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Ron Sela
November 13, 2016

How Intent Can Be Your Secret Weapon as a Content Marketer

Content Marketer

Let’s face it! Everyone can be a content creator today. There are ample free and easy-to-use content creation tools available today. You can get free templates or software for creating just about any type of content you can think of, from text to audio and video content. In a nutshell, it’s no longer about creating…

Ron Sela
January 7, 2016

A new era of B2B content marketing has begun with the advent of account-based marketing. This B2B marketing strategy empowers you with the best possible return on your investment, along with driving enhanced sustainability and profitability over time. Account-based marketing (ABM) is also popularly referred to as key account marketing, where a business identifies and…

Ron Sela
December 3, 2015

Your Recipe For A Successful Social Media Strategy

Many companies have a presence on one or more social media channels, and all attempt to draw attention to their brand. Having heard of the remarkable power of social media, they’d be crazy not to, right? However, of course, the degree of success these companies enjoy varies widely. Mostly, that comes down to strategy. A…

Ron Sela
November 5, 2015

7 Most Common Blunders Content Marketers Make

It does not matter if online content is in the form of a blog, a website, an e-commerce store or a series of targeted product descriptions – if the right people do not know that it exists, they cannot interact with it. This is precisely why marketing is a major component of successful content creation.…

Ron Sela
September 3, 2015

The Best Blogging Advice You’re Not Taking

Whether you are writing blogs, an article, or a novel, having a passion for your subject matter matters. Writers are told that they should always write with their audience in mind, yet more often than not bloggers are writing to an audience they have little connection with. The personal blogging success rate, when measured by…

Ron Sela
August 6, 2015

The Modern Rules of Managing Your Old Blog Posts

When you are running a blog, it is easy to get caught up in creating new content. It might even make you forget all about the articles that you have written before. Yet, even if you only write one article a week for your blog, and one a week as a guest post on another…

Ron Sela
July 9, 2015

7 Advanced Thoughts On Content Marketing

The dream of hordes of customers flocking to business blogs in search of educational content to supplement their buying decisions fuels the content economy. Powered by storytelling, eye-catching visual elements, and favorable statistics, content marketing is taking control of the digital marketing world. Obviously, business goals can be achieved through content marketing, but it needs…

Ron Sela
June 4, 2015

How Brands Can Maximize Influencers Through Marketing Campaigns

It is not uncommon for brands to engage with social media influencers, for creating and distributing content. By doing so, brands get access to the process of creation and distribution of relevant content. The content created by influencers is often distributed on their own website, but also pushed in their social media networks. More often…

Ron Sela
April 30, 2015

How to Do Brand Journalism The Right Way

While most companies in the recent past have made huge strides in brand journalism, most still have the concept of content marketing and brand journalism wrong. Companies are focusing all their attention on writing to attract a vast audience, and with it more clients, while ignoring other aspects of content marketing. Unfortunately, most of these…

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