Susan Gilbert
May 16, 2021

Improve Your Business Website Conversion Rates

A well-developed, professional website is the starting point for any effective marketing and branding strategy. The next important factor is the number of visitors you are retaining who can become loyal customers. As a business, your visibility online is vitally important in order to attract more leads and sales.

If you aren’t experiencing enough growth from your blog and social networks then the issue could be with your website’s landing page. For example, a confusing message or too much clutter can repel visitors and cause them to move onto the next place in their online search.

The MarketingExperiments blog describes this as “Friction.” They write that “Friction is defined as a psychological resistance to a given element in the sales or sign-up process. Anxiety is a psychological concern stimulated by a given element in the sales or sign-up process.”

It’s never too late to begin fixing your website’s landing page and starting to attract visitors who will want to come back. With a clear message and action that they can take, you can turn these prospects into interested customers.

Some of the main culprits to a low-performing website are found in not only the design but also in the quality of the content. Confusing menu options and landing pages that don’t read well on mobile devices can also have a negative impact on your conversion rates. In order to determine where to begin in your building process use tools such as Google Analytics to learn more about how your audience is responding and what the click-thru rates reveal.

Your business’s goal should be to entice your visitors to want to know more about what you have to offer. Start with these strategies in order to provide a better experience for them:

Choose the right host provider

Many businesses lose visitors due to slow loading times. Find a provider who is reliable and does not attract too much spam. There is a large difference between dedicated hosting and shared hosting, and can directly impact your website’s performance, as detailed here in a recent article on PC Magazine.

Here is a more detailed and more recent (May 31st, 2020) article “Best Web Hosting Services 2020 Review, Comparison, and Guide” from

And here is a 2021 guide to 15 of the best, affordable hosting plans

The next thing to check is how responsive your website is on mobile devices. You want to make the process as simple as possible in order to retain visitors, and smart devices are starting to surpass computers in the search for information and making purchases.

Eye-catching visual content and easy-to-find links can greatly increase your conversions by as much as 15 to 20%. Keep the more detailed information in the background and use subpages with the most important content on your landing page. Make your products or services easy to find and let your visitors know what your brand is about right away like this example from the email marketing service, Constant Contact:

Provide the latest updates

Your business should be informing your subscribers and visitors about the latest news in your company and in your industry in a way that relates to them. This should include regular emails, blog posts, and updates on social media, and shows that you are active and involved in your industry as well as provides an interest in what your audience is seeking.

Build trust with customer feedback

Your visitors want to know whether your brand is trusted and reliable. You can include this information on your landing page or on your About Us page, which can be creative and tell a brand story. Take a look at this example from Martin Shervington’s business website, Plus Your Business:


A Strong Call-to-Action

A great offer like a free eBook, video, product sample, and more is another way to compel visitors to sign up and stay on your website. The key is to create something of value that speaks to their needs and desires. A simple signup form that captures their name and email is all that is needed. Avoid using too much text, as this can appear too much like a sales letter. Save that information for your email nurturing process. This is one of the most important elements of a successful landing page, and can greatly increase your sales.

A stand-out business website should be easy to understand and provides the information your visitors are looking for right away with simple navigation and an enticing offer. Ask yourself whether your branding is message is strong and addresses your target market. If you are selling products make the checkout experience quick and easy and provide clear links on how to contact you on your website and on social media.

When your business reduces the amount of guesswork and provides the right information without a lot of clutter you can attract and retain more visitors with higher conversion rates.

Need help deciding on your Hosting Company?

Whether you are starting out, in need of a more robust hosting option, or simply feel that you either need to change or be better informed as to the various hosting options, you might click through this link to Cloudwards. You will find some unbiased reviews here.

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