Paolo Fabrizio
September 6, 2022

What Are You Doing To Make Your Customers’ Lives Easier?

Make Your Customers' Lives Easier

Even though today we’re equipped with incredible technology, our lives are not easier. In fact, on one hand, we can instantly get in touch with anybody, but at the same time getting solutions is not faster than it used to be! As customers, we all know it very well when we ask for support but we still remain stuck in a rut! So why does it happen? What do organizations need to do to make customers’ lives easier, preventing churn?

Start Trek Technology Is Not Enough

One of the most common pitfalls is focusing too much on technology. Whereas it’s important to invest in digital platforms to reduce customer support team efforts and improve their productivity, that’s not enough to deliver great experiences. In fact, you also need to take care of the customer, considering their ever-changing behavior and expectations. That means reviewing and modernizing all processes and aligning them with each customer support channel to make them smooth and effective.

So you may be wondering, what’s the key to delivering superior customer experiences? The answer is CULTURE. If the organization you’re in does not evolve its customer culture, it will struggle to retain customers. And they will miss other important business goals, such as improving customer’s lifetime value as well as up & cross-selling.

TIP: if this scenario scares you enough start working on your customer relationship values today.

Review Processes To Improve CX and EX

Now let me get straight to the point. To make your customers’ lives easier, you need to let them perceive tangible benefits by:

  • Constantly review processes on every channel you are delivering support. This is regardless of whether they are traditional or digital ones such as social media, live chat, video chat, or messaging.
  • Engaging your customers regularly both with post-conversational and impromptu surveys to know what they’re enjoying and/or what is getting them annoyed.
  • Involving your customer service staff on both above points. This should be a no-brainer, as they live and breathe customer’s sentiment by having daily conversations with them!

Note: Need to convince your boss about the benefits of getting your front-line team involved in these processes? Use this eye-opening infographic.

Employee engagement Temkin Group

Over To You

Making customer’s life easier is YOUR priority, today more than ever. So what are you doing to prevent customer experience pet peeves?

Have great conversations.

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