October 31, 2018

How to Leverage Marketo for Social Retargeting

How To Use Marketo For LinkedIn Retargeting

Editor’s note: A slight detour for us – something more technical than our usual offering. Please be sure to let us know if this departure is a welcome one, as we can certainly present more such articles in the future. In short, Marketo is a very popular Digital Marketing automation tool, which can be used for retargeting. Full disclosure: we don’t (currently) use it, but we know that a lot of people do.

Do you have a Marketo List? Have you thought about retargeting your contacts in Marketo using custom audiences in LinkedIn ads to convert them into a potential opportunity or lead?

In this article, you’ll learn how to use a Marketo List or Smart List as a LinkedIn Audience segment to retarget and nurture it into a potential opportunity.

Why do Social Retargeting?

Social media retargeting is the most common form of retargeting strategies.

Stats which shows how effective re-marketing methods are:-

Social Retargeting Statistics

 [Source: 2018-retargeting-statistics-prove-it-works]

Why Marketers Use Retargeting?

Marketers are using retargeting in new and interesting ways:-

  1. Boost Brand Awareness
  2. Improve Social Engagement
  3. Increase Customer Retention and Attract New Customers
  4. Driving Sales/Conversions

Step-by-Step Tutorial/Guide

Now let’s look at how to sync/integrate your Smart Lists data from Marketo platform so you can broadly target to the interested audiences and show your ads to the right people at the right time.

STEP 1. Go to the Marketo Database

Marketo Dashboard

STEP 2. Select a Smart List in the Marketo Dashboard

Selecting a Smart list in Marketo

STEP 3. After selecting the smart list, click the “People” tab. In the above example, after choosing – ‘All Leads Report’ as a smart list and click to the “People” tab.

The email ID database will appear.

STEP 4. Click the Send Via Ad Bridge icon at the bottom of the list.

Send via Ad Bridge

STEP 5. On clicking, Send Via Ad Bridge icon, Marketo will pop-up with the window to select the platforms. Basically, in this segment, Marketo will build the bridge (connection) with the chosen platform such as LinkedIn, Facebook or Google+ etc.

[Sources:- Marketo Dashboard]

Here, you can select the options of “LinkedIn” or “Facebook” and click to “Next”.

STEP 6. Authorize the LinkedIn Matched Audience by integration of LinkedIn account.

Authorize your LinkedIn account

Validate of LinkedIn account

Add to Matched Audience

STEP 7. Now, select the LinkedIn Audience. Click to the segment – ‘Update LinkedIn Audience’, where you can create “new audience” list and push these leads to LinkedIn Matched audience list. 


1. Clicking to +New Audience will create an audience in LinkedIn Campaign Manager.

2. Select a “Push Type”.

3. Add leads to audience option

4. Click Update.

Add and Update Audience


Audience Name

STEP 8. Updating the LinkedIn Audience. Wait for 15 minutes.

Updating Linked Email List in Audience

Ideally, it will take 15-20 minutes for the data synchronization to take place on the Marketo end.

Your Marketo data will now be integrated with the LinkedIn audiences and can run the ads for contact targeting to generate more potential sales.


At the LinkedIn Interface

How to upload the lists audiences tab?

  • Go to “Account Assets” Tab.
  • Click to “Matched Audiences”.

    LinkedIn Dashbord

  • Select “Uploaded list audiences” button.Upload List Audience Integration
  • The list audience will automatically be created under the uploaded list audience section.

List integrated in LinkedIn Dashboard

Note* The recommended account list size is at least 1,000 companies or 10,000 contacts.

Enjoy your Marketo audience list and retarget it to your LinkedIn campaigns to convert them into potential leads/conversions. 

Your Turn

Do you use Marketo or one of its competitors? How helpful have you found the tool you use? Please tell your fellow readers who do not use a similar tool, why you believe they should adopt one ASAP. Thanks!

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