Is Your Content Living A Resume or Eulogy Life?

Is Your Content Living A Eulogy or Resume life?

Watch Video Resume vs. Eulogy TV analyst and author David Brooks' TED Talk on living Eulogy instead of Resume lives was so moving I wrote a post asking my friends on LinkedIn if they were living Eulogy lives. Today's Curatti post asks a variation of David Brooks' question, Is your CONTENT living a resume or Eulogy life? Creating one more sale or writing yet another blog post about the death of SEO doesn't feel heroic. Sometimes its hard to know ahead of time what content will be heroic. Why … [Read more...]

5 Great Movement Brands To Learn From

Chic-fil-a Movement Brands

  5 Movement Brands Movements gather scale and membership over time. Campaigns, offers and sales don't scale. The "never ending sale" trains shoppers to wait and expect more discounts, deeper discounts and better discounts. Discounting is crying wolf. Cry wolf enough and there may be a wolf but no one cares. Care, passion, emotional engagement and advocacy come from connection. Connection comes from trust. People trust movement brands more. This post is about 5 great "Movement … [Read more...]

Red Bull, Media Companies & Curagami Scores

What's Your Curagami Score Curatti Cover

Red Bull Branding Lessons We Are All Media Companies Now is my most popular Curatti post by a long margin. I think that's because it was easy to see the difference in the P&G Ad from the 1950s and Red Bull's "follow our customers and brand them" approach: Flash forward to this video from Red Bull TV: The distance marketing has become in 50 years is very clear. The post prompted this great comment from Theo on Curatti: Theo says: Great article! “Red Bull is a media company … [Read more...]

Stop Solipsistic Marketing II – 10 Tips

Stop Solipsistic Marketing Curatti Cover

What's Your Curagami Score? Our Startup Factory funded startup Curagami is developing a new cool metric - a Curagami Score. Knowing a website's Curagami Score helps digital marketing teams know if their marketing is talking to themselves about themselves or winning hearts, minds and loyalty online.     We thought it would be fun to share 5 tips on Curatti and 5 tips on Curagami. Tips 6 - 10 are below. Find Stop Solipsistic Marketing Tips 1 - 5 on Curagami. Stop Solipsism Tip #6: Build … [Read more...]

Good, Better, Best – Why Information Parity Helps Sales

Information Parity Pies on Curatti

Does Your Site Create Information Disparity? One of the most important CSFs (Critical Success Factors) we’ve discovered working on our Triangle Startup Factory funded startup called Curagami is how crippling information disparity can be for online merchants and B2B content marketers. Visitors arrive on a website with expectations. Meet those expectations and your chances to convert go up. Disappoint or create information disparity and visitors don’t become buyers or advocates. Matching The … [Read more...]

Hero Marketing – The Only Marketing Left

Stumbling On Hero Marketing

Stumbling On Hero Marketing on Martin's Ride My career is over I remember thinking. Hearing "cancer" and my name in the same sentence made me a little crazy. As context roled in like a tide new perspectives emerged. Career as a concept fell apart. Heck, CONTROL as a concept is trashed. Many of life's cherished illusions came tumbling down. On that Friday afternoon when Dr. van Deventer's call said "Martin" and "cancer" in the same sentence one thought jumped into my well scrambled … [Read more...]

What Is A MacGuffin & Why Web Design Needs To Include Them

MacGuffin Thumbnail Hitchcock

Film MacGuffins I've been fascinated with the idea of MacGuffins and how the idea translates to websites. Here is an explanations of a film MacGuffin, an idea created by Alfred Hitchcock: One of the most oft-used and well known plot devices in Hollywood movies is the “MacGuffin,” the object that drives the story forward and is of vital important to both the heroes and villains even if the specifics of the object itself remain obscure or are unimportant (credited to Alfred Hitchcock). The … [Read more...]

5 #stealthis Content Marketing Ideas From Amazon

5 Content Marketing Ideas To Steal From Amazon Today image on Curatti

Streaming Downton Abbey via Roku and Amazon Prime this weekend struck a nerve. As the web continues to destroy middlemen and gatekeepers concepts like "CBS" and "Time Warner Cable" are in play. Watching Amazon move from webpage arbitrage to web services platform to streaming video seller got me thinking about tips every content marketer should steal from Amazon TODAY: Create original content. Crowdsource your content. Infinite Inventory Becomes Buzzing Inventory. Be agnostic about … [Read more...]

Marty (@ScentTrail) Shares 5 Internet Marketing Lessons From The Big C

Internet Marketing Lessons Big C Thumbnail on Curatti

One lesson every Internet marketer learns is to learn from everything. Here are 5 Internet marketing lessons I've learned from surviving cancer: Internet Marketing Lesson #1: Be Patient In A Hurry This lesson is contradictory sounding but accurate to the experience of Internet marketing. Patience in a hurry describes one of the core skills every Internet marketer must master. Bad things happen. Things go bump in the night. The first reaction is to do something before measuring and quieting … [Read more...]

Red Bull Branding 2: Friends of Friends Marketing

Red Bull Branding Lessons 2 Thumbnail

Red Bull Branding Lessons: We Are All Media Companies Now discussed differences in marketing between P&G in the 1950's and Red Bull in 2014. There are many differences. P&G's brand marketing told parables and myths. Procter & Gamble used TV to align P&G's brands with core values such as "good mother" and "take care of baby". Bang! Marketing Changed. Today Red Bull's marketing has no such presumption. Red Bull wants to create parable and myth too, but Red Bull does so by … [Read more...]