media.

Remember that the process takes time as you are building relationships. Start with about five professional groups in order to stay on track with your daily interactions and posts. Your business will benefit by establishing yourself as a trusted leader in your industry.

Any Comments?

Do you have any advice for fellow readers on the dos and don’ts of Social Media groups? Please share your comments below.


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