Susan Gilbert
March 21, 2016

How To Build a Successful Book Marketing Plan

Whether you have just started, are in the process of, or finishing up your business book you may be wondering where you are going to find the time for marketing and publicity?

Building a book marketing strategy can become a job in itself, which is why many authors may feel they need to put off the process or have a large budget in place. With the right strategies you can do something each day to help build a ready audience for your next publication.

Seth Godin, author of, “What to Do When It’s Your Turn,” states in an article on Social Media Examiner that blogging helped build his publishing career 10 years ago. In fact, he points out that he didn’t have any readers yet continued to publish his posts daily. Over time he garnered a large following with creative, original content that built an interest in his book topics.

Seth Godin Quote

The most ideal time to start the book marketing is today, even if it’s just small steps. Focus first on your website, content and being active in your social media community. This is a step-by-step process, and when done early on can help your business save time and better focus on who you want to target.

In today’s online publishing world we can connect with our fans and followers through our blog, live streaming events, webinars, Twitter chats, ect. It’s much easier to nurture relationships than it has been in the past, and can be a great compliment to offline events.

In order to generate sales from your business book and create more visibility you need to create a marketing plan that fits your brand’s budget, size, and allotted time for each day. Decide now whether this will be an eBook, printed book or both. Keep in mind in order to attract a traditional publisher then your connections and network will be especially important as they are seeking authors who have an established following.

A a professional website and a regular blog posting schedule will start building interest, especially when done at least a year before your book is released. Interact on the right social networks for your niche, which will maximize your time and help you to stay in touch with your audience. Additionally, reach out to those in your current network and let them know ahead of time what you are working on and whether they would be interested in your book. The more relationships you can build the more opportunities can emerge.

In order to establish your business as an authority in your target market you will need to start the marketing process now with a few strategies to employ along the way:

Find out where your readers are engaging

Do you know which social networks your audience is active in the most? It’s important to learn exactly where your business will find the most interested readers. According to eBizMBA Rank, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are at the top of their list. But this could look different according to your niche. A B2B publication may gain a better promotion on the main social networks, but a retail business may also invest their focus in places like Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, and Pinterest.

Stay active daily

Your business’s goal is to sell books, not just promote your brand. This can be done through building relationships with influencers who have an established audience, social groups, paid advertising, and blogging. It takes time to build real relationships and interest, and so make time in your work day to be active online with tracking services like Hootsuite in place.

Build a network of interested readers

Even before your book is released your business can have interested readers anxiously waiting for your big date. This can be done by staying in touch through email campaigns and blog articles that offer a free chapter, video, report, tips, a giveaway, exclusive offer, and so on. Building a strong level of anticipation creates ready buyers who will be more willing to share your title on social media. Take advantage of online tools that will enable you to connect fans and followers, and attract even more.

Guest blogging and media opportunities

After making the right connections reach out to influencers in your network who may be willing to write a book review, which can include a contest or promotion before your book is released. A well-crafted press release can also bring attention from media outlets, and attracts more readers to your website.

When your business is able to take daily action well ahead of your book release date the marketing process will go a lot smoother and take up much less of your time. An interested audience and the right influencer connections are the key ingredients next to an established blog and active social network. Once your readers know you have a vested interest in them they will want to purchase your book and spread the word to others.

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