Susan Gilbert
April 4, 2016

Create a Content Marketing Strategy That Will Drive More Sales

An effective content marketing strategy will create more conversions and shares online, especially when your business’s articles, videos and social media posts have a compelling message. It’s time to take a look at how your content is performing in order to better reach your community.

According to marketing expert Neil Patel in an article on Forbes, the world of content is in a constant state of flux as new technologies emerge and algorithms change. “The tactics we’re using right now might not work next month,” Patel said. “That’s why we have to be ready to pivot fast.”

A recent study from Content Marketing Institute reveals that more organizations are starting to focus on engaging content in their overall strategy:

B2B content marketing focus

Content that captures the reader’s attention and drives them to want to click on your links will help build more visibility and conversions for your business. Additionally it’s clear, concise and unique information that will have the farthest reach.

Once you are able to tap to your audience’s emotional needs and desires you are providing them a way to interact with your business and quickly get the information, products and services that they are looking for.

This type of audience appeal begins with careful target market research, which allows your brand to find out what your community wants before they do. Take for example this Facebook post from Cinnabon, which provides a comfort dessert solution to a stressful day:













It pays to know exactly what attracts your community and when in addition to what conditions are most effective. Research can reveal their personal preferences, income range, level of education, geographic location, how they interact and purchase from other brands in your industry, and what problems are not being solved.

A detailed buyer persona can help you create content that will immediately get their attention and move them to take action. Your leads and customers want to know that your business understands their needs and that these are important to you. Make them feel special with appealing offers, emotional or eye-catches images, and exclusive incentives.

In order to attract more sales from your content use these marketing strategies:

Create a Compelling Message

Content that is weak in its presentation or commonly used will disappear into hundreds of other articles on the Internet. Instead of boring or sales type of articles and images, provide an interesting topic or helpful information.

Avoid Weak or Ineffective Copy

Common, run-of-the-mill phrases that are not strong or compelling will blend into hundreds of other content being pushed by advertisers. Instead of selling to your readers, present an offer that they will want to respond to, like this tweet from Applebees:


Peek Their Interest

A generic CTA won’t generate much of a response from your website visitors. In order to encourage your audience to want to know more you need a creative approach that peeks there interest like this example from marketing firm, Purematter:


Use a Timeframe

Urgency of time is a great way to compel your readers to click on offer before it’s too late. For example, phrases like, “Ends Soon,” “Final Offer” or “One-Time Only,” to grab their attention right away.

Content marketing in today’s information saturated market is successful when it grabs your readers’ attention right away and meets the needs of your target market. The more compelling the message the more likely your message will be shared and your business will be perceived as a trusted source. Remember to track your progress in any changes that come along. If one strategy doesn’t work any longer then you always make adjustments for the most engagement.

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