Jan Gordon
December 26, 2014

Curatti Best Articles of 2014 – Part 2

As we approach the end of our first full year online, we wanted to pay homage to each of our authors by resharing one of their original articles from 2014, along with a brief curation of each.  These are presented alphabetically, by first name, and split over 3 days.

(In each instance, you can click on the name in the top left of the articles, to see a list of all pieces by that author.)

While doing this, we also want to thank our loyal and growing readership for making this year bigger for us than we dared hope, and wish each of you a very happy Holiday Season.

Without further ado, here is the second installment (and here is a link to the first, in case you missed it):

Jacob Curtis

In “Before You Hire A Community Manager – Here’s a 7-Step Check List”, Jacob Curtis provides sage advice on what your businesCommunity-Manager-Help-300x211s needs to know about bringing a Community Manager onboard. You need your business to be prepared before taking this important growth path, and not least in that regard is an excellent, hi-res logo, the importance of which just cannot be minimized.

By the time you hire a Community Manager, you will need to have settled on your Budget, URLs, a Brand Book and the Software commensurate with the tone you have set. You will need to inform him or her about your happy and not so happy clients and you will need to have a crisis plan in place. Basically, provide the infrastructure and inside knowledge, so that your new hire can do the job that you hired them for effewctively.



Jan Gordon

In “Why Behavioral Targeting is Smart Marketing”, Jan Gordon delves into the subject of Behavioral Marketing. Today, companies need to target their marketing resources where they will do the most good. Personalization – tailoring ads to the individual consumer — is the wave of the future.

How can businesses take advantage of “the cocktail party effect?”  Why is the marriage of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence so important to marketing? And what can brands do to improve their relationship with their customers? If questions like these intrigue you, then read on.


Jenn Herman

“15 Tips for Using Instagram for Business” was the second in a now almost complete 12-part series by Jenn Herman.   Throughout Instagram-blog-post-notice-15-tips-for-using-IG-for-biz-300x300the year, Jenn imparted her unrivaled knowledge of this domain. Following on from an article in which Jenn explained the reasons why businesses need to be on Instagram, in this article, she gives basic how-to tips, which were delved into more deeply in later articles.

These include advice on setting up your bio, how many hashtags to employ, varying your post content, not cross-posting everything, responding to comments and that you should share your own images.

Karen Dietz

personal-brandingIn “Be Remarkable with These Surefire Tips for Personal Branding“, Karen Dietz reminds us that personal branding is about using your unique, authentic voice across all platforms.  It is “the story about who you are and what you do that conveys your unique presence.”

When writing a personal narrative, it is far too easy to sound trite.  This is one of the reasons it is just so difficult!  Karen starts by suggesting that you view your narrative as an ongoing discovery process, then goes on to give some indispensable tips about how to proceed.  Along the way, she gives a master class in the art of Content Curation.

Marty Smith

In “Red Bull’s Branding Lessons: We Are All Media Companies Now “, Martin (Marty) Smith explores the lessons of Red Bull’s redbull_coverhighly successful branding campaign. We’re moving from a product-centered marketing model to one that is consumer-centric. Red Bull gets it. They recognize that today’s businesses must surf on the waves of the customer’s aspirations.

Red Bull’s marketing efforts represent a paradigm shift. They have created content so awesome that the world has to stop a little bit just to think about it. If you want to see where marketing is going, then focus on Red Bull. Don’t blink, however, or you might miss something.

Michael Nelson

liteicon_plus_36-295x300In “How to Leverage the Power of Twitter for Your Small Business”, Michael Nelson shares tips on using Twitter to discover potential clients, establish relationships, build credibility and ultimately grow your business.

We’re shown 3 steps to building a Twitter business community, along with some basic etiquette. Before writing articles about authenticity became vogue, Michael used the language of authenticity, advising people to show their personality and truly engage, before moving conversations to your blog or website. Whereas Tweets are seen by 6% of your network, blog posts will be seen by far more.


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