Susan Gilbert
July 11, 2016

Grow Your Reach With Influencer Marketing and SEO

Do you still produce content using older methods of SEO to rank higher on the search engines?

Today this trend has changed, with influencer marketing and the rise of brand building being transformed through audiences.

If your business needs to connect with more leaders in your industry then you will need to research the right keywords and phrases in order to find the best match. This enables us to tap into exactly what prospects are looking for and through what channels.

A recent webinar by gShift® shows a low number of b2b’s using content to connect with influencers:


Here are a few main points made by the presenters:

  • Bloggers are now the new “publishers”. They create influence over all social media channels
  • Search engine optimization is now about gaining visibility through content and the right keywords for your niche
  • Publishing content is just the beginning — it takes social media distribution and amplification techniques to spread the word
  • Influencer marketing involves developing relationships with brand advocates to build an authentic and credible presence online



It’s important to find influencers in your industry who have a favorable reputation within your community. As you begin to reach out and nurture those relationships with helpful comments, sharing of articles, etc. your brand can become a recommended source.

There are several ways you can increase your visibility and build your network:

  • Promote content on multiple channels
  • Write an article covering the top leaders in your industry with a shout out on social media
  • Track your social analytics to find out how your audience is responding to those they trust


Attracting leads who can be converted into sales is now done through building a trusted network with strong communities. Here are a few tips on how to find the right advocates for your brand:

Find the right topics for your niche

Use resources such as Google Analytics and Twitter Advanced Search to find the right topics and keywords being shared and interacted with the most. It’s important to know how your audience is responding and the frequency of articles being published by leaders in your industry.

Narrow down your target market

Use data such as demographics, lifestyle and interests to get a more clear focus on your community. This information not only reveals buyer decisions, but also helps you to better connect with influencers by tracking the actions all the way through from a blog post to social media.

Build your network

Go to the places where industry leaders are involved in, such a conference, webinar or a live streaming event. Your business can learn more about how influencers are building their community through content as well as gaining insights for your own blog posts, social media strategy, and more.

Find out where your traffic is coming from

As you share your links, use management software such as Hootsuite, Sprout Social and Buffer, to shorten your links and generate an analytics report. This will help you determine the source such as from a Google search, social media, etc. and brings more insight into how your content is being viewed online.

The new method of SEO marketing and social media marketing can help your business attract new influencers and enhance your reputation as a trusted brand. But don’t throw all of your eggs in one basket — these steps should be in addition to your other digital marketing and networking efforts.

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