Susan Gilbert
June 6, 2018

How to Effectively Use Storytelling to Attract a Larger Following Online

Use Storytelling to Attract a Larger Following Online

In order to be successful with your website and on social media your business needs to offer great storytelling content that connects with your audience in order to establish a trusted and authoritative brand online.

This is the key to selling your product or service. If that isn’t happening then the missing link is inside the message to your target audience. When writing fresh copy ask yourself these key questions first:

  • What is the most pressing need for my potential customers?
  • How can my business best answer their questions and meet their needs?
  • Am I appealing to the right demographic?
  • Is what I am offering authentic with the backup of testimonials and influencer recommendations?

People want to know more about the human side of your brand. The power of stories certainly provides more insight into a product or service. But it also increases the chances that your buyers will want to make a purchase.

According to a report by Hubspot, the right visuals will capture your audience’s attention as long as it is interesting or compelling. If those criteria are met, visuals will greatly increase the chances of your content being shared.

Your ability to connect with your prospects directly affects their buying decision. A loyal following comes out of how well you connect with your audience. People will follow a brand that is authentic and trustworthy, and understands their problems with a willingness to help them right away.

Take a moment to reevaluate your current strategy and ask yourself whether your marketing approach only sells to them? Are there elements of your content that offer helpful value where your community can get to know you on a personal level?

People largely decide to buy from a business based on how they feel about you. Perhaps sur[risingly to some, that turns out to be even more important than qualifications or reviews. That feeling of connection is key. And engaging content that appeals to the emotions of your audience will reach them the most. One of the ways to effectively do this is through polls, which are especially popular on Twitter:

You can also include a human element by infusing some personality into your content marketing. Video is one of the best ways to accomplish this – like Google’s promotion on search entitled, Reunion:

The moment a prospect says, “that sounds like me too,” is the moment they have connected with you. That’s when they have decided you are the right business for them to work with.

Allow your brand, through your website and other online accounts, to open up and be more transparent in a way that is unique to your company.

Here are some ways you can create your own message:

1 – Take your content up a notch

Through careful target market research and educating yourself with other niche blogs, you can change your blog from dull to engaging. For example, a powerful beginning that appeals to the emotions of the viewer will draw them into a video. And the setup of the main point or issue should follow just as if you were writing a short story or film. Your conclusion should solve the problem and shows your audience how your brand can meet their needs.

2 – Create a desire to know more

The hook to your message should generate an interest to subscribe for more information or better, to make a purchase. Cross promote your content over multiple channels in order to invite people to follow your brand with valuable offers and exclusive incentives.

3 – It’s not about the sales pitch

The sales page is the last point of reference after nurturing your audience. This is where they will have the opportunity to learn more about what you have to offer them. But this all begins with interesting and compelling content that includes verifiable facts along with creative outreach. Find out what other brands are doing that is similar to your message, and make your message unique.

In Closing

A successful storytelling strategy for your brand is one that represents your business but also one that attracts an interested audience. Brainstorm ways you can create several different types of stories based on what you have can provide for them, and bring something fresh and enticing to your community that they will want to invest in.


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