Jan Gordon
May 3, 2018

Here’s How To Improve Your Content Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing Strategy

If you are a digital marketing professional, you can spot grandiose claims a mile off. These days it’s almost impossible to trick a customer (not that you should even want to). And you also can’t brand yourself differently to the actual quality of your service/product.

Being on the receiving end of every type of marketing there is as customers – it is our duty to stay alert for the good and bad. When it comes to content marketing, its power is in its core concept: communicating product, service and niche expertise and leadership.

Up Your Content Marketing Strategy

If you’ve noticed a decrease in your content marketing success, it’s time you revised your entire content marketing strategy.

Here are a few fundamentals that may help fix your marketing today:

Define Your Target Audience

There’s a rule as old as marketing itself. You need to define your target-audience before you even think of launching your product.

What most (content) marketers usually make a mistake with is that they publish for EVERYONE thinking it’ll get them more people and potential customers. Why is this wrong? It is because not everyone is interested in everything.

There’s a reason why specific products and services attract particular interest groups. And your job is to decide who your goal group is. Once you do, find out what topics they get inspired by and produce the type of content they want to engage with.

Consider Changing Your Content Writers

The truth is, there may be nothing wrong with your current content strategy. What may be wrong is your content writer.

Most employers don’t have the time to re-read all the content that “leaves” their office. They trust that their content writers will do their jobs properly. Unfortunately, it’s happened more than once that a team of creatives has gone seriously off track.

Maybe a simple strategy correction will work. And maybe you need to hold yourself accountable for fully delegating a process that needs at least some oversight.

Have a few sample pieces sent your way to read and see what’s happening. If you notice that the content is not at the level you’d expect, but IS following the prescribed path, your only path may be hiring new writers..

Think About the Visuals and Headlines

Consider the visual aspect of your published materials.

In our modern world, everyone’s rushing off somewhere, and content is flowing in quicker than we can process it. Nobody has the time to read every piece of content that comes their way – even on subjects that are important to them.

It’s essential that you grab their attention with a very strong headline and/or an eyecatching featured image.

Upgrade your content game by choosing attractive, unusual and inspiring photos for your articles.

Talk to your creative team about delivering original visuals with your brand’s logo on them.

Content marketing is more than just publishing. It’s creativity at its core.

Update Your Publishing Format

Digital Marketing is changing ever faster. The importance of actively remaining aware of new trends cannot be over-stressed… if you want to stay relevant!

Ultimately, it’s not just about what story you are telling, but about where – and in which format – you are publishing it.

Consult the Experts

If you can’t create effective content yourself, ask people who can. It’s the business of professional writers to keep up with digital trends. They can concentrate on the things you don’t have the time for. Growth opportunities are everywhere, and at Currati, we make the most of them.



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  • Moss Clement

    Hi Jan,
    These are incredible tips, and if one should implement them correctly, there is no doubt that he will scale his content marketing strategy. For me, I believe identifying your target market is crucial to the success of your marketing efforts. Why? Because, as you mentioned in the article, not everyone is interested in the same thing. In order words, they are at different stages of their buyer’s journey. So you need to identify their journey and create content accordingly.
    Visuals are great, infographics and videos ate the best content types that generate the most traffic. Thus, create visual content of these types or adding them to existing content will surely take your content marketing efforts to the next height. More is that a compelling headline is a surefire way to get people to click and read your content. Headlines can make or break your content strategy. So make it a compelling headline so as to get the most clicks. Use tools like CoSchedule headline analyzer to find out how powerful your headline is before using on your post. What I love about CoSchedule headline analyzer is that if your headline is not good enough, it will make suggestions on how you can improve its quality.

    Thanks for sharing, Jan.

    • Hi Moss,

      You’re so right. Thank you for the thoughtful, detailed comment.

      Oddly enough, whereas we’ve been discerning with Infographics, often turning them away when there were typos, factual inconsistencies or aspects of them were unclear, we haven’t always found an audience boost from them. So before we stopped posting on Fridays, we would put Infographics out that day. The logic was that people are thinking about the weekend and want easily digestible information (or just something that looks nice!).

      I’ll go one further than you regarding the need for great headlines: The aspect of people’s writing that is obviously the most problematic is the opening. And more specifically, the first sentence. Open an article with “Content is king”, I’m gone in a second!