Susan Gilbert
January 12, 2015

Surefire Tips for Business Blogging Success

Have you mapped out a blog writing plan for your business articles for the new year?

Not sure if blogging can help improve your marketing?

The good news is that it’s never too late to begin a blog or refresh an existing one. As we enter into a new season it’s more important than ever to establish credibility and build influence online for your company.

In 2014 blogging continued to be successful as a tool for business, and in fact 61 percent of buyers in the United States purchased a product or service based on what they read in a blog post, according an article on Napier Marketing Group, Inc.

HubSpot conducted their own survey in 2013, and found that businesses which maintain an active blog with more than 15 posts per month, experienced five times more traffic on the web than those who do not have one.

Your business can greatly increase its visibility online simply through publishing new content each week. The key to getting the best response from your readers and the search engines is to produce fresh and original ideas that meets your market’s needs and answers their burning questions.

Whether your business is just now starting a business blog or re-energizing a stale one the point of reference should always begin from your mission statement. All topics should flow out of this, and be consistent with how your customers and leads perceive your brand. Focus is essential, and is shown very well on this business website by Neil Patel of KISSmetrics:


Chris Brogan, a marketing and blogging expert, has who has expanded his work into training:


These are both good examples of a business utilizing blogging to build their reputation and attract new customers and opportunities. But where should you begin in your writing?

Here are a few key points to consider:

●      What original ideas do you have to offer? Do some research on other businesses in their niche to find out what they are covering, and then create your own take or slant on these topics. It’s the original and fresh content that gets the most attention online.

●      How does your audience respond to your articles? If you currently post on a blog take a look at the business-blogging-susan-gilbertcomments on your website, and on social media, and determine whether your readers are just clicking on the information to view or whether it grabs their attention. Try mixing up the flow with informative infographics, how-to videos, and tips and advice on your products or services.

●      How clean is your copy? A blog post must be properly proofed and run through a service like Copyscape to ensure that it is free from errors and any plagiarism. Additionally, search engines will reward articles that are not stuffed with several keywords, which is known as “keyword stuffing.” A good Thesaurus will aid your business writing with a variety of words based on your key topics.

When starting your business blogging strategy consider putting a key team of writers together either at your company or by tapping into freelancers online and content creation services.

A regular stream of high-quality and fresh articles are one of the best ways to build a great reputation for your business, and attract influencers in your market to work with you. It may take some time to research and build your strategy; but, once this is established your website will start to attract more loyal customers and subscribers that can greatly increase your bottom line.


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