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June 20, 2019

12 Tools to Improve Your Mobile Productivity, Proofreading and WordPress Website

Mobile Productivity, Proofreading and Wordpress Website Tools

The following is made up of 3 “Business Tips” articles, each of which talks about 4 helpful tools and resources around a specific area of your business. Today, the subjects are:

  • Mobile productivity apps for business
  • Proofreading tools for better content
  • WordPress website plugins

4 Mobile Business Productivity Apps to Improve Your Online Presence

1) Video Conferencing in Realtime – Zoom

Meeting with clients and team members no longer requires you to leave your home office. Zoom is not only a great app to hold virtual meetings, but also enables you to draw in a larger audience with webinars. Build online conference rooms with integrated instant messaging and video sharing.

2) Custom Organizational Database – Airtable

Organize just about anything that you need to for your business with this free iOS app. Airtable helps you to put together teams or a customer database. Keep all of your CRM and lists under one place while keeping track of projects and inventory at the same time. Project management is made simple while you put together important tasks and plan events.

3) Never Miss an Appointment – Cloze

Have a personal assistant available to your business at all times. Cloze for iOS and Google Play prompts you at just the right moment and helps you to remember important meetings and tasks. Automatically create a customer profile with a built-in AI feature to help you manage your daily agenda. Never forget an email or deadline again with this free app.

4) Find The Right Candidates – Proven

Whether you need to add to your team or hire a seasonal worker, this app can help you find the right fit. Proven will automatically post your job listing to over 100 boards from a single submission. Select from a large selection of premium job boards and find the best-qualified candidates for your company. This is a must-have tool for both large and small business owners.

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Improve Your Content Strategy with These 4 Proofreading Tools

1) Instant Spelling and Grammar Checker – PaperRater

Proofread your grammar and spelling quickly and easily for free. PaperRater is a great tool that allows you to use their tool online to check for plagiarism risk, correct difficult words, avoid grammar mistakes, and get writing suggestions. There is nothing to download — just get started by pasting your document right into their website.

2) Fix Easy to Miss Errors – Slick Write

If you need error-free content for your readers, this resource can help. Slick Write will set you apart from the crowd by helping you use the correct grammar and choose from a diverse vocabulary. Choose customization features for better feedback and add impact to your customer reports without having to install any software.

3) Check Spelling, Style and Grammar – After the Deadline

If you need to edit your blog articles quickly, this simple tool works well with just a copy and paste into their website. After the Deadline is a resource that allows you to edit your work into their website for free. Get results on spelling, grammar, and style suggestion by clicking the check writing button. This can save you both time and frustration and greatly improve your readership.

4) Online Proofreading Service – Ginger

Would you like to hire a personal editor, but don’t have the budget? Ginger is a great software tool to use for complex proofreading that will automatically spot and correct mistakes. The resource is free to try and is a perfect solution for fast updates to your content for improved results. Choose to download through iTunes or as an add-on in Safari or Chrome with full support from their team.

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Improve Your WordPress Website These 4 Plugins

1) Interactive Sharing Buttons – MashShare

Encourage your visitors to share your content from a blog post or page. MashShare is an easy-to-setup plugin that generates an attractive social media sharing button that will catch the eyes of your readers. The icons are fully customizable and work with all of the major networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more. Download and install for free or purchase additional add-ons for your website.

2) Easy-to-use WordPress Backup – BackUpBreeze

Backup your existing website or creating a new staging project. BackUpBreeze provides an easy way to quickly download your files and data to places like Amazon Web Services, Dropbox, and Google Drive. Create an automatic schedule hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly. Automatically restore from any backup. This is a great tool to use if you need to transition to another hosting provider, protect your website, or make copies in the case of a security attack.

3) Save Valuable Space on Your Server – WP Smush

Resize and optimize your large images for better website performance. With WP Smush you can a simply set a maximum width and height on those large images that can really slow down your page load times. Their servers handle the file size and help eliminate bulky file sizes that can quickly eat up your server space.

4) Increase Subscribers With Pop-up Forms – Popup Maker

Capture more leads with this simple opt-in box that can overlay or pop up on your page. Popup Maker allows you to easily create a form with customization and targeting features. The plugin is EU compliant and offers full instructions on how to install and get started.

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Any Comments?

Do you have any experiences with the above tools that you’d like to share?  Are there any tools in the above categories which you think our readers should know about? Have you made any new tool discoveries that you feel are about to take off and would like to share with others? Please leave your comment, below.

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