Sharing Your Process With Customers Is Your Product

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Process Is Product In 2009 I wrote: An eye of our collective Digital Marketing Storm settled briefly today. It is the day before Thanksgiving. Our web site is speeding up even as staff and friends hit the road. During a mid afternoon lull a thought settled in too. Process is product I thought. What does that mean? What are you doing right now? Whatever you are doing, no matter how seemingly insubstantial, your actions are product. Pema Chodron in her book The Wisdom of No Escape explains we … [Read more...]

Playing Serious Games For Business With Author Phaedra Boinodiris

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"Gamification is every bit at important as social media," IBM's Serious Games Manager Phaedra Boinodiris said this morning at Triangle Startup Factory. "I worry about the Trough of Disillusionment because gamification is about more than badges," Phaedra continued. The fear is gamification is over hyped. Hype creates the illusion of simplicity. When gamifying a business process turns out to be more difficult  the "Trough of Disillusionment" sets in. Reason and understanding gets thrown out in … [Read more...]

Commere + Content Revolution: Why CrowdFunde Is Hiring Content Curators

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Great Content Curators Needed Working with Jan and Curatti's amazing "Editors of Chaos" convinced us - CrowdFunde needs great content curators. CrowdFunde is our Durham, NC based startup being "accelerated" at Triangle Startup Factory. CrowdFunde's mission is simple - help websites, brands and companies tap wisdom of crowds so commerce and content can help one another. Creating CrowdFunde In Response To: How Social Media Marketing is changing the web. Our inability to make someone love … [Read more...]

Customer Loyalty – 5 Ways SoLoMo Disrupts Loyalty

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World Is Upside Down The world is upside down and SoLoMo is to blame. SoLoMo stands for Social, Local and Mobile and the combination of these power trends is leveling the karma of many traditional brands. This Curatti post examines 5 Ways SoLoMo disrupts customer loyalty for car makers and dealers. Least you think its easy to shoot the car dealer fish firmly trapped in Internet marketing's new online barrel car dealers aren't the only upside down business thanks to the mighty Social, Local and … [Read more...]

5 New Money Rules: Making Money In A Thank You Economy

New Money Rules: 5 Ways To Make Money In Thank You Economy

Everyone has the same problem - New Money's CATCH-22: You need a scaled network to charge for content. You can't scale a network without money. New Money's CATCH-22 When Gary Vaynerchuk created his wine videos they went viral creating a lifting tide that became The Thank You Economy. Share, Vaynerchuk's book The Thank You Economy teaches, and you scale a network capable of paying you back. Vaynerchuk's book was published in 2011 sharing stories he experienced and/or created several years … [Read more...]

8 Visual Marketing Lessons from Vogue

8 Visual Marketing Tips from Vogue

We Are All Visual Marketers Now The meat of this Wikipedia visual marketing definition is "relationship between an object, the context it is placed in and its relevant image": As digital marketers and storytellers we use images to seduce, cajole and support. Fashion and design provide great examples of visual marketing... but these days we are all Visual Marketers. You may catch me at Barnes & Noble pouring through women's fashion magazines. Why? Because Vogue, Cosmo and Elle … [Read more...]

Red Bull’s Branding Lessons: We Are All Media Companies Now

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BANG Branding Changed Figuring out why branding changed is moot. Understanding HOW branding has changed is important. Brands used to create aspirations for customers as this 1958 Tide commercial demonstrates: Flash forward to this video from Red Bull TV: What happened? A: The web, Smart Phones, We Changed, Branding Changed. There isn't ONE thing moving brand marketing from Tide as creator of customer aspirations to Red Bull's understanding of their need to surf their customer … [Read more...]

5 Easy Steps To EPIC Content Marketing

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Content Marketing In Chaos The good news is everyone believes in content marketing. Bad news is everyone believes in content marketing. Bad news because when marketers pile on quality goes down, noise goes up and getting your message heard is harder. If you are a late convert to content marketing you may be able to skip past justification well described in Joe Pulizzi's book Epic Content Marketing's foreword  by VP Marketing SAP Michael Brenner: The era of one-way, single-threaded, … [Read more...]

Content Marketing’s Magic Beans: 4 Sharing Tips

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Share To Create Authority The tectonic shifts created by our evolving social web of expanding connection means rethinking "Internet marketing". Today's web requires an ever expanding tribe of brand advocates, supporters and contributors. Gaining advocates means touching HEARTS and winning Minds. Today's Curatti post is about the Content Marketing's Magic Beans: 4 Sharing Tips. Creating online authority is counter-intuitive. Best way to create authority is GIVE your expertise away and curate … [Read more...]