Susan Gilbert
January 6, 2015

How Would Your Customers Grade Your Business?

Are you getting the right responses from your customers?

If the answer is no, maybe this is a good time to take a look at the conversions from your leads, and ask yourself, “How would my customers like to see me do better for them?”

While building a list of subscribers is important, it is even more essential to nurture those relationships rather than just acquire them. This process involves reaching out with a personal touch and with careful attention to customer feedback.  Before the Internet and social media, businesses focused on what is called ‘customer centric’ marketing. Today communication can become impersonal, which is not long-lasting. But the good news is that the one-on-one attention is still possible online.

Social media and mobile marketing are two top platforms for any business. This is a good place to start in creating a steady stream of content and communication with your customers. If your business is not active in these places now is the time to refuel those engines and start connecting with your fans and followers.

Here are several tips on how to foster a personalized approach with your customers and leads online:

Don’t ignore mobile technology – Take an audit of your website and determine whether this is easy to read on smart devices. This is a growing platform where customers are reading reviews, communicating with companies, and making purchases. Just take a look at this mobile search statistic courtesy of iacquire:


Pay attention to the needs of your customers – Go beyond the buy button and purchase and start tracking the feedback and statistics of your customers with quick responses to issues and questions. Not only can you use this information to improve your marketing, but your business will be connecting with the people you serve on a deeper level, which puts your company above the rest.

Allow people to drive sales – Once your business has honed in on the activity on your website and on social media it’s easier to recognize the needs of our audience and appeal to them. With a personalized approach word of mouth marketing will sell your products and services for you. One way that author and entrepreneur, Bryan Kramer, talks about is recognizing a birthday, milestone, successful moment, etc. and being mindful of not using these opportunities for sales pitches.


A successful customer service and marketing strategy for the modern business is to take the ‘customer-centric’ approach and focus on the needs and desires of your target market. It’s easier than ever to cultivate these relationships online that will produce long-term results and growth. Companies that connect with their audience in a meaningful way are the ones who build trust and stay ahead of the competition.

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