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Shaurya Jain
April 8, 2020

Post: 17 SEO Experts Share Their Best Content Optimization Hacks

Content Optimization Hacks From SEO Experts

It is often said that if you write your content for the user, Google will reward your website with traffic. But if you ask the people working in the trenches, producing content every day, they will tell you otherwise. Content needs to be optimized both for the user and the search engines to get the…

Raymond Morin
February 27, 2017

Post: Trust Barometer 2017: The Ultimate Alarm for Organizations

Edelman Trust Barometer

On January 15, 2017, the public relations firm Edelman presented its annual trust report. The findings were then published by PR Newswire with a rather explosive title: 2017 Edelman Trust Barometer Reveals Global Implosion of Trust. The subtitle is perhaps even more sobering: “CEO Credibility at Lowest Level Ever” (PRNewswire). Edelman surveyed more than 33,000…

Anna Fox
August 12, 2021

Post: How to Use Slideshare to Build a Stronger Personal Brand

Slideshare For Personal Branding

As marketers, we are faced with a multitude of platforms and content tactics to reach our audiences. As the amount of content created on a daily basis increases and trends in content consumption change, it’s necessary to experiment with new forms of content and new platforms. Platforms that enable us to create, distribute and embed…

Robin Singh
May 12, 2021
Email Marketing Tips For SaaS Business

Email marketing is as old as the internet. Over the last 20 years, it has evolved and became a go-to digital marketing strategy for businesses across many verticals. Approximately 50% of marketers in the US are planning to increase their spending on email marketing. One of the reasons is that it delivers. For SaaS businesses,…

Jake Rheude
April 27, 2021

Post: So, You Want to Add eCommerce? A Guide

Looking To Add eCommerce?

While some entrepreneurs start with an idea for a product, some just start with an idea. Whether it’s a need for knowledge in your community niche, a passion to create and share your art, or just a place to post things that you think are funny, there are millions of people creating content every day…

Rafaella Aguiar
April 8, 2021

Post: The Anatomy Of The Instagram Bio (Plus Bio Ideas To Draw Inspiration From)

Your Instagram Bio Is More Important Than You May Think

When you think of Instagram, chances are the first thing that comes to mind is photos. After that, perhaps videos and Instagram Reels would pop into your head. But text? That’s probably pretty far down on your list of things you associate with Instagram. Yet in some cases, text can be the deciding factor between…

Jan Gordon
December 31, 2020

Post: Curatti Best Articles of 2020 (And Happy New Year 2021!)

Happy New Year 2021

2020 is finally over! How long did it last? Until now, every year of our lives went faster than any before it. Not this one! Goodbye annus horribilis! You’ll never be forgotten! A Quick Summary of 2020 Life changed. The end! Our 2020 Authors This year, we published over 130 articles, some written by old…

Nancy Kapoor
October 1, 2020

Post: Top 14 B2B Marketing Automation Platforms to Power Your Marketing Campaigns

B2B Marketing Automation

51% of businesses currently use marketing automation to drive marketing campaigns. Here’s a comparative analysis of the top 14 B2B marketing automation platforms to help you select one and drive highly engaging marketing campaigns. The Top 14 Marketing Automation Platforms to drive marketing campaigns 1. Acoustic Overview Acoustic Campaign helps you drive marketing campaigns with…

Tania Ilutsa
September 9, 2020

Post: Long Articles Are Best For SEO But a Pain To Write. Here’s How I Do It

Long Articles Are Great For SEO But a Pain To Write

Why is Writing a Long Read Such a Challenge? Anyone who works in digital marketing knows a simple rule — when it comes to SEO, long articles always work better. They bring more leads, they have higher CTR, and the search engines rank them better. Moreover, the modal length for the highest-ranking articles on Google…

David Gutierrez
August 18, 2020
Instagram Hashtags For B2B Customer Engagement

B2B marketers often overlook Instagram, judging it to be purely consumer-oriented. With its predominantly visual nature, it is easy to see why one would think so. It is certainly easier to persuade an individual to buy new shoes by showing how awesome they look than to convince a company representative to sign a large-scale contract…

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