Avinash Nair
June 19, 2017

7 Essential Mobile Apps to Run Your B2B Business Efficiently

Essential Mobile Apps

Did you know that on average, smartphone users spend up to 2 hours and 42 minutes on mobile devices each day? Of this, app usage accounts for 2 hours and 19 minutes.

The widespread use of mobile apps is not just limited to individuals, but also extends to businesses.

B2B firms, for instance, are tapping the potential of mobile apps by using them in all the phases of their business process and work. For them, the focus is on how the core features and functionalities of the app will help them address various pain points, stay connected and save time.

Creating stellar apps is no easy feat. For this purpose, enterprises can either recruit skilled developers and get custom apps that match their business needs or they can get the apps developed in-house from scratch.

It also makes sense to have your own staff trained in app development. Any developer worth his salt needs to be proficient in both the iOS and Android platforms. And worthwhile information is available online, along with hands-on, instructor-led sessions, from sites such as Zeolearn, Microsoft Virtual Academy and Lynda which facilitate cross-platform development with an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) like Xamarin.

Alternately, they can download and use the best apps directly from mobile app stores. Here’s a list of some well-thought-out essential apps with intriguing features for running a B2B business efficiently:

1. Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect is one of the best collaboration apps. Use it to host virtual meetings directly from a mobile device. The features of the app include altering users’ roles in meetings, sharing content from the cloud-based content library, playing video files, recording and managing audio conferencing, participating in chats, polls, Q&A, and more. An interesting twist is brought forth by the option of using emoticons to raise a hand to agree/disagree.

Bonus: The app has some additional feature for iPads, which include switching between layouts, sharing content from the local device photo library, and starting, pausing or stopping the recordings, etc.

2. iSpreadsheet Free (Mobile Spreadsheet)

iSpreadsheet helps you create amazing spreadsheets, including complex formulas, on your mobile device. The app can read numbers as well as Excel, .xls and .xlsx files, and also offers autosave and recovery options.

The best part is that the spreadsheets are compatible with a number of major office solutions and work seamlessly with cloud storage and file transfer options like Box, Google Drive, iCloud, OneDrive, and Dropbox to name a few. This free, easy-to-use app runs fast on older devices as well.

3. Debt Manager

Calculate and manage debts on your fingertips with Debt Manager. It assists you in organizing, keeping track of, and paying off multiple debts with the ‘Debt Snowball’ method. The simple and intuitive app also lets you view results quickly with features such as multiple pay-off strategies, progress bar, interactive reports, entry of unlimited number of debts, analysis, recording of monthly payments, choice of payment periods, etc.

The app adds to your convenience by offering the option to enter extra payments, trying out ‘what-if’ scenarios and getting notified when your payments are due.

4. Adobe Fill & Sign – Easy PDF Form Filler

Business transactions get easier with Adobe Fill & Sign – an easy PDF form-filler. Use the app to fill any form on the go. It works for both, digital files and hard copies of documents, and transforms them into forms for you to fill, sign and send to the recipient in easy steps.

All you need to do is scan the paper form with the phone camera or just open a file and proceed to use it. The reusable text options in the autofill collection of the app make form-filling really easy. You can create and apply your signature on the documents using your finger or a stylus while using the app.

5. Scandit Barcode Scanner

Turn any mobile device or wearable into a barcode scanning tool with Scandit Barcode Scanner. The app offers a great scan experience, which is on par with traditional scanners. The clarity is amazing and you can use it to get optimized scan modes and UI styles for several use cases. The app can be used to scan multiple codes at a time and also helps you scan objects from a distance, and in low light or glare. Its fast ‘short range scanning’ is another option worth checking out!

6. CamCard Lite – Business Card Scanner & Reader

Carrying or managing multiple business cards is a hassle, especially when everything is going digital. But then, the practice of exchanging cards is an age-old tradition and is a must for building new contacts and keeping track of existing ones.

Tackle this with CamCard Lite, which is a business card scanner and reader. Featured in the App Store top paid apps 2014, it helps read business cards accurately in over 17 languages. Use it to exchange and manage the business cards of all your new and existing business contacts at one place. This way, you’ll never end up with a lost, damaged or missing card, and will be able to follow up with potential clients and other businesses.

7. Augment

The best one was saved for the last!

The Augment app uses 3D AR technology to help businesses visualize 3D models, integrated in real-time with their real-life sizes, proportions and environments. It is possible to add any 3D models as well as custom trackers on the app. The possibilities of using the app are endless. You can use it to demonstrate products or prototypes to the clients to get their approval or explain the various features and functionalities.


Some apps help you cut down on time, collaborate with your team, impress clients, and do much more. Add the above must-have (or similar) apps to your list of B2B business apps, and there’ll be no looking back!

Do you have any other app suggestions for us? Leave a comment and let us know.


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